How to Take Care of Newborn Baby and what type of childhood diseases are found and the best treatment of child diseases

How to Take Care of Newborn Baby and what type of childhood diseases are found and the best treatment of child diseases

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Child hemophilia

Bleeding is normal if it is cut or torn somewhere in the body. But there are certain elements or factors in our body to stop bleeding within a certain period of time. Some people may be genetically deficient in these elements or factors. They don't want to stop bleeding anymore. One of the causes of this problem is hemophilia.

There are three types of hemophilia: hemophilia-A (deficiency of factor 8), hemophilia-B (deficiency of factor 9), hemophilia-C (deficiency of factor 11).

Haemophilia is present in 80-90% of cases, while hemophilia-B is present in 10-15% of cases. 1 out of every 5,000 children suffers from hemophilia and 1 out of every 25,000 suffers from hemophilia B.
This disease is seen only in boys, not in girls. Excessive bleeding occurs when the baby is cut or has a circumcision or tooth extraction. When the baby grows up, it becomes swollen and painful due to bleeding inside the knee and other large joints during sports. Occasionally there are reddish signs of bleeding on the skin. Sometimes blood flows from the gums.

Bleeding symptoms usually start when a child learns to walk, play sports. Even a very young child may not understand at first. The baby's muscles bleed and the blood clots and swells. Sometimes there are signs of bleeding in the retina inside the eye.

If a child's bleeding seems abnormal, the test is done on the advice of a doctor, such as complete blood count, peripheral blood film, hemoglobin, bleeding time, clotting time, first time, APTT, etc. In addition, the lack of specific factors that cause hemophilia can also be measured.


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 Hold the area where the bleeding is for 10-15 minutes continuously and do not move the joint.

Specific treatment of the disease according to expert advice.

Remember, hemophilia is not good. However, it is possible to stay healthy through lifelong treatment. Therefore, the child must be careful about such problems.

When lead pollution stops, the child's intelligence will increase.

Lead is a toxic heavy substance. Which is extremely harmful to our health. Lead melts at very low heat and evaporates. As a result, it is mixed with different substances and used to improve quality. Lead enters the human body in three ways খাদ্য food, drink, respiration, and skin.

Lead use was low in the past. But now the use of lead is increasing in the country and globally. In the blood, it stays for six to seven weeks. Lead is mainly deposited in our bones and teeth. Where it can last 20 to 30 years. Lead pollution is harmful to children — first reported in 1986. Discussions began in 1968 to stop its use. Diesel and petrol contain lead. This year, the use of leaded petrol has stopped globally. About 600 million children in the world have lead at the rate of five micrograms/deciliter. An estimated three and a half crore children in Bangladesh have high levels of lead in their bodies. The children of our country are getting short. This may be related to lead pollution.

Bangladesh ranks fourth in terms of lead pollution. He needs to pay attention to this issue. What is the source of lead? Lead contamination can occur from lead fuel, paint, and water supply pipes. Coriander, turmeric, children ingredients have been found in such spices. Lead is also available in some low priced jewelery, surma, kajal, vermilion etc. The lead from the old battery is taken out and used to make the battery again. Battery recycling is a major source of lead in the country.

In children, lead attacks the brain first. Which hinders the child's body, behavior, hearing and learning. Prolonged attacks attack the heart, liver, digestive and reproductive systems. The result is dizziness, pain in the glands

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Such symptoms appear. If the amount of lead in the body increases, it can lead to death. Children are at higher risk of being exposed to lead pollution. Even fetal lead from the body of a pregnant woman can be infected. The nutritional needs of children from poor families are not properly met. As a result, they are more at risk of lead exposure. Leads need to be identified and steps are taken to prevent them. Appropriate implementation of the law should be implemented to stop the use of lead in spices, food and jewelry.

Lead plays a role in high blood pressure, stroke, and hormonal imbalances.

Now it is important to identify other causes of infant mortality. Lead can cause immense damage to the mental, physical and intellectual development of children under the age of five. However, it is completely preventable.

UNICEF has created a global framework for a healthy environment and healthy children. Which is related to climate change including lead, air, water pollution. We are also working to create public awareness. These works need to be taken to district, Upazila and community levels. So that people at all levels can know about the subject. It is also important to take an innovative action plan with awareness. We are talking about integrated initiatives. 

To ensure a lead-free future for our children, a concerted effort by all, public and private, is crucial. UNICEF will work with each and every child to make the most of their potential.

Lead can be completely free from toxic effects. However, if some steps are taken, the harmful amount of lead in the body can be reduced. If we pay attention to foods rich in vitamin C, iron and calcium, we can avoid this a lot. In this case, public awareness can play a big role.

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