Top 20 Chest Workout and much more routine based workout

Top 20 Chest Workout

Picture: Incline Dumbbell Press with Heavy Dumbbell click on the picture to view the videos

Actually, before a chest workout, you have to have some warm-up such as stretching, push-up. Push-up is one of the best chest warm-up workouts not only for the chest but for your arms and shoulder and even core.

1st Workout after warm-up like knee-high, jumping jack, squat, etc:  Dumbbell Bench Press

However, many people start with an incline dumbbell press which I have selected for number 3.

2nd Workout: Dumbbell Bench Fly: 

It helps to enlarge your chest muscles. However, during fly, you have to remember that don't down more than bench alignment and try to bend your hands and start with lightweight and step by step take a heavyweight to avoid injury Such as start with 5 kg for 12 reps in 1st set and then increase the weight slowly but should not take heavyweight without proper warm-up which I mentioned in my abs workout.

3rd Workout: Incline Dumbell Press:

   Picture: Incline Dumbbell press

You can start with an incline bench press to grow your chest rapidly and look nice. However, the incline angle builds the upper chest for that full round of luck keep the back flat on the bench bring the bar down to the top of your chest.

Works for the upper chest and very good workout. You can take the weight as per your capacity but as a beginner, you can take lightweight

1st you can take: 5 kg 
2nd you can take: 7 kg
3rd time you can take 10/12 kg and so on.

Stop, take some time to rest and drink a little bit of water, and now start again from 1st to 3rd as a beginner but if you are an expert you can take up to 50 to 100 kg depending on your expertise level but remember most of the case overload may cause injury.

4th Workout: Decline Dumbell Press;

Most people avoid declining dumbbell press, but it is also effective especially for your lower chest.

5th workout: pectoral fly machine  workout (You also can do it after barbel bench press)

Picture: pectoral fly machine

6th workout: Barbell Bench Press

Picture: Barbell Bench Press

The barbell has a weight and you can add 10 kg each for a perfect bench press and follow the instructor guideline. But some people who are beginners can not take heavyweight. So, you are taking risk of injury for at least 5 months. 

7th workout: Incline Barbell Press
Picture: Incline Bench Press

8th workout: Decline Barbell Press:

Picture: The bench is declined but he is not doing by using a barbell, He is using a cattle ball but you can use a barbell for best and safety issues.

9th workout: Dips workout 

This workout especially for the chest but it works on the tricep also.

Picture: Dips workout 

Dips workout which is best for the chest and also works for your tricep. It is one of my favorite workouts. But remember, during the workout you can open my site to follow pictures as well as videos for more clarification.

You should try declining barbell press just after incline dumbbell press for the perfect shape of your chest.

Picture: Incline Dumbbell press for Upper chest development

it's a lonely down then explode up for a full chest workout you'll also need standing cable flies while the press build thickness in your chest a fly works on with this is a single joined exercise you're moving only at the shoulder keep the rest of your arms lock ring the handles together and squeeze machine press.

Here Are some of the Best of Best Workout Songs to Get You Motivated as the link below.

Picture: Dumbbell Fly workout

Again the machine delivers great isolation by forcing into to work and just one plane of movement it also keeps the same resistance across the whole exercise squeeze as you bring your arms together barbell pull over to stretch the pack fibers in a different direction again keep the arms locked move only at the shoulder using a spotter it's out of control the weight now onto the shoulders best muscle building exercises for shoulders feed-in dumbbell press a classic and effective exercise perfect for starting your shoulder workout start with the dumbbells level with your ears palms facing forward push the dumbbells up touching them gently together at the top.

Picture: Cable Fly workout

Picture: Incline Dumbbell Press

Best Routine for Weight Loss and Strength Building:

1. Arm pull down 3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

2. Pullover the machine/dumbbell for your chest and back and Lat 3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

3. Bench Press: 3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

4. Knee High (Hanging Leg Raise) : 3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

5. Machine Ab Roller: 3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

6. Incline Cable Fly: 3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

7. Machine chest press:  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

8. Dumble Curl :  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

9. Triceps press down (Rope Extention):  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

10. Hammer curl:  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

11. Goblet squat:  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

12. Barbel muscle snatch:  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)
For Heavy workout as video below:

13. Dumbell skier swings:  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

14. Kettle ball swing:  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

15. Farmers walk:  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)
16. Battle rope:  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)
17. Blast off pushup :  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

18. Dumbbell Sumo Squat :  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences)

19. Barbell Hip Thrust:  :  3 sets (15,12,10 sequences) Only who want to Build Great Glutes with Perfect Hip Thrust Technique

How to Grow a BUTT | The Most Scientific Way to Train Glutes

 Return to the chest workout video below because My target was chest but I already mentioned above the overall weight loss and strength building workout


After one year long training and follow all of my body parts workout you will become like the videos below:


The above mentinoed video Wu Tang Collection - Born Invincible was old kumfu movie but it has related with gym workout and hard training.
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 In the video above you can see he is not wearing gloves and wrist support but I recommend you to wear at lease wrist support and gloves to avoid injury. 

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