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WWE Superstar Workout Routine and Diet Plan

What kind of workouts do WWE wrestlers do?

Train Like a Celebrity 

Seth Rollins Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Seth Rollins Burpees (HOW TO!) Full body workout
Seit Rollings with Becky Lynch & Big Tony Cesaro are normally don't like burpee but to burn their fat faster specially in the abs muscles,  they decided to do it everyday. They are normally heavy workout like bench press with heavy barbells, taking weights for squat workout. They want to fit all them time. So, the doing workout with listening music.

Great Khali Great Diet

Picture: The Great Khali

Great Khali's Great Diet! You will be surprised to know what this world famous wrestler eats throughout the day

And like four or five professional wrestlers, Khali also has a strict diet. Exercise time is fixed. It was this discipline that helped him establish himself in the realm of wrestling, the WWE. How does Khali prepare for a wrestling match? Let us try to understand that initiative from his diet and exercise routine today.

Great Khali's diet Plan and Healthy food chart

Khali's height is 7 feet 1 inch. This huge body of 400 pounds has to be taken care of properly. Like his body, he has to eat a mountain of food every day.

Great Khali's Healthy Breakfast

Start the day with fruit juice and fruit in the morning. Eat two quarts of milk, eight eggs and 100 grams of dry fruit. Drink plenty of water before a snack, walk for a few minutes. Then he finished his breakfast with plenty of bread and chicken.

Great Khali's Healthy Lunch

At noon, various broths, pulses, vegetables, wheat bread, rice, one kilo of chicken, eggs and dry fruits.

Great Khali's Healthy Dinner

Eat plain cheese at night, eat pulses, vegetables, whole wheat bread, brown rice, chicken, eggs. Drink two-liter milk with ice after dinner.

Ice cream, yogurt, coffee, candy – just eat these too.

WWE Superstar Great Khali's  Workout Routine 

Khali needs to do a lot of exercise to maintain his big muscular body. Let's take a look at that routine.

Starting chest muscle work on Sunday. Because his chest is really exceptional and strong.

Flat, incline, and decline bench press, with push ups. Monday is bicep and triceps day. Several sittings of barbell and dumbbell curves, with triceps dips. Monday's sector continues to push up. 

Tuesday is mainly cardio day. 30 minutes of treadmill workout, 20 minutes of cycling, abdominal workout and crunches. Wednesday is shoulder and neck exercise day. A few types of military press sitting and dumbbell military press are the allotment of the day. There are also lateral raises and rear lateral raises. Khali exercises his back and abdominal muscles. 

On Thursday. Bent over barbell rows and push ups are done several times a day. Crunches and leg raises are also included. Leg and abdominal muscle exercises again 

on Friday. Several types of leg extensions include sitting, leg press and squat. There are also calf raises and 100 crunches. Saturday is a day off from this massive workout schedule. Only 30 minutes of light jogging combined with trade.

Picture: The Great Khali with Marella

There is a difference between Indian wrestling and foreign wrestling. The type of wrestling shown in WWE, in particular, is different from the rest of the world. Not bad as a spectacle, the popularity of this type of wrestling was also at its peak. This game was shown on TV channels from house to house. 

Now, however, the situation is no longer the same. The Rock, the Undertaker, the Big Show, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Kane – all slowly departed. Many are working with considerable success in the world of cinema. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, Batista, John Cena are shining examples. The person we are talking about has also been seen several times in Bollywood. Dalip Singh Rana, who you know as The Great Khali, is basically a comic character. He was born on August 27, 1972 in Dhiraina, a remote village of Himachal. 

He spent his childhood in the mountains. Dilip from a very poor family is suffering from acromegaly. One of its many features is gigantism. Dileep was working as a security guard in Shimla. At that time he came near a police officer. Joined Punjab Police by 1993. At that time, Dileep started training in a gym in Jalandhar, Punjab. Within a short period of time, he was selected for America's special wrestling training. No Indian has ever been as famous as Khali in the world of professional wrestling.
Picture: Bodybuilding Motivation

The year 2000 was when he played his first match in All Pro Wrestling under the name Giant Singh. He paired with Tony Jones against Westside Plaza. The next year came to San Francisco for World Championship Wrestling. Was in WCW for eight months. WCW was then bought by their main competitor, the WWF. At that time an invitation came for 'Giant Singh' from New Japan Pro Wrestling. 

Team 2000 captain Masario Chono and Giant Silva invited him. This team was the tallest team in professional wrestling. Dileep could not take advantage in the beginning. Losing again and again, his career was getting stained fast. But his debut in WWE in 2006 changed the situation. This was the first time that an Indian wrestler was recruited in WWE. Khali became the representative of all India in the world of international wrestling. Undertaker's fight on SmackDown, he was basically the image of a worthy opponent. 

Although initially introduced as a villain, The Great Khali quickly became recognized as one of WWE's greatest players. His name is inextricably linked with one of the legends of international wrestling. Later, Khali played all memorable matches with wrestlers like Son Michael, John Cena, Batista. Won the title of World Heavyweight Champion. He retired from WWE in 2014 after nearly a decade of entertaining fans.

Gym Lover Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania workout for Brock Lesnar match

Gym Lover Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania workout for Brock Lesnar match

Roman Reigns is now ready for battle

It's not a switch, it works over years, it's a journey. And I think that anyone who has reached the pinnacle of anything, They understand what it takes. It was my exact experience that got me to this point Smarter than anyone.

Today we are home to athletes in West Florida. I love the gym, and the gym is the only place that doesn't recognize me. I don't care, weight, they don't lie. If you can't accept them, you can't accept them. Every time they push you, I do. For some athletes, My dream is to win every match because I worked hard in the gym and I have that confidence.

What I do in the weight room will translate to the ring. My explosiveness, my power, my strength, my conditioning. No matter how long the game is, I will be stronger. This is how the second wind came. I still believe in the old school. Fine barbells, dumbbells, Lift weights and control weights.

Picture: Bodybuilding Motivation

What I do is compound lifts, deadlifts, power queens, rollovers. These things, they are classic elevators. Every athlete who has ever stepped on a stage of any kind, It is something they have absorbed and mastered, and It's nothing different for me. I'm the most smartest shark in the big ocean here and I learned how to operate at scale. 

I learned all the wrong moves I made in that ring from the bulls. I reanalyze every little detail you can think of and what you can think of I didn't expect it because you are not as experienced as me. Then I continue working. 

Brock Lesnar will be honored with a fraction. The record books of that year were all written about his mountain farmer boy mentality. He is thinking, going to make history, We will rewrite the record books. He will go down in history, but he is only a supporting role. So the number one person, who has the highest caution, is Roman Reigns. I disclosed the appropriate findings to the tribal chief.

I saw my genealogy results matching the header, To support our next generation. And at WrestleMania, this god mode that no one else can match will be a breeze. These will be my six WrestleMania highlights, I'm going to beat Brock Lesnar. Combine my record as the greatest WWE Champion of all time. No argument, no debate, it's true. It's headlines and headlines. This is the biggest WrestleMania main event ever. I'm ready, let's go.

WWE Champion Drew McIntrye is one of the best bodybuilder and wwe wrestler in this era. He shown that how to start workout in the attached video below.

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