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Oh my god, this is weird why do they have zombies in a hospital what's up guys dr. Mike here for those of you who don't know I am a board-certified family medicine physician but I'm also a gamer part-time and I've been trying to break into Minecraft for some time luckily I found a buddy and logged dot zip aka Tyler to help me out he guided me through the process I downloaded some hospital maps and I'm about to give you a review of how accurate these hospital maps are is what I would change I'm linking them all down below so the creators can get your downloads as well let's get started modern hospital I'm gonna click I know what I'm doing I'm a physician okay I see a sheep, first of all. 

YouTube Video zombies in a hospital 

I want to come out really far away and take a look at this hospital because this hospital looks more like a Miami condo than it does a hospital is this like the garden where patients go to  Garden oh my god.

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I've never played this game I get to hit stuff oh look at these little seagulls wait what is this look like little baby eggplant what are these you think they're fishier wait for a second look at that little positive sign that's nice let's take a look at the whips that they put in front of the hospital this is kind of a wack car this looks like a Hummer circa 1984 wait why are their pigs in front of the hospital so it had a way too good of a time and then there are bones, you could pick this stuff up can I get the little piggy to come here little piggy okay I'm trying to ride the piggy let me ride you no don't hit the piggy that's a seagull - seagulls attack in this game. 

I will say whoever created this their gardening is on point oh look it's a person or is that a security guard it's definitely a security guard because my man's got a bow put that bow down bro I'm sorry I'm creating havoc in the hospital let's go what is over here this is not a hospital what is that why is this thingy like this high and these spiders just look concerning to me there's like animals in here is this a veterinary hospital bro is this just if someone just designed a hospital on the exterior that looks really good I'll give you props but I expect more.

I just heard a sheep baa failure the game number one you got to have an elevator to hospital dad's like we're all the HIPAA violations take place so there are just friggin spiders everywhere how are you ever gonna get better when there are spiders yo this thing is writing the spider it doesn't even care this is one unhappy page why is it green why are you green buddy I'm going to the top floor we're going to the penthouse oh my god this person made the hospital go above the clouds oh look at these  Little ventilators okay the first accurate part of this hospital little AC vet units what I would do I would confuse people and just say by now you don't know what it is it just looks like a pause logo we have to take out all signage to not confuse people. 

So they don't think this is a hospital because there's no hospital is going on here I'm giving this hospital on an exterior level I give it a 7 it looks beautiful but it doesn't look like a hospital Ike it has balconies you don't have balconies in a hospital you don't have pools just hanging out here for patients to swim in the interior I give it a zero you don't even have an elevator or stairs how you to get the patients from one floor to another you gotta think about this I'm starting to get a feel for this I'm kind of thinking like if I built my own be a good Hospital just saying oh this one already is like come into me this hospital speaks to me.

I probably wouldn't put the logos like that like here and here like that's too much like is this for people and then this is for the birds and they got a helicopter pad move I was a helicopter I'd land here the pool Shh I don't know why I like breaking stuff this is a good roof like this is the proper antenna that you need for cellular communication that kind of looks like a laser so that's a little strange these need to be on the roofs of tall buildings because we're so high in the clouds you don't want like an airplane being like oh what is that oh my god honestly outside it's clean it's thorough but it doesn't have any landscaping you know the landscaping is gonna cost you some points I'm gonna say I'm gonna give this hospital straight seven just a fact that it doesn't have any kind of landscaping except these bouncy bushes I don't like it that's what the spiders' man this one has a spider too I'm telling you hospitals don't have spiders all right let's go through the main entrance there's a seagull oh look there are employees with bows and arrows you come in here and you say I'm here because I have a bone that's broken oh you go to the waiting area and they're like sir we'll call you when you're ready and you're like oh whoa oh no dr. Mike fell out of the world score.

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For okay respond me I need to do that again that was bad is this is a double room my god is this a sink this looks like a jail oh is this a jail hospital the sound effects of this game are freaking me out whoa whoa where was that I saw something move is this cuz I fell out they put me into the hospital, okay I need to get out of here I'm speaking yes I'm freaking Out no I've managed to curtail my fall oh my god this is weird why do they have zombies in a hospital and there are bats in here they need to fix this place up and why they're stairs right here why there oh oh wait what is that bacon rotten flesh you first of all why they channels like this looks like free the patient free the patients now it looks like a hospital now let's expand these rooms see now you have a Connecting room now people can hang out together and it's like more sociable okay exterior I said was a seven interior has really disappointed me it's not like a one I'm gonna give the interior a three out of ten so and this one I'm not gonna take away their full accreditation. 

I'm just gonna take away their L so it's a hospital and it's raining I don't like that it's raining I'm gonna leave now oh this hospital is very very cute I love the color scheme if I was a patient I would be excited to go to this hospital there's a lot of support animals there's emotional support sheep emotional support bushes they didn't even try and make it big they were like this is a tiny Community Hospital for small doctors like dr. Mike to come in and see what's up I love the design and again there are spiders what's with the zombies and the spiders it is the reception you come in and you again you say hey I have something wrong with me help me and the person's like do you even have insurance and I'm like no help me I should live in a country where we are all covered then I realized I was getting political in a game like Minecraft so I decided to take the stairs.

So I'm assuming these are exam room come on they didn't even put patient beds in here what is this bench what are you supposed to do in this bench besides look at this Beautiful view and the emotional support animals there's one more floor I hope to be pleasantly surprised you're not supposed to have open flames in a hospital bro don't you know that oxygen tanks are flammable put all of these out immediately and you want to have curtains up just in case patients need a little privacy this is ridiculous I'm getting frustrated and the roof just has AC vents and nothing else.

Real Doctor Reviews Minecraft Hospital Builds

Real Doctor Reviews Minecraft Hospital Builds

I'm disappointed this hospital