What will increase the taste? Cold and fever symptoms and cold fever treatment

What will increase the taste? Cold and fever symptoms and cold fever treatment 

Lost Your Sense of Taste?

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I have no taste in my mouth at all, I don't want to eat anything. What will increase the taste? Many have such questions. We are disgusted for various reasons. Gas problems, constipation, liver or kidney disease.

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After a fever or infection, side effects of various medications, even stress or depression, can cause loss of appetite. Anorexia nervosa during pregnancy and growing children. Taste of food

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Do not drink water at the beginning or in the middle of eating.

The taste, color, the smell of food affects human taste. To serve the food interestingly.

Do some light exercise or walk every day. Metabolism will increase and hunger will also increase. Eat more fibrous foods to relieve constipation.

• Diseases, fever, anorexia some days after infection. Choose nutritious food at this time. Eat soups, fruits, fruit juices, milkshakes, meats, etc.

If there is no gas problem, various spices can be added to enhance the appetite. For example pepper, cardamom, ginger, garlic, vinegar, lemon juice, pickles Can. These are delicious. But if you have gas problems, eat easily digestible food with a little less spice.

Avoid fast food, soft drinks, chips. These reduce appetite and keep the stomach full for a long time.
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• Excessive tea, coffee, smoking reduce hunger. Dairy foods, such as cheese, yogurt, etc. increase the taste.

To enhance the taste, you can mix raw mango or dried mango powder with water, ginger or ginger juice with hot water or tea, mint leaves, cardamom powder, or sugar.

Pomegranate juice, orange or malt, lemon enhances the taste. Add broccoli, tomatoes, coriander leaves to the diet.

If anorexia is chronic, weight loss, fever, weakness, etc., you must seek medical attention.

Many people have no appetite during or after the onset of cod infection. As a result, people are becoming weaker as they cannot eat instead of recovering. This can have a big impact on health. Nutritionist Sonia Ahmed has suggested what to do to increase appetite at this time.
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♦ Dehydration can occur due to coronary heart disease and loss of appetite. So at this time, eat 8-10 glasses of water and drinkable food every day.

♦ You can eat ginger water, lemon water, coconut water, malt juice, lemon juice best in warm water, light liqueur spice tea, etc. regularly. These help to fill the dehydration as well as bring back the taste in the mouth for a variety of flavors.

♦ Easy-to-digest foods, such as porridge rice, boiled rice, and cereals can be good sources of good carbohydrates at this time. These foods are easy to eat, which is quite helpful to increase appetite.
    Picture: Exercise will help you to increase the taste

You can eat chicken meat, chicken soup, various pulses, nuts, and legumes, which will help to restore the previous energy and taste.

Instead of soybean or other edible oil, you can use coconut oil in cooking for some time. The lauric acid and caprylic acid present in it will help in building better immunity against the virus. It will also bring variety in the taste of food.

Milk, yogurt, cheese, milkshakes can be a great food to restore the taste in the mouth.

The use of spices like ginger, onion, garlic, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, bay leaves can make the food fragrant, which brings taste.

Serve the food as soon as possible. If you like to see the taste of the food.

Keep variety in food. Give preference to nutritious food of choice. Do not eat the same type of food every day.

​​Brush your teeth two or three times a day and night.

♦ You can mix salt in lukewarm water or rinse the bay leaves a few times in boiling water, it will bring back the taste of the tongue.

Sit down to eat with everyone in the family. It will act as a tonic to enhance the taste.

Do not drink water immediately before and after meals.

Refrain from eating milk tea, strong liqueur tea, alcoholic beverages, and smoking.

Take a short walk every day. Try to get eight hours of sleep daily. It will also help to bring back the lost taste.
For various reasons, the taste in the mouth is spoiled or there may be a loss of appetite. In this case, the taste of the mouth can be increased in a homely way. A food and nutrition website highlights some useful ways to enhance your appetite. Here are some of them:

Fennel tea: Fennel helps in the excretion of bile juice, thus activating the digestive process. Boil one teaspoon of fennel and half a teaspoon of fenugreek in two to three cups of water. Then strain it and drink it once or twice a day.

Yoga Exercises: Practicing 30 to 45 minutes of yoga a day helps indigestion. Yoga exercises are equally beneficial for physical and mental health. However, before starting yoga exercises, it is necessary to take the advice of a doctor and an instructor.

