Top 10 Bodybuilding tips and motivation from Beginning to Advance Level for More Effective Step by Step Workouts plan

Bodybuilding Motivational do and don't best tips and routine:

1. Eat Banana and egg before at least one hour of starting the workout;

2. Don't overeat before workout;

3. Drink little bit of water during gym/home workout;

4. Start with dynamic streatching workout before gym workout as the routine below.

5. Don't take heavy weight first.

6. Do some static streatcing (hold streatcing) after workout;

7. Do some cardio workout like treadmills, cycling, cross treadmills after workout;

8. Do not start with abs workout first, 

9. Do abs workout after heavy or light workout;

10. Consult with your gym istructor;
11. Use knee support, wrist support and gloves, and gym towel and you also need gym bag with a water bottle;
12. Eat protein-based food like chicken, egg, etc after a workout
13. Perform every workout slowly with the range of motion;

Bodybuilding How to Start (These tips are applicable for beginners, intermediate and even expert bodybuilders also)

As  a beginner/Advance whatever level, you should start with dynamic stretching like 

Step1:  Jumping jack - 5 minutes only
Step 2: Knee high and Lunges - 10 minutes only
Step 3: Burpee with pushup  - 5 minutes only 
Step 4: Walking and running in the treadmills - 5 minutes only
Step 5: Cycling - 5 minutes only

Now your body is ready for a light or heavy workout whatever without injury.

Step 6: Chest workout after pushup; However, it's up to you, you can start arms bicep, tricep, shoulder workout instead of a chest workout.

Step 7: Heavy squat with gym belt support; Remember: Always lock your barbell by using clips after adding weights; Perform slowly;

Step 8: Deadlift with gym belt support; Remember: Always lock your barbell by using clips after adding weights; Perform slowly; 

Don't ignore my advice;

Step 9: Deadlift with gym belt support; 

Step 10: Back Workout with gym belt support; 

Step 11: You can do Legs Workout with gym belt support; 

Step 11: You can do Arms and Soulder Workout with gym belt support; 

Step 12: You can do some abs workout without gym belt support because you can not activate your abs muscles if your wear gym belt; 

Special Bodybuilding Tips:

You can select a day for body parts wokout such as one day may be chest day, other day may be arms workout day, another day may be legs day for example.

Bodybuilding: What is stretching?

Click on the picture and watch how to do it properly

Stretching is a flexible exercise that is usually done before or after cardio. Cardio exercise does a lot of work for our muscles, so a sudden loss of those muscles can cause a lot of damage. After doing some basic cardio exercises like cycling, walking on treadmills, this type of exercise is done to relax the muscles of our body and increase the elasticity of the muscles and strength. 

It occurs when the muscles or groups of muscles in our body are stretched outwards in a certain order and for a certain period of time or at a tolerable level. Stretching is a great way to take care of your muscles after and after cardio. Exercise every strength (weight training), otherwise, you may feel muscle strain, pain, or discomfort. Stretching should be done well even after doing abdominal exercises.

You can play some motivational music or song during workout lightweight or heavyweight 
However, stretching is done separately for each muscle. Stretching is done for the muscles that do extra exercise. Stretching is always done correctly, knowingly or unknowingly, otherwise, it can lead to muscle strain, pain, muscle and ligament rupture, damage, and so on.

Picture: Basic Workout Moves      Click on the picture and watch the video 
Stretching should be done in the correct posture

Be sure to do stretching in your daily exercise routine, otherwise there may be problems mentioned above, stretching should be done before, after and in the middle of the exercise.

Bodybuilding: Benefits of stretching:

                    Picture: Basic Workout Moves  Click on the picture and watch the video 

1. Increases flexibility and range of muscles and joints: As a result, the body can be used as it pleases. There are various benefits to daily living, such as lifting heavy objects, jumping, or grabbing something from the rest of the body.

2. Increases blood circulation in the muscles: Stretching increases blood circulation in the body, increases the level of oxygen in the blood, removes waste products from the body. So it helps to recover muscle injury quickly.

3. The muscle feels relaxed, so the whole body feels relaxed.

4. Anxiety (stress, tension), mental distress, etc. is reduced, the mind is cheerful.

5. Increases body balance, lets you stand in any position (such as standing on one leg), rotates the body, and you will not fall easily and stay in any position.

6. Muscles are protected from injury, discomfort (cramps), etc.

7. The body needs to be kept cool and rested after exercise.

8. Good for the heart: While stretching lowers blood pressure, it is also good for the heart and arteries (blood vessels).

9. Lower Back Pain: Quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, lower back pain are usually back pain, so stretching for these muscles will feel comfortable.

10. Increases physical strength.

11. Proper stretching of the lower back, shoulders and chest etc. improves posture, always maintaining the correct posture.

12. Muscle tone. Special stretching exercises like yoga, pilates etc. make the toning of certain muscles beautiful.

Here Are Some of the Best Workout Songs to Get You Motivated as the link below.

