Viral videos How do you know if you have depression? How to Overcome Depression?

Viral videos How do you know if you have depression? How to Overcome Depression?

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What is depression?

Depression is considered a major mental health problem. Because if you don't pay attention in the beginning, it can create serious problems.

Psychiatrist Muntasir Maruf said 15 percent of depressed people have a tendency to commit suicide.

However, many people consider depression to be depression.
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One study found that more than 18 percent of children and adolescents suffer from depression.

The World Health Organization estimates that by 2030, this depression will lead to a major socio-economic crisis in the world.

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Researchers and physicians estimate that one in five people may or may not suffer from depression at some point in their lives.
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Psychologist Dr. Mekhla Sarkar told the BBC that depression is a normal reaction of the human brain. A person's mind may become depressed due to unfulfilled expectations or any such reason.


According to the World Health Organization, depression is going to cause a major crisis in the socio-economic world by 2030.

“But when it comes to illness, it can be a little different. Depression can be of varying degrees of depths. Remember that if you are upset for two weeks in a row or you don’t enjoy the usual activities that you enjoy.” If you used to enjoy then it should be considered a sign of depression."

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Dr. Muntasir Maruf says that you should be careful when an emotional change has been observed in a person for a long time and it is affecting daily functioning.

What are the symptoms of depression?

The American Psychiatric Association cites nine symptoms of depression and states that if at least five of them are observed for two weeks or more in a row, it can lead to depression.

These are:

  • be upset most of the day
  • loss of pleasure and interest in a job you enjoy
  • There may be abnormally little or no sleep
  • aversion to food or increased appetite
  • weight loss
  • slowness in action and thinking
  • thinking negatively about yourself or feeling responsible for everything
  • loss of decision making or concentration and, if very intense, suicidal thoughts and plans

Dr. Mekhla Sarkar says that the reaction can be in two ways, i.e. in case of a sleep problem, one may fall asleep, one may have excessive sleep, and one may sleep without any.

"Again it is seen that you are sleeping, but the energy from sleep does not enter your body and you are feeling the opposite. This can also be a sign of depression."

He said that in many cases the taste of food changes. As a result, food may increase, it may decrease again, but overall, body weight is reduced in many cases. Somebody gets fat again.

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"Depression makes you feel sad. It's like there's nothing good in front of you. Everything in itself can seem negative. It doesn't feel like anything good. It means you lose confidence. And this Everything affects your daily life."

In addition, doctors also report certain symptoms that include: various physical symptoms, burning in the hands and feet, a feeling of warm washing from the ears, or severe headache and constipation.

Mekhla Sarkar said that the realization of living becomes difficult when a person is suffering from depression, which gradually leads to suicide in the person.

Is there a specific age for depression?

Dr. Mekhla Sarkar says that the possibility of depression can happen at any age.

It is more common in adults. However, it can affect people of any age for a variety of reasons.

Dr. Muntasir Maruf says that in the light of his experience working in a hospital at the district level, many adults come to the hospital with various physical problems.

"But every time I try to go into details, I see that there is no physical problem. The problem is mental and depression."

However, children and adolescents are more likely to be affected by depression for a variety of reasons.

Mr. Maruf believes that emotional support for children and adolescents is essential in such cases as many people suffer from this problem due to failure in love.

Why do people suffer from depression?

According to psychologist Mekhela Sarkar, genetic defects are particularly important among several factors.

"Many people suffer from depression because of genetic factors. Organic disorders must be taken into account. In addition, there is a negative mental structure. Or the environment around him that he feels is no longer with him. "

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They say that there is a risk of depression due to break-up, divorce, or illness in the family.

Again all around is fine but still, a person can be suffering from depression due to various biological or underlying reasons.

What is the solution to get rid of depression?

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Remember that your depression is currently affecting your child

  • Your child is the victim of your problem
  • Avoid smartphones so that your child's childhood is regular
  • Childhood loneliness spoils children
  • Try to be like a friend by understanding the good and bad of the child.

