The First Step to Good Health Naturally - What is the definition of physical health and what is meant by good health?

The First Step to Good Health Naturally - What is the definition of physical health and what is meant by good health?

Let’s start with a good health definition in general. Although the WHO definition of health (World Health Organization), from 1948: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of disease or weakness". Considering what is the definition of physical health and the underlying meaning of good health is that "all natural" is good, especially when it applies to food?

What is the definition of physical health?

Based on the WHO's definition of health, as it applies to physical health, is it safe to say that in the absence of disease or weakness (weakness or disease) everything is working as well as we would for good physical health? Not required?

I personally believe that there is more to staying healthy in this moment. On the other hand, I also believe that because we only guarantee the present, don’t take it lightly if you’re healthy. Enjoy when you can.

I also believe that our physical health status largely depends on our personal health plan. In other words, it depends on how much we take care of ourselves on a regular basis. Contains:

  • Eating habits
  • Exercise habits or lack of it
  • Sleep habits
  • Spiritual practice
  • Habits of normal living

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the believer to be a scholar, expert, or enthusiast of any of the above. Whatever I am, I am saying that all bullet points affect our physical health.

A dictionary provides this definition of health:

"General state of body or mind in terms of stamina and energy: good health; bad health."

The ancient Roman poet Virgil said, "The greatest asset is health."

I can no longer agree, but I am a little annoyed at the amount of emphasis placed on physical health, as it is mutually exclusive to other aspects of health.

I believe about health:

  • Body
  • Emotional
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Financial
Each of these factors has a direct and indirect effect on the “firmness and strength” where we observe and maintain these factors.

Also, I find it annoying that the term money has so much to do with money and financial resources.

This does not mean that I do not see the importance of physical health and financial resources. They are both key components of overall health but they are not a single concept.

“All natural” phenomena, especially when it comes to food, are by far the biggest marketing strategy. This is a joke if not a scandal.

This means nothing!

There is a big difference between organic and all natural. Don’t confuse the two and above all don’t read for propaganda that makes you believe they are one and the same. They don't.

Organic, at least as applied to food, is highly regulated. It really means something. However, keep in mind that being organic does not mean that it is healthy.

All natural can say pretty much anything. It is not controlled as far as what we eat. This is a very confusing tag.

I'm not saying don't enjoy it. I’m not saying that everything is normally bad. I’m just saying that it was a word as unnecessary as it was. It has no depth.

My formula

For me, it all starts with simple ideas and principles:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Best efforts
These are inevitable. They have no cost and should always be implemented.

Next Natural Health Tips:

  1. Food - Not just what we eat, it includes everything we eat physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If that’s what we eat, that’s what it all says.
  2. Fitness - Includes 5 bullet points mentioned above
  3. Meaning - Influenced by the previous two and affects the previous and the next two
  4. Completeness - This is about completion and includes all the bullet points mentioned
  5. Fun - The importance of how it affects health and how it is often overlooked

Alternative medicines are very effective in curing many health conditions, even those that cannot be treated in a conventional way. However, there are many alternative treatments and medicines available, such as Ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, etc., and it is important to use the most appropriate and proven alternative medicine for your health condition – be it pain, menopausal problems , blood pressure. , acne or allergies.

A specific alternative medicine or medicine that addresses one health condition may work with one person but may not work with another with the same condition. For example, an herbal remedy for back pain may work for one person but not another. This is because we are all products of our environment. How we live, what we eat, when we eat, stress at work, stress at home, etc., all affect our body type.

Basic Principles of Natural Health Care

Natural health can be maintained and maintained by following some basic principles of natural health care. It is not difficult or difficult to follow these basic principles of natural health care, but it requires strong willpower. We need to adopt these simple principles of natural healthcare before losing our health status. If we cannot follow these general principles of natural healthcare now, it will not be possible in the future, especially when a serious illness strikes us.

Our modern lifestyle is the biggest enemy of our health and well-being today. Today we have built a social structure that is unhealthy not only for society, but also for the normal health of our body and mind. Below are three well-known principles of natural health care that are rarely followed in modern life. These 3 common looking natural healthcare principles are actually very strong and can be responsible for many health problems that we may not be aware of.

1. Creating a natural sleep pattern for health and wellness: 

Sleeping according to the laws of nature can have many positive effects on our health and well-being. The clock (or microprocessor) of our body system is naturally configured for nature clock i.e. our body goes to rest or sleep at night and our body goes to work automatically after sunrise during the day. Today our unhealthy lifestyle artificially reconfigures this natural clock within the body. Our modern sleep habits are largely responsible for unnatural sleep disturbances or sleep disturbances.

2. Avoid unhealthy and unhealthy eating habits for health and well-being: 

Our eating habits have also changed over time. I will not discuss poor nutrition and poor and unhealthy foods that we eat today in this article. Today we eat food without natural appetite or appetite, we eat because we want to eat or we need to provide some nutrients / fuel to our body while eating. Although the quality of the food that we produce is optimal and biologically produced, the modern lifestyle today does not require our bodies to be the same as before. Eating more today does not mean staying healthy, but the exact opposite for health and wellness.

Today we fill our body with engine (body system) fuel (food / food) when it does not want it and the fuel we supply to our body is not the right fuel for its health and well-being. Thank God that our body is not an ordinary man-made machine but a wonderful instrument by nature.

3. Unusual over-protection and extra rest puts the natural healthcare system at bay: 

Today we protect ourselves not only naturally but also from society and social activities. As we continue to exceed our comfort levels from normal to unnatural, the comfort we enjoy today is actually uncomfortable for our body systems to work. This healthy-looking and extra protection from feeling good weakens the immune system of our natural body system. We are forcing our body to work in dual mode sometimes when we get out of our extra protective cover and naturally when we are in our extra protected comfort zone. It may sound mild but it can have serious consequences on our body's natural healthcare system. Today our body is called upon to give up its dependence on its natural immunity and seek modern medical help which gives proper treatment not only to our body but also to the soul which is actually responsible for this unprotected extra protection.

These were the three basic principles of natural health protection, which I have discussed here to show how we have compromised with the simple principles of natural health care, including the risky natural health and the complex lifestyle of wellness.

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