Bodybuilding: Rules of Warm-up:

                    Picture: Basic Workout Motivation  Click on the picture and watch the video 

You should warm-up before stretching, otherwise, it can cause muscle pull, pain etc. Main muscle groups: calf (below the knee, back), thighs, buttocks, lower back, neck and shoulders (shoulders), biceps, triceps, hamstrings, etc. and extends to the joints. Stretching should be done for 15-30 seconds, muscles should not be moved, should not be pushed or pulled too much and breathing should be smooth.

Stretching can be done anytime, anywhere you can do stretching while exercising, at home, between work. Stretching between work (such as office) feels comfortable and good for the body but after knowing the correct rules you need to do stretching as per the doctor's advice, Experienced gym instructor

Bodybuilding: How to warm up before you start exercising?

An important part of the exercise - warm-up prepares both body and mind for exercise. It helps to avoid injury, muscle pool, heart attack etc. Exercise. Increase breathing, increase body and muscle temperature, do not suddenly put pressure on the body. As the temperature of the muscles rises, the muscles become loose and elastic, resulting in an increase in the supply of oxygen and blood to the muscles, which provide nutrition to the muscles.

Many people do not warm up before starting exercise, but it is very harmful or dangerous for the body.

Remember, if you exercise without warming up, the exercise will not work properly in your body, just as it can harm your body. Many abdominal exercises, weight training, aerobics, even running is of no benefit. Fruit, but can harm the body

Bodybuilding: Some tips for warm-up

            Picture: Basic Abs Workout Moves  Click on the picture and watch the video 

A warm-up means gradually increasing the speed of the bodywork/exercise and heart rate. So, warm up through various exercises like cardio, dynamic stretching etc.

o The rules of warm-up may be different for each exercise, so the muscle warm-up will be exactly the same. So when you do that exercise, you need to know in advance what the warm-up of that exercise will be

o Warm-up exercise will be slow and easy exercise and your intensity will be less in case of exercise.
o The intensity of warm-up exercises depends on the physical fitness of the person and the type of exercise performed.

o There are many types of warm-up exercises, such as: slow walking, dynamic stretching, slow swimming, steady cycling, slow, easy aerobics, slow jogging etc.

o To warm up, you can do any type of exercise for at least 5 minutes (eg: slow walking, jogging, marching, jumping etc.). You can then do 5 minutes of static stretching to work the muscles even though stretching does not include warm-up exercises.

o Warm up for at least 10 minutes because after 10 minutes your muscles start working, your body temperature will rise, you will start burning calories and you will start losing weight.

o If you notice a little sweat after warming up, you are ready to burn calories to exercise. But if you feel tired as a result of warm-up, it will not be the right warm-up.
o Extra clothing can be worn for quick warming, such as a full-sleeved T-shirt over a half-sleeved T-shirt. This will help you to raise your body temperature as faster as possible.
Examples of some warm up exercises:

There may be a way to warm up - 3 minutes of slow / moderate walking, then 2 minutes of brisk walking, then 5 minutes of slow walking.

o For aerobics exercises, first march, warm up by moving the body to the rhythm of the tune, then some dynamic stretching can be done or some aerobic exercises can be done slowly.

o In case of swimming, you need to warm up by swimming slowly at the beginning, then you have to swim at a speed according to your fitness and ability.

o Warm up for 5 minutes by walking slowly, then at medium speed for 5 minutes.
To run, do 5-10 minutes of moderate to brisk walking or 5 minutes of walking, then 5 minutes of jogging.

For strength training/weight lifting exercises, any slow cardio, dynamic stretching etc. can be done for 5-10 minutes.

In addition to warming up with physical activity, you can also warm up without physical activity, such as: wearing extra clothes, taking gold, taking a bath in hot water, massaging the body, etc. Since it takes time to warm up in winter, it is better to warm up. If you sweat, you can get good results by exercising.

Remember, static stretching is not part of the warm-up. Static stretching can be done when the body is optimally warm, when sweating, body temperature and blood circulation increase.
To get the best results from cardio exercises: Use your whole body.

When doing cardio exercises, such as walking, running, jogging, aerobics, cycling, etc., usually two-foot work or exercise is more. But if you use the whole body, exercise will work all over the body as well as burn a lot of calories. The more calories you consume, the more fat you burn, the faster you lose weight, the faster your body will be formed. This type of whole body exercise helps you burn calories as well as boost your metabolism.

Also, those who want to burn more calories in less time or those who have less time to exercise can also use these tips.

For example, for those who have less time, if you do not exercise for a particular muscle in a hurry, but for all muscles in a short period of time, the more calories the exercise will burn, the more effective the exercise will be. . So if you run on a treadmill for 20 minutes, it will work on the muscles of your whole body. In such a situation it is possible to burn 300 calories in 20 minutes and the results will be much better, so if you do normal walking, cycling etc. you will not get results like this or the whole body will not exercise.

Swimming is also a full body exercise, which works great because swimming works on the arm, leg, abdominal muscles, back muscles.

Also, when doing aerobics so that the whole body is exercised, you will get much better results even if you do the same exercise. For example, when doing step aerobics, the exercise works much better not only for the leg muscles but also for the muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen, etc., and burns more calories.

