Biggest Leg Day Mistakes and How To Avoid During Your Legs Workout

How To Do Squats Properly Biggest Mistakes during Legs workout at gym

"How to get bigger legs?" is a common question I get asked. You see, what most people don't understand is that developing an impressive set of legs is not all about hard work. There are 5 mistakes people make during quad training that severely limit their leg growth. Today I'm going to explain what these quad training mistakes are, walk you through how to fix them, and then show you how to incorporate it into your quad training day so you can quickly start growing monster quads.

The quadriceps are a group of 4 muscles located in the front of the legs. Importance? You have to carefully program the exercise on the quad bike. And while some people can simply squat and see great quad development, others aren't so lucky. Why? Let's dive into the first training bug and find out.

Biggest Leg Day Mistakes  Mistakes Keeping Your Legs Skinny

Dumbbell squats are often recommended as the best exercise for growing bigger legs, but they require a lot of your core and lower back muscles to help stabilize the weight. Now this isn't a bad thing, but if your main goal is to grow your legs, it can be a problem. And this is where machines can come in handy. Exercises such as the hack squat with the use of a back support help to minimize the demands on the stability of the exercise. As a result, you'll be able to really push your quads to their limits without worrying about tiring other muscles first. Don't have access to a hack squat machine? Another option is to use a bench press squat during a quad focused leg day.

Another mistake that prevents you from growing monster quads is related to the execution of your exercise. It turns out that the more forward your shin angle is, the greater the movement of the knees and the more involved the quads will be compared to the glutes and lower back muscles. But what if you have limited ankle mobility? One option is to invest in a pair of lifting shoes for a slight heel lift. Or use a few weight plates to raise your heels while squatting. This tip doesn't just apply to squats. Low foot placement on the leg press could also increase quad activation. And last but not least, you can also apply this concept to lunges and Bulgarian split squats.


By applying the previous tips to your quad training, you will reduce the stress placed on other muscles and shift them to the quads. As a result, you won't be able to lift nearly as heavy as you used to. So it's absolutely crucial that you don't let your ego get the best of you and don't let your body "trick" you into helping other muscles. Control the weight and spend about 2-3 seconds on the descent each rep and you'll experience much more growth in your quads even if you're using a lighter weight.

Another mistake has to do with programming your training. Remember how your quads are made up of four muscles? One of them is "special". This is called the rectus femoris. It attaches to your pelvis and moves down the middle of your thigh. Due to its unique anatomy, the rectus femoris is not activated very well in classic leg exercises such as squats and leg presses. Instead, it's best activated in exercises like the leg extension or sissy squat, where only the knees are extended and your hips remain locked in place.

The last error has to do with effort. We know that to maximize growth, you need to push hard enough during sets to reach at least 3 reps of failure. So when it comes to your leg days, be honest with yourself, are you really pushing yourself hard enough? Or do you cut sets when you just start to feel the burn and could actually do 5 or even 10 more reps? Given the sheer size of the quads and the blood flow it receives, this will not be pleasant. But the willingness to overcome that discomfort is often what separates those who have an impressive set of legs from those who don't. Consider using a pre-workout supplement to help with this.

Let's quickly go over how to apply this to your routine to get bigger legs. First, if you're doing regular barbell squats and you're not feeling much in your quads, try temporarily changing it to an elevated heel squat or a machine like the hack squat or smith machine squat. And for your leg presses and split squats, consider using quad-focused form to emphasize the quads even more. Second, throw in leg extensions and/or sissy squats at the end of the workout to emphasize the rectus femoris. Finally, lighten the weight to force your quads to do the work, but aim to get close enough to failure.

Common Gym Mistakes Training Legs and Booty 
Today we will discuss some common mistakes especially when you go to the gym to work out your legs you have to listen carefully, Because we're going to focus on 6 pretty good training moves But these actions can be done wrong very easily Until you know the tricks So today I will show the bad version first Show off with the correct version later and you'll get it right I can? Now let's go to the gym.

Picture: Lunges Workout Beginning Exercise for Legs Activation

Let's start with a lunge The current approach is a fairly common mistake events like this. You are putting stress on your knees Also, your back goes too far forward This movement is very bad for the back and knees We will keep our backs straight You can't go wrong with your knees at 90 degrees lunge like this Train your glutes properly Next is the leg press machine when lots of people do it Fully straightens the leg and locks the knee If you mind my knees, it's almost back If you use too much weight The action straightens the feet and locks the knees you can get hurt So let's get it right
Keep your feet shoulder width apart. 

Push the weight up, but not down. This move will make your ass feel. It depends on where your feet are but you will find that I will not push to the end. I stop before my legs are completely straight. This is followed by a straight leg deadlift. This move, as everyone knows, is quite good. But getting it right is a bit difficult, This is what it looks like when you do it wrong. You straighten your knees completely and round your back. 

Picture: Leg Press

You use upper body strength to pull, instead of using hamstring and leg and gluteal strength do it right We will keep our backs straight Bend your knees slightly as you can see  like me now Keep your back straight We also need to keep our neck and head in a straight line to stay in line with the spine Next up is the sumo deadlift This is what it looks like when you do it wrong You lift the weight with the strength of your back Thanks to the rounded back, there is no pressure on the buttocks and legs If you use the action right now to get it right you want to keep your back straight Stand up straight, keeping your back and neck straight Look forward or awake if that helps Lift the weight with the strength of your hips and legs Next is the back kick Many people experience lower back pain during this exercise When you do this, you focus the stress on your lower back There is no way to exercise your glutes My trick is to have a ladder next to it or something to step on Lean forward and hold the pulley Keep your back straight, you can pay attention to my posture. Then lift the weight with your legs. This way, you can lift the weight using only the strength of your glutes.

Next is the last one today. He does Bulgarian split squats on the bench press. The bad thing is that the front leg is too close to the bench. This puts all the stress on the knee. such an action it shifts your weight and upper body forward So if we get it right  let's jump ahead a bit This keeps the knees and feet at a 90 degree angle Keep your back straight When descending and rising. 


Reverse lunges / 12 reps - 2 sets (each leg)
Side Squat / 20 reps - 2 sets (10 each side)
Squats / 20 reps - 2 sets
Frankenstein / 20 reps - 2 sets (10 on each leg)
Leg Swings / 20 reps - 2 sets (10 on each leg)


Donkey Kick Back / 20 reps - 2 sets (each leg)
Sumo deadlift / 10 reps - 4 sets
Raised back lunge / 12 reps - 3 sets
 Stiff leg deadlift
 DB hip thrusts: 12 reps - 4 sets
Split squats / 12 reps for each leg - 3 sets
Barbell lateral presses / 12 repetitions - 3 sets

Donkey Kick Back / 50 quick reps (each leg)

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You want to keep the stress on the glutes and hamstrings. At the same time, use the power of the entire foot.

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