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Legs Day Workout Plan 

Dynamic stretching is required before starting the legs workout. In addition, you can do lunges and squat workouts and as a beginner, you should start with a free hand workout until warm-up and sweating. 

    Picture: Legs Extention workout Click on the picture, see the video for clarifications

Most of us know warming up can help prevent injury but what a lot of  beginners don't know is  that it's mental and physical preparation for a good workout ahead I like to split my warm-up into three parts cardio dynamic stretching and weights what a lot of guys do is get on a bicycle
and cycle for around five to ten minutes this doesn't only allow for blood flow but also preparation of the nervous system.

Really hammering your legs can put a lot of strain on your nervous system and a quick cycle before takes most of that stress away start out at a moderate pace for about five to ten minutes and if you feel you need to up the intensity for the last minute next up in the warm-up routine
stretching this can be a bit of a controversial one some studies show a decrease in strength due to static stretching before workout whilst others argue that the effects are so minor it's not even worth technology I've done both over the years and personally, i find that dynamic stretching works better for my workouts dynamic or active stretching is movement-based stretching we often see runners and sportsmen doing this 

And I know most of us in pe class doing in a circle bringing our legs around that is dynamic stretching while static stretching is holding a stretch in a fixed position which i'll be doing a full article on in the future just after my bicycle I'll do five to ten minutes of dynamic stretching before my workout so instead of chatting to your mate rather do some dynamic stretches whilst you wait for your pre-workout to kick in and then move on to your workout now for the weights generally what I suggest is doing three to four sets of compound movements in our case we will use a squat use a comfortable weight and aim for around 15 to 20 reps throughout your warm-up process.

Picture: Warm-up workout position

In the above-mentioned picture, you can see the warm-up before leg press which has similarities with Lunges but actually, it is stretching and you can do the workout before and after leg workout which is one of the best warm-ups for legs workouts.

I'll do my usual three or four-minute dynamic stretching and foam the rolling routine which I'll  lay in fast motion here but maybe soon I'll dedicate a full article to this routine if it's something you people would like to see so from there we're jumping into the first an exercise which is the back squat 

Picture: Lunges Workout for Legs Development
The calves can be compared to the form and are responsible for some of the movement in your foot so let's get into the main idea of the workout and how do we start most of our workouts by warming up

Picture: Squat Workout for Legs Development

Your legs can make or break your physique but why do people neglect them and how to build a good set of legs when you train legs there are four different muscle groups that you work the glutes the quads the hamstrings and the calves when you look at your legs you have to know that your legs and arms are actually pretty similar your quad is like that of the tricep it's responsible for the straightening of the leg and the same thing goes for the hamstring which is responsible for bending your leg so we can consider in this example that the hamstring is like the bicep of the leg.

Picture: Not so heavy Squat Workout but step by step she can take heavy for Legs Development 

Picture: Leg Machine Press

Here Are Some of the Best Workout Songs to Get You Motivated as the link below.

Picture: Legs Workout by Dumbble especially for Hamstrings of Leg Development

Picture: Wall Sit like a chair which has similarities to Sqart workout

Picture: Do this sumo squat with weight but your leg should be wider than the picture looks

Video: The Most Effective Science-Based Leg Day 2019 (New Upper/Lower Split)

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