After warmup properly you can follow the following steps to weight loss and bodybuilding:

    Picture: Bodybuilding Motivation

Bodybuilding: Best Step by Step Workout for Weight Loss

1. Barbell squat (Light to heavy) for 10 times only and then start 30 seconds skipping without rest

Picture: Barbell squat (Light to heavy)

Picture: Skipping

2. Standing Barbell up and down like shoulder workout and then start Jumping jack for 30 seconds

Picture: Standing Barbell up and down your both hands with the barbell like military press
Picture: Jumping Jack 

3. Deadlift by barbell proper way
                                                                            Picture: Deadlift

4. Kettlebell swing (up the kettlebell and squat and down the kettlebell) like sumo squat
                                                                Picture: Kettlebell swing 

5. Incline dumbbell press 
Picture: Incline dumbbell press 

6. Plank & Spiderman plank
Picture: Plank

7. Close grip bent over row by barbell like same as back workout

Picture: Bent over row picture showing not close grip it is for a back workout but you have to close grip

8. Walk with a heavy dumbbell (Farmers Walk)

                                                Picture: Walk with dumbells (Farmers walk)

9. Burpee like jumping jack and pushup and jump 20 repetitions

Picture: Burpee like jumping jack and pushup and jump

Picture: Burpee like jumping jack and pushup and jump

This process will continue for 4 rounds every day and show the result. However, don't forget to do a warmup or stretching workout before and after doing the above-mentioned workout.

Bodybuilding: Additional Abs workout.

Cross body climbers
Squat Jump Workout
Plank with a hip twist
Jumping jack
Power jack

Bodybuilding: Why do you do weight training?

    Picture: Weight Training Workout  
Click on picture and watch how to do it properly

Bodybuilding: What is weight training?

Weight training is one of the best strength trainings workout in the world. Weight training for specific muscles is called weight training or strength training. This is called strength training, because in this exercise the muscles are practiced vigorously. This is done gradually from a certain posture to a certain muscle with the right amount of weight. This is done to tone or strengthen certain muscles. In the name of strength training you will understand that to increase muscle strength. How effective it is.

There are two types of strength / weight training:

1. Isometric training: standing or standing in one place
2. Isotonic training: removes the body

Many people use walking, running, swimming, aerobics or yoga. But many may not know what weight lifting is and why it is a useful exercise or how much our body needs it. Many people, especially women, think that there is no need for it. Again, many people think that you have to work with very light weight. If you do weight lifting or carry more weight, then your men are more like muscles. Again, many men think that weight lifting is only necessary for building muscle or body building. This is also a misconception. People of any age can do weight lifting.
    Picture: She is doing Trisep Workout  Click on picture and watch how to do it properly

Again, many feel that only cardio should be done, and no other type of exercise is needed. Cardio burns a lot of calories, no need to lift weights. This is another misconception because cardio is not needed. Burns lots of calories. , When weight training burns some more calories.

Studies have shown that weight training is very beneficial for our body, it is impossible to say how beneficial this exercise is.

Bodybuilding: The benefits of weight training are:

                                          Picture: He is doing Heavy Trisep Workout 
                                    Click on picture and watch how to do it properly

o Weight loss and control: Cardio exercises (30-60 minutes), such as walking, running, etc. If you do weight training, you will lose weight fast and stay in control.

o Burn more calories. Weight training, such as cardio, burns calories. Weight training consumes calories during exercise, even after the end of the exercise, such as when you are sitting, doing something, eating or sleeping. Start burning This process is called "physiological homework".

o Increases muscle mass and reduces fat: Weight training increases muscle mass and burns fat, resulting in more calories burned because one pound of muscle burns 10-20 calories a day, but the same amount of fat burns only 5 calories. So as muscle tissue grows, it helps burn calories throughout the day. As we get older, our fat increases and our muscles decrease, so we become weaker and fatter. Muscle mass increases through weight training at any age. And reduces fat, so body and muscle strength also increases, and more work can be done. Studies have shown that women who exercise for 2 months 3/3 days a week for weight training gain 2 pounds of muscle and lost 3.5 pounds. Fat. An increase in pound per muscle burns 35-50 more calories

o Muscle tone / shape: If you do specific exercises with weight for a particular muscle, it will be muscle tone / shape.

o Slim and attractive: Since weight training burns calories, increases muscle tone and burns fat, you will look more beautiful and slimmer.
o Bodybuilding: Those who want to do bodybuilding can also do body training with special weight training.

Increases metabolism: Weight training like cardio exercise increases metabolism. It increases the basal metabolic rate - BMR by 15%. As a result, it helps in weight loss and control. With age, especially after the age of 30, our metabolism decreases, so does weight gain. Training can be prevented

Increases physical strength: As a result, more energy is available in all daily activities, all activities can be done easily, which makes the mind happy.

o Increases muscle strength: It increases muscle strength, resulting in many daily tasks such as: doing something with hand pressure, climbing stairs. In addition, increasing muscle strength does not allow muscles to be easily pulled and injured.

