Spinal pain and remedies

Spinal pain and remedies

It is said that there is no human being in the world who does not suffer from any pain. 99% of them have headaches. There is a common proverb in this regard, if you have a headache, it will hurt. The second pain is the pain in the spine. Spinal pain refers to pain in the neck, waist and back. Around the world, 40-50 percent of people suffer from this pain.

Spinal pain is basically divided into four parts. Neck pain, back pain, back pain, and pain at the ends of the coccyx or spine. Most patients come with neck and back pain. Back and waist pain is usually due to lifestyle inconsistencies. For example, sitting in the office in the same position for a long time, driving for a long time or leaning more forward. Some support should be taken in the back while driving.
If you do not sit properly in the chair or lean back and forth, you may feel pain in the waist. People who read books or do other things while lying down or leaning, their spine is damaged and pain is felt. There are many people who do not have idea about how to lift heavy things properly. 

In addition, some diseases also cause back or back pain. Low back pain should not be ignored if you have a long history of taking steroids such as cancer, osteoporosis, AIDS. In addition to the pain, fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, excessive sweating, etc., and if the pain spreads from the waist to the legs, especially below the knees of one foot, or one leg of severe pain or discomfort should be careful. Symptoms such as urinary or bowel problems, numbness around the anus, curvature of the spine, weakness of the legs or dryness of the leg muscles should be given special importance.
After answering the various questions of the audience, Dr. spoke about various problems. Md. Abdur Rab. A visitor wants to know about Spina bifida. Md. Abdur Rab says in this regard, it is a birth defect. This is due to a fetal defect called neural tube. The back of the newborn baby's vertebrae are incompletely attached. Many patients think that it causes pain in the spine. However, you should consult a doctor without treating yourself.

Finally, Professor Md. Abdur Rob gave some suggestions to keep the spine good. Exercising regularly or walking, not lifting anything heavy on the neck. He said that if it is absolutely necessary, the heavy thing should be brought close to the body and tried to lift without putting pressure on the waist. Those who do housework will work according to the rules. Do not work with too much inclination or pressure on the waist. Need to control body weight. You must not stand or sit in the same place for long in the same posture. You have to sleep straight while sleeping. Must eat good food. The backbone is like a tree, it needs proper care.

Menopause, osteoporosis and calcium

Menstruation or period is a normal process in a woman's body. Periods usually occur in women between the ages of 45 and 55. This is called menopause. The main reason behind this change in the body of women is a hormone called estrogen. These hormones are extremely important for a woman's reproductive health cycle.

Bone fragility is one of the health problems that women experience after menopause. Health problems also increase with age. It is a very common physiological process. However, with age, women suffer more health problems than men. Menopause plays a key role in this problem. Because, menopause is not just a matter of sexual intercourse or inability to conceive, it is not the only issue. After menopause the adverse effects are more on all the bones of the body. During this time the bone strength tends to decrease abnormally.

As women get older, they face two bone problems. One is osteoarthritis, or arthritis of the knee, and the other is osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become increasingly fragile. Although it is initially a painless disease, osteoporosis is mainly caused by a lack of calcium and minerals in the bones. After menopause, the internal cavities of the bones begin to erode at a rapid rate. At some point after the age of 60, it reaches a critical stage, but it can happen even earlier.

Calcium deficiency occurs in the body due to menopause. So at this time you have to pay special attention to food. And not all types of food can be eaten in middle age. So you have to make a habit of eating nutritious food according to the rules.

An adult needs 600 to 1,300 mg of calcium daily. Again in the case of post menopausal women it increases from 1,200 to 1,500 mg. A person can get 428 to 512 mg of calcium daily from the foods that are usually on the diet of the people of Bangladesh. And so the best way to meet the daily requirement of calcium is to take supplemental calcium.

The journey of calcium acquisition begins with calcium from rock or limestone. This was the main source of calcium in the early days of medicine. The absorption rate of calcium from rock or limestone is 31 percent, which means that only 155 mg of calcium is available from 500 mg tablets obtained from this source.

In addition, calcium from this source has several other limitations. Such as the presence of unsafe levels of lead, weakness in calcium digestion, etc. And so the search for a better source of calcium continues and eventually the calcium obtained from the egg shell.

Calcium from egg shell is the only organic calcium, some of its unique properties have made it more acceptable than other calcium preparations.

It is obtained from organic sources and is free from the presence of any kind of heavy metal, which ensures maximum efficiency and convenience.

• Experiments have shown that it is digested up to 98 percent. As a result, it does not cause discomfort in the stomach and there is no risk of constipation.

It ensures 90 percent exploitation. As a result, 450 mg of calcium is obtained from 500 mg tablets obtained from this source. Due to the presence of vitamin D-3, it provides maximum calcium to the bones and helps in building strong bones.

• It also contains strontium naturally. It is a rare ingredient that plays a special role in increasing bone mineral density.

The most effective and safest calcium for osteoporosis patients so far is calcium from egg cells. However, like other calcium intake, it can cause nausea.

Scientists are constantly looking for more and more new sources of calcium, with the aim that in the near future, perhaps a new source of calcium will be able to meet the calcium needs of our daily lives with more benefits and less limitations.

Love your bones

Osteoporosis refers to the loss of bone density in the body. Osteoporosis causes the bones to become brittle, resulting in very simple injuries that can lead to fractures. Human bone density usually increases by the age of 26. This concentration is maintained till the age of 34 years. From then on the bone density begins to decrease. In women, the rate of osteoporosis accelerates after menopause. In addition, many factors can increase the risk of osteoporosis. So you have to love your bones to prevent osteoporosis. Necessary exercise, nutritious food and lifestyle changes can prevent this disease.
Causes of osteoporosis
Osteoporosis can be caused by age, genetic defects, lack of ovaries due to surgery, hypogonadism, short stature, etc.

Vitamin D deficiency, smoking, malnutrition (deficiency of calcium, zinc, vitamin A, K, etc.), lean body size, non-vegetarian diet, excessive consumption of tea, coffee and chocolate in old age, heavy metal pollution in food or air, Alcohol can also cause osteoporosis. In this case, it is possible to prevent osteoporosis with the necessary steps.


There may be no physical symptoms of osteoporosis. However, pain in the waist, back or anywhere else, especially if it does not reduce the pain should be aware. Some people have problems with low body height, squatting, or leaning forward. It can cause cracks or fractures in the bones of the spine, and even a minor injury can break the bone.


Many tests are needed to identify osteoporosis and its types. Osteoporosis is difficult to cure once. There is no point in breaking bones. Therefore, national and institutional programs must be taken to prevent this problem in advance. As part of this, it is important to identify who is at risk or who is already suffering from bone loss.

Maintaining fitness through regular exercise, refraining from taking harmful drugs including steroids, and taking moderate amounts of calcium if necessary can prevent osteoporosis.

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