Tired of working in the office all day. And when he came home, he poured out all his anger on the child. When you return home after a tireless winter work, nothing can move your body or mind. And while doing both, thousands of people suffer from depression. Depression is a very common problem today. And this frustration has the worst effect on everyone's life. And the biggest loss is your child. But for a long time this depression can be a big illness. See how your child is suffering from your problem.
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According to Mekhela Sarkar, there are three types of depression – mild, mild, or severe.

"Mild depression goes away on its own. It's helpful to share or increase social interaction a bit. That is not to be isolated. Get along with everyone. Stay close to people who like company. Take some time not to walk away Spend time with people." Getting up is possible. ,

They say that another characteristic of depression is the desire to wrap oneself up.

"That's why we say physical exertion or exercise. Regular 30-minute walks are great. If one can go outside, being able to walk around the house would also be beneficial."

He said that the more physically active a person is, the more problems he will have.

"The most important thing is to be mentally strong and confident in what I can do. So I can focus on my positive things and practice good deeds."

However, he added that he should seek the help of a doctor if his daily life or studies or family relations are deteriorating or he feels that he is getting better.

According to him, the treatment of depression is possible, so it should not be ignored.

With this opinion, Dr. Muntasir Maroof said that it is possible to ovulate in a state of depression.

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Causes of depression can be identified for a number of complications that do not develop overnight. Problems in married life (these problems can be of many types), complications of love, family problems, divorce, separation, separation from loved ones, losing a job or not getting promotion even after working, death of a loved one. Or being away from family to study or suddenly separated from friends and family after marriage. 

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It has been seen that even though she has been dreaming of becoming a mother for a long time, after becoming a mother, she goes into depression due to physical and mental stress. There is no end to the reasons. Now let's talk about how to get out of this? How to overcome this fear?

Maybe it's a factor why they're doing so badly, or why they're doing so badly. Creating interest in a particular subject or engaging yourself in regular activities is important for mental health and it indirectly helps build self-esteem.

These will give you a kind of complacency, help to keep the mind away from various problems, and will keep you away from negative thoughts and feelings. Especially when you start feeling bad, that is, anger, anxiety, restlessness, crying, etc., then engage yourself in some work. Think about it, why depression is not seen in children? Because they are always interested in new things, negative thoughts cannot enter their minds. You have to do the same thing.

There are three things you can do to overcome depression:

Anything that gives happiness: Things that give happiness help us to keep a good mind. Such as watching movies, reading storybooks, spending time with friends, going for walks etc. 

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But the problem is that those who suffer from depression either have no interest in doing these things or the good that comes from them is short-lived. So even after being compelled first, these works have to be started and continued. For example, you would watch a movie exactly one day a week. You will enjoy the day as you wish. 

Now everyone has a computer and net connection at home, so watching movies is not a difficult task. But I would say try to watch a little better film. Don't just watch Hindi movies with the same dance songs, watch movies like "Cast Away" or "Forest Gump". Many will say that this time I did not get a chance to see the film. Good point, then read the book.

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Many good translations of thrillers are available now, in addition, we have some books on English literature. Speaking of which, I have read all the books of Humayun Ahmed at once. I also believe that I have completed four seasons of Sultan Suleiman together in one month. That sounds ridiculous! But I did it to please myself. I have seen many good movies in that one year. Try to do what you like. Those who say we have no time, no opportunity. I tell them, learn to dominate themselves first, then others will dominate you. 

Being alone day after day is not a good sign. And remember, you can't make everyone in the house happy at once, there's no point in trying. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have an afternoon for yourself one day a week. If anyone has any objection to it, do not apply it to the skin. Remember that being good to yourself is the most important thing.

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Volunteer work, these works help people in self-development. Don't go too far It would be nice to see a workman in your home, teach your kids for free for a while. Join the blood donation program. There are a lot of people in the world who are getting fewer opportunities than you, do something for them, you will see that you will not have any more problems.

Finally, give yourself some importance before you value everyone around you. It won't hurt anyone. I know in our society depression is looked down upon, not even tickled. Don't pay attention. Just don't pay attention. Learn to be tough. We did not come to earth to survive. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The mind says - "Do not drown in depression!"

Be beautiful, be beautiful.

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YouTube is the greatest platform where people can overcome depression. So, I have embedded some YouTube videos as below.

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