Increases the strength of athletes: Those who play running, marathon, badminton, football, cricket, tennis, etc. increase their muscle and whole body strength.
Increases body balance and flexibility: In this exercise, arms and legs are used together, which increases the balance of the whole body or all the limbs, thereby increasing flexibility. Coordinating all the organs of the body is very important because the balance and strength of the body decreases with age.

o Proper posture of the body: Posture is very important when training weight, so this exercise should be done according to the correct posture. As a result, you can maintain proper posture in all areas of life, such as: standing, sitting, walking, and as a result, you will not have any problems with your back muscles.

o Good sleep: When you do weight training exercises, the muscles get tired and the body falls asleep fast, so sleep is good.

o Keeps the mind and makes it happy: When the body is strong, sleep is good, the mind is swollen. Research has shown that weight training reduces mental fatigue and anxiety, making smiling life more beautiful and happier. A study from Harvard University found that 10 weeks of weight training reduced depression, boosted confidence in all areas of life and helped alleviate depression.

o Maintains bone and muscle density and health: As we age, our bones and muscles begin to break down (sarcopenia). Weight training can save a lot of money and keep bones and muscles healthy and prevent carry. Because when you do weight training the bone and muscle density increases and becomes tight. Studies have shown that weight training increases bone density by 13% at 6 months. After the age of 30, our muscles lose 3-5% per decade, which reduces the ability of our muscles to work.

o Prevents back pain and reduces back pain because your back muscles become stiff when you do weight training

o Strength, builds flexibility and strengthens joints: Since a lot of strength and weight is used in weight training, the strength of joints increases in addition to muscles and bones. It also tightens the joint tissue

Prevents arthritis and osteoporosis: Reduces pain in various bone diseases, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, prevents it from occurring.

o Controls blood sugar in diabetic patients and prevents those who do not have diabetes, as studies have shown that weight training increases blood sugar use by 23% in 4 months.

o Prevents cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and lowers harmful cholesterol in the blood.

o Increases lung function

o People who have been suffering from various diseases for a long time also get many benefits from it as it helps in curing many diseases completely.

o Improves overall life, improves all aspects of the body and enhances fitness

Weight training equipment - Barbells, dumbbells, weight machines etc. are required for weight training.

Bodybuilding: How to do weight training?

  Picture: He is doing workout with dumbble putting the dumbble on his knee for heavey dumbble

o We need to know the rules and regulations of weight training otherwise oyster pool can cause various physical problems. That's why you need the advice of an experienced gym instructor at the beginning, so if possible, it is better to go to the gym and do weight training exercises.

For weight training you need to know how much weight you will carry, how much you will set and repeat, what muscles, what is the purpose of your weight training, correct posture, what weight machine / equipment works, etc.

o You can buy a dumbbell if you want to do weight training at home, you still need to have proper knowledge about weight training.

o You should warm up well before weight training and finally cool down and stretching. Otherwise, the muscles will pool and the muscle exercises will not work.

o Do cardio exercises as well as weight training exercises

Bodybuilding: Tricep Dumbbell Kickback - Tricep Exercise

Click on picutre and watch the video 
Figure 3

The most popular and effective tricep exercise is your tricep dumbbell kickback.

This is known as a triceps kickback. This is a very simple, effective exercise. This is done for the triceps brachi muscle. With dumbbells it compresses the triceps muscle.

Bodybuilding: Why does Tricep Dumbbell kickback?

                                           Picture: She is doing trisep workout 

o Get the benefit of weight training first
o Those who don't have the right size of triceps, they want to adjust the size, they will
o It helps in making triceps in body structure
o Increases triceps muscle and arm strength

Machinery or materials:

A bench or chair, dumbbells |

Bodybuilding: How to do?

This exercise can be done with one dumbbell for one hand or two dumbbells for both hands. Here's how to do it on a bench with a dumbbell.
o Stand next to the bench first. Place your left knee on the bench (shown in Figure 2) and hold your left hand on the edge of the bench.

o Lean your body forward on the bench and keep your spine straight This means your body will be parallel to the ground.

o Now hold the dumbbell with the right hand, hold the dumbbell parallel to the ground, hold the elbow at 90 corners of the body with the hand (shown in Figure 2). The palms of the hands should be facing inwards. This is the first place.

o Slowly kick the back of the hand with dumbbells so that it is completely parallel to the ground (shown in Figure 3).

o Exhale to take a slight turn behind the hand

o In this position, the upper part of your hand will not move, the lower part of the hand will move from the elbow to the wrist, you will feel tension in your triceps.
o Then return to the previous / first position as shown in Figure 2 and breathe again
o Usually set 3 to 8-20 times. Start with light weight first, you can gradually gain weight. However, given one’s fitness and exercise purpose, this can vary.