Ginger: Ginger extract enhances the taste of food and its natural oil helps in eliminating the gas produced during digestion. Mix half a teaspoon of ginger juice in hot water and drink it twice a day. In addition, the use of ginger in cooking is equally beneficial.

Fruits and vegetables: Apples, guavas, oranges, grapes, etc. are helpful in increasing appetite. On the other hand, vegetables like tomato, coriander, broccoli, etc. help indigestion. These fruits and vegetables help in the secretion of digestive enzymes. So you should have plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet to get rid of hunger pangs.

Reduce drinking intake: People suffering from anorexia should avoid water, tea, coffee, or soft drinks while eating. This is because taking extra drinks can cause a feeling of fullness in the stomach. This can lead to loss of appetite.

    Picture: Milkshake increase the taste

Eating regularly: Following the rules helps to keep the body functioning. Getting enough sleep and waking up on time, exercising, eating on time, and drinking enough water throughout the day helps to keep the body normal. And if you follow the rules in this way, the problem of distaste will also come down.

What is the best medicine to increase appetite? Find out the answer to this question.

There is no appetite for food, or it seems that it is not possible to eat after playing a little. Or the stomach is full, and if you eat a little, you may vomit. These problems are now over 50 percent. And for this, the patient's fear of the doctor is always increasing. Doctor Saab give me medicine to increase my appetite! Today I will try to give him some answers. And I will give the right advice.

Beware of conventional medicine!

Unani, Ayurvedic, Allopathic and some homeopathic medicine manufacturers are taking advantage of this opportunity. It has become a trend in the current market. At the opportunity of which they are taking the hard-earned money of common people. And normal patients are losing their physical ability. While some may be able to fulfill their dreams temporarily, they are no longer sustainable.

Which tasting vitamin is better:

Eventually, the patient becomes more reckless. Doctor Kabiraj started searching on google and even platforms like youtube. Whether you can find a good company of vitamins somewhere. Today I will try to tell you what I have learned from my long experience and medical training. There is no difference between those of you who are looking for the medicine of taste and those who are giving you these medicines. You need to be fat, and he needs money. The only product of these two useful people, it is fat! There is no need to know how long it will last, or what will happen to it, or whether better advice can be given. As a result, future generations continue to evolve into steroids.

The natural process of tasting:

The taste usually depends on the digestive system. It is caused by indigestion, liver weakness, pancreatitis, constipation, and vitamin deficiencies. In many cases, some serious infectious diseases can cause loss of appetite. Doctors prescribe over-the-counter, over-the-counter, or over-the-counter medications. There is nothing to say for them. But I am writing here to tell the patient something. It is important to note that none of the above symptoms are present. Tell your doctor about it.

Ruchi will get back just like that. If you are averse to any food, think about why you are averse to it. Others are eating it well. During meals, even if you talk, you lose focus on food. Again, even if Rose eats the same type of food, the aversion goes away. With the money you buy medicine, you can buy good and nutritious food. This will naturally come to the taste of food.

Which tasting vitamin is better:

Amalki plus or Ruchivit! Many people ask me such ridiculous questions from time to time. Tablets or syrup? Some people even talk about Kabiraji Bari. In fact, they are all cowherds. There is no vitamin or medicine in the world to say the vitamin of taste. I can challenge it. What is the effect of increasing the taste? The question may come.

The answer is, these are all miracles of a steroid father. I have written more about steroids, you can understand by reading these. In fact, they can be harmful to every patient.

Ways to increase appetite:

If you can't catch a problem. However, domperidone in the anti-ulcerate and anti-amygdala or benzimidazole group only continued for 2 months with proper administration. With the pancreatin group, medicine can be continued for 2 months with the advice of a doctor. Also, do not forget to keep vitamin B complex. And a multivitamin and multimineral. I could say everything easily. But you will start your own medicine. So I left a little trouble. Because this hassle will help you to learn more. 

You can talk to the doctor for a while about what you learned in this article. And the doctor will think a little about you, consider this writing. It may benefit you a little. Medication should not be prescribed directly. So I could not write. The reason is that without some experimentation, it is not possible to prescribe medicine to increase appetite. I mentioned the name of the drug group just to give an idea.

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