For the left hand you have to change direction again in the same way

Bodybuilding: Look back

o Your spine will be straight, from the waist to the head
o If one foot is placed on the bench the other leg will be bent to the ground, straight or slightly forward
o Rest your hands lightly on the bench

o Pull the abdomen inwards
o Do not move / move the hand arbitrarily
o Do not bend the head forward
o Move only from the elbow to the arm, and all the pressure falls on the triceps. The upper arm will remain stable
o It can be done in the same way with chairs

o Can be done without bench / chair with two dumbbells at the same time. This means that the upper part of your hand will not move, only the lower part of the hand will go from the elbow to the wrist and you will feel tension in your triceps. The spine will remain straight. You can do this with one hand at a time with a heavy dumbbell.

o I don't like the picture in any way

To do this exercise, you need to warm up well and at the end of the exercise you need to stretch for a good triceps.

o If weight training is not a part of your exercise routine, a major exercise to achieve your fitness will be omitted. I hope you incorporate this tricep dumbbell kickback exercise into your exercise routine. Also try other muscle weight training exercises.
o All will be well Keep everyone healthy, beautiful and fit and inspire others to be fit too

Reverse Crunch: One of the best exercises for the abdomen

Picture: Workout for Abs Crunches
  Picture: She is doing abs crunch workout trying to up and down

"If the size of the abdomen is more than 39.5 inches for men and 35.5 inches for women, it can lead to heart disease, diabetes, etc. And we Bengalis are sitting with this most dangerous belly. Besides, huge belly (waist line or abdominal girth) but it destroys all your beauty, you are the laughing stock of everyone. For those who work all day, do not do any work or movement, it becomes more obvious. "

In that post, I gave some tips to reduce belly and mentioned the name of belly exercise
Here is one of the best exercises for the abdomen - how to do a reverse crunch

Bodybuilding: What is a reverse crunch?

  Picture: She is doing abs crunch freehand workout trying to up and down

This is a very straightforward abdominal exercise - like a crunch However, it is much better and workout exercise than situp or crunch. It is a strength type exercise.

This abdominal exercise is done lying on the ground. It is done by aiming at two parallel muscles (rectus abdominals) of the abdomen. Only the legs are kept straight or slightly bent at a 90 degree angle with the body and the hips are slightly raised, so this exercise basically works for the lower abs.

The reverse crunch can be of many kinds, the easiest or the most for beginners.

Bodybuilding: How to do reverse crunch?

Picture: Always warm up well before doing abdominal exercises, otherwise there will be muscle pool, exercise in cold body will not work.

1. Lie on the ground or mat

2. Cross or join the legs (feet) and bring them upwards and at a 90 degree angle with the body. You can keep the knees slightly bent or straight (without breaking the knees) (as in Figure 1).

3. Place both hands on the ground on either side of the body or behind the head (as in Fig. 1)

4. Exhale, then lift both legs from the light floor upwards or to the ceiling with the hips and lower back, so that there is some pressure on the abdomen (as in Figure 2).

5. Lower the hip down again or come to the position as in picture 1. Breathe

. Lift and lower again in this way. Set 1-3 in this way 12 to 20 times

. Stretch the abdomen at the end of the reverse crunch. For example: a yoga seat - you can do a cobra seat. Click to know what is stretching

Bodybuilding: Push-ups are a very good exercise

  Picture: She is doing push workout trying to up and down

Bodybuilding: Benefits of push-ups:

o Regular and proper push-up exercises will exercise your chest, arms, legs, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulder, wrist, traps, upper back, abdomen, gluts, hamstrings, quads, calf etc. That means push-ups are exercises for the whole body
o As a result, the sep of these muscles will be beautiful or toned
o Upper body, such as: chest, shoulder, triceps do not have a pair of push-ups to tone
o Heart muscle is also strong
o Increases whole body fitness
o Increases body balance
o Tones or strengthens the core or abdomen
o It is an effective exercise for those who do not want to do weight training
o Push-ups also help build muscle Once the muscles are formed, the body will be strong, slim, and healthy
o Push-ups increase blood circulation, resulting in increased metabolism
o Burns a lot of calories
o Push-ups before weight training prevent muscle injuries
Push-ups can usually be done at any time after a warm-up, do the push-ups at your convenience, in the middle or at the end of the exercise. Do not shake hands and shoulders during push-ups, do it slowly, then you will get good results, your exercise will also be right. If you do regular push-ups, you will be able to understand how the muscles mentioned above change rapidly and increase in strength

Bodybuilding: Exercise to keep the shape of the breasts right

1) Bodybuilding: Aerobic exercise

  Picture: She is side abs crunch workout trying to move left and right as aerobic exercise

Do aerobic exercise every day to lose weight. Do very energetic exercises for at least 1 hour and if it is difficult, do light exercises for at least 2 hours. For this you can go to the gym, for example - aerobic exercise is done at persona health in Dhaka. Again, you can download the video of Aerobic Exercise and watch it yourself at home. Moreover, it is also available in the market.

Bodybuilding:  Special dips workout video 

2) Bodybuilding: Decline push-up

  Picture: He is doing incline pushup workout trying to up and down

Keep pushing down as long as you can. Lie on your back with two hands. Your legs will be a little higher. Such as- a little high bench, no ball, sofa, ladder. Then try to get up with all the body mass on the hands.

In this way, lift your body up and down with the weight on your hands. Don’t do too much on the first day. You can do it 5 times on the first day. Do it 10 times the next day. In this way, increase it little by little.

3) Bodybuilding: Dumbbell pull-over

  Picture: She is doing a heavy dumbbell workout for chest, abs, and back also 

Hold the dumbbell with both hands and lie down straight on a bench or any other hard place. First raise your hands directly along the chest with 2 dumbbells.

Your arms will be straight. Now bend the elbows slightly and try to lower the dumbbell over your head and move it towards the back of the head until you feel no pain in your hands. Then again hold the dumbbell in both hands and bring it back to its previous position. Do this 15-20 times a day. You can increase the amount of exercise over time if you want.

4) Bodybuilding: Isometric chest press

  Picture: He is doing dumbble press chest workout trying to up and down the dumblles

Read while sitting in a chair. Now bring both hands in front of the chest and place the fingers of the other hand between the fingers of one hand and keep pressing with the other hand in the same way. Hold the two hands together with pressure for 10 seconds. Leave both hands for 5 seconds and then do the same again. Make sure that your chest muscle is under pressure. 

Bodybuilding: The best barbell Back exercise

Because there are so many exercises that our body needs to be able to do fine, and we know that.Now, we are talking about the best barbell back exercises which is best for lower back and upper back side but it is also true that it is a little hard exercise and need gym belt and hand gloves and some other safty issues are included. Because he is one of the great collaborators to help us in every movement to achieve the best results.

But if you’re still not sure where to start, it’s time to take yourself away from some of the ideas we’ve shown you. Remember, the best thing is that you add some records, but always depending on your needs and go a little bit in terms of weight because there will be time to add.

Bodybuilding: Barbell Deadlift

Picture: Barbell Deadlift

This is a great basic thing about the best barbell back exercises. In addition to being the most familiar one, and that is you can use dumbbells. But in this case we have the first option left which excites us a little more. This is because it will strengthen the lower back as well as improve posture. In each exercise you will concentrate on breathing and this will also improve blood circulation. A great idea, if we had any doubts!

Bodybuilding: Barbell rows

Picture: Barbell Bended over Row

This is another great workout by using barbell rowing. With an exact position in each execution, it must be said that you do more than you think because the said work will go from the dorsal to the trapezius or rhomboid and pectoral area. So we are facing a complete and necessary task. Of course, you bring the bar closer to the pectoral, so the work centers on Latisimus dorsi and Trapezius.

Bodybuilding: Shoulder press

Picture: She is doing dumbbell shoulder press workout 

It's just that there are several ways to do this kind of exercise. But we have the rest of the easiest, though logically you will be able to match them to your needs. If you want to strengthen the muscles in this area, you can not miss it. 

Picture: She is doing a machine shoulder press workout 

So we always have to include it in our routine. To do this, you can do it with dumbbells or bars and you will lift them up starting from the shoulder area.

Picture:  Free Squat  Workout, Click on any picture and watch video demonstrator

Front squat 'front squat'

Pictuere: Heavy Squat Workout , Click on any picture and watch video demonstrator

The squat is always present, let’s talk about the exercises we talk about, because it’s a basic routine that seeks to accomplish equal excellence. This is known as one of the basic functional exercises. This will allow you to enjoy more energy in the lower body. Now you just have to take the right position and bet to strengthen the lower body but the shoulder part and of course the back part, which is the real hero of today. But with the help of these exercises, you will definitely achieve it in the blink of an eye.

Bodybuilding: Pull-ups: 

Pull-ups are one of the best back exercises which are actually done by the machine in the gym.

Picture: Pull up: Hardest Workout but effective, You should use supported machine pull up as a beginner

Click on any picture and watch the video demonstrator

We are talking about a bar but it is true that we did not mention how. So pull-ups will also be a fundamental workout for beginner specially work for back muscles. You know very well that such bars will be fixed in the high area of   the wall or door, for greater comfort. In addition to being able to engage the core it is also true that you will gain strength in every movement so that you will develop the body more specifically the back. This is a perfect way to be able to control your body weight. So for all of this, you already know that you shouldn’t put these aside and you should introduce them to every appropriate routine. Now you know the best barbell back exercises that you couldn’t miss.

Many of us exercise regularly to keep our body healthy, but not only to stay healthy but also to lose excess body fat and look beautiful, but many of us exercise. However, if you notice, women accumulate more fat in the lower part of the body and shedding that excess fat is a very dangerous thing. But no worries, with the help of several free-hand exercises you can also get toned legs and waist!

Bodybuilding: Wall seat

What parts of the body should be stressed - the cuff muscles, the back of the thighs, the middle part of the waist

How to do it - To do this exercise, stand with your back against the wall, in such a way that your upper back, waist and hips are in contact with the wall. Now imagine that you have a chair at the back and you will sit on it. Just like you sit in a chair, sit on the back wall like a squat. Place both hands on top of the Thai. Stay in that position for 30-40 seconds and slowly get up again and stand up straight. Rest for ten seconds and do this exercise again.

Bodybuilding: How many times to do - Do this exercise in five sets every day.

Bodybuilding: Sidekick

There should be pressure on some parts of the body - the soles of the feet, ankles, and thighs

Picture:  Side Leg Raise works for legs and hips muscles , Click on any picture and watch video demonstrator

How to do it - Stand up straight to do this exercise. This time place one hand at the waist and keep the other hand normal. This time, keep kicking the hand you are working on at the waist with your left foot. Make sure it is kicked hard. If needed, you can hold the wall with the other hand and take support. When ten kicks are done, kick ten more with the other foot. This is one set. That's the way to go.

Bodybuilding: How many times to do - do this exercise (exercise) in three sets every day

Bodybuilding: Leg circle

There should be pressure on some parts of the body - the cuff muscles, the legs, the back of the thighs

Bodybuilding: What are the precautions and prevention during leg press exercises?

Picture: She is doing Leg press but before doing that you have to free squat  workout 

The following few precautions need to be taken during leg press exercises.

  • If a person has weak pelvic floor muscles, they should avoid the practice of leg press.
  • If there is any problem of swelling or pain in the bones, the leg press should not be used, but you should consult your doctor.

  • Do not practice leg presses if you feel too much tension in the pelvic floor.
  • Do not use the leg press machine if you have a knee injury, as pressing the machine can complicate the problem.
  • A pregnant woman should not practice leg press.
  • Leg press exercises should be avoided during menstruation.
  • Do not do leg press exercises at all if you have stomach problems.
  • Leg press exercises should not be done due to back injuries.

The main thing is to keep doing and focus and deeply interested are the main reasons of success for weight loss and bodybuilding

Famous movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conan the Barbarian, Terminator, Predator. He also has a reputation as a bodybuilder and politician. He regularly participates in various podcasts to keep the youth interested in sports, games etc. Read a selected part of his speech spoken in the podcast.

Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger Best Bodybuilder in the world

Mohammad Ali can be mentioned in the field of sports. He is great not only for his success in sports but also for his generosity. He has donated everything. I was an excellent athlete. The influence of a personality like him is much greater. I want to talk about the Roman emperor Cincinnati from history. He was the idol of George Washington. Emperor Cincinnati was great. He voluntarily abdicated to fight the enemies of Rome. He worked in agriculture. When his enemies invaded Rome, he again took over the leadership of the Romans. After winning the war, he returned to agriculture without joining the regime. Not just once, but twice. He showed great leadership in the disaster in Rome. He had great power to unite the common people. He knew what to give up, how to be honest with himself. We have to take care not to be arrogant about ourselves.


Bodybuilding: Learning leadership

If you want to be a leader, you have to learn to think as a person. A man or a woman cannot think alone. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, whatever your goal, keep it firmly in mind. If you inspire yourself, you can inspire others, if you see clearly in front of you, countless people will follow you. One cannot restrain oneself as a woman or a man. Indira Gandhi led India not as a woman but as a person. Margaret Thatcher led England on the strength of her personality.

Whatever you do. Maybe you’re participating in a song contest, or you’re starring in a movie, you’re participating in a gymnastics contest, or you’re running an organization, get rooted in everything. How much you are practicing, how many times you are practicing, how long you are practicing - these are all very important. I am a firm believer in practice and practice. There is no substitute for repeated practice. The more you practice, the more your fears will go away. In German it is called, 'Ubung mash den Meister', which means the more you practice, the more you can master a subject. That is the reality.


Bodybuilding: The story of the two best in physiology

The final round of the national bodybuilding competition was held on December 29. Dhaka bodybuilder Sheikh Jamal has become the champion in the 65 kg category in this year's competition. Maksuda Akhter of Chittagong became the champion in the women's open weight category. The two had to cross the road to play a great game.

Sheikh Jamal is a fan of Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Salman has seen many movies since childhood. Seeing Salman's slim 'six pack' body shown in the picture, Jamal unknowingly dreamed of building a body.

Fulfilling that dream in the world of Jamal's absence was like catching the moon in the sky. Father Sikander Ali is the driver of a private company. At one stage, due to lack of money, Jamal stopped studying. But the dream does not stop. He asked his father for money to exercise in a modern gymnasium. But the father could not pay. Eventually elder sister Shimu started exercising with Akter's money.

Jamal has been participating in regular national bodybuilding competitions for seven years. Mr. Cookie, Mr. Dhaka and the Marseille Cup have been three-time champions so far. He became the champion in the competition which ended on December 29 at the National Sports Council auditorium. Mr. Bangladesh became the champion and won the title.

Jamal, a bodybuilder at the Shah Masala Chargers Club in Dhaka, sometimes considers himself the hero of Salman Khan's Sultan. Like the muscular Sultan Ali in the film who makes a living from wrestling, Jamal has also taken up bodybuilding as a profession in real life.

Mama used to work in a clothes shop to run the family. Now Jamal is a fitness instructor at two gyms in Dhaka. He is again the Goodwill Ambassador of Shah Sports.

After becoming Mr. Bangladesh, Jamal used to say, 'I didn't know about body building competition. I will go to the gym on my own. Then a friend brought me to see the national sports competition. After becoming the champion, I see Seki Hirik taking pictures like a star with Mr. Bangladesh contestant! '

In the beginning, after participating in the competition for a few years, he could not get into the top ten. But did not break. In Jamal's words, "I was once knocked out of the top ten once in 2013. Very upset. But the owner of the gym where I used to exercise gave me a lot of encouragement. I finished third in 2016. I never gave up." That's how I became a champion one day. '


Bodybuilding: Maksudar is the ideal Schwarzenegger

Maksuda Akhter, the women's open weight champion, had to compete like Jamal. After spending time there, Maksuda of Metro Flex Gym in Chittagong started going to the gym. He is currently a professional fitness instructor.

After graduating from Patenga Naval School and College in 2016, Maksuda moved to Punjab, India to study textile design. In addition to studying there, he also went to the gym regularly. Going to the gym to exercise has become an addiction. He began to study physical practice. He then moved to Canada and earned a bachelor’s degree in public health. Returning to the country last July, he is working as an instructor in his cousin's gym.

In this way, Bangladeshi girls face various obstacles to enter any sport or competition. Maksudar was no exception, 'All my brothers and sisters are established. They never wanted me to exercise as a profession. But I managed to convince them. Now no one is stopping me. '

Last year, the federation hosted the first national open bodybuilding competition for girls. Maksuda was the runner-up in the last edition. I am very happy to be the champion this time.

Girls with formal education in physical education are rare in Bangladesh.

Then at that time an international series Gold Gym started in Bangladesh. He decided to be admitted there. But finding time is very difficult. At this time he tried to wake up in the morning. Go to Ramna Udyan by bicycle and start light jogging. The first few months were hard to drive. But he did not give up. Regular practice is going on. Gradually he got the fruit. One night on his way back from the office, he started going to the gym.

Rubel said that in 2008 Gold Gym announced a competition, a fitness competition. It was seven months. Then he started light weight training. He started a healthy diet by joining the gym. In 6 months he has lost about 36 kg of weight. He was second among the 6,000 members of the gymnasium in the service competition.

"I'm very excited to see the results," said Rubel, who is looking for a fitness brand ambassador to advertise at Gold Gym. The idea was to advertise with foreign models. Because at that time there was no such good fitness model in the country. Those who were, they are professional body builders. Gold Jim wanted some amateurs. Normally obese people, those who have lost weight fit by exercising. Rubel insisted. He lost another 18 kg. Overall weight was reduced from 118 kg to 58 kg to 63 kg. He set a weight loss record in Bangladesh that year. Became Mr. After the first. "People can do whatever they want, just asking is enough," Rubel said.

Now his band is spending more time with Metal Majes. Practice in progress. Take regular walks. Take part in a marathon. In addition to professional work, the band is preparing a new album. He said, 'Of these, four songs have been completed. Hopefully after a long break I will be able to make a good album. '

Best music motivation I like it may be you also like music for gym motivation 

Bodybuilding: Personal Routine for Bodybuilding

Step 1:   Stretching (Hand/Leg/Head/Hip Movement)=10 mins
Step 2: Warm-up (Squat, Jumping jack, Skipping, Lunch)=20 mins
Step 3: Cardio (Cycling, Treadmills, Machine Stairs) =30 Mins
Step 4: Arms Workout (Bicep, Triceps, Shoulder Workout)
Step 5: Push up, Dynamic Push Up, Dolphin pushup
Step 6: Chest Workout
Step 7: Start Back workout (Pull up, Chin up, Dips etc.)
Step 8: Legs Workout (you can do it in step 4 also)

Bodybuilding: How Schwarzenegger responded to the critics

Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger Best Full body Bodybuider in the world showing his body power

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known around the world as the 'Terminator'. He is an actor, professional bodybuilder. He also did politics. Was governor of California. But at the beginning of his career he had to hear many harsh words from the critics. How Schwarzenegger got to where he is today, he said in a speech in Sydney, Australia.

It's very natural, when your goal is huge, dreams are sky high and purpose is big, lest people say something. They will say, this is impossible. It all started when I was 15 and when I became a bodybuilder. After becoming a bodybuilder, I said, I want to be a world champion, I want to be Mr. Universe. As soon as my words fell to the ground, the critics began to say, is the head right?

Bodybuilding is an American sport, forget about all the crazy delusions. Then I became a 13-time world champion in bodybuilding. Then I wanted to do something in the field of entertainment. I told everyone, I want to be like Reg Park. From Mr. Universe who became the famous star of Hercules. I want to be 'Hercules' and write my name in the picture.

When I spoke to agents and managers, their response was, ‘Oh Arnold, your words sound ridiculous!’, ‘Do you want to be the best in this line?’, ‘Look at your body first. You are a giant, a monster! ’,‘ Your pronunciation is also disgusting. You can come this time. Have you ever seen a picture in life where the stars speak German? ’,‘ No. Forget everything. ’,‘ What’s your name? Schwartzen, Schnitzel or something like that? When the audience hears that a man named Schwartzen-Schnitzel is acting in the film, then Tulkalam will stop at the cinema hall! '
Imagine, wherever you go, people say, you don't have to. Forget everything. Luckily, I didn't listen to them. I enrolled in acting classes, started learning English, even took my pronunciation forgetting class. I muttered all day, 'A fine wine grows on a wine.'

One day I got a chance. The opportunity is to take part in television shows. One small part, then another small part. Then the name is Pumping Iron and Stay Hungry works in the film. Eventually the big name cracked Conan through starring in The Barbarian. Most interestingly, at the press conference, the director frankly admitted, "If Schwarzenegger hadn't got the muscular Schwarzenegger, he would have had to build a muscle like him with someone else." Has become famous because of Schwarzenegger's strange accent. He uttered the dialogue like an instrument! ' Do not overshadow the arrogant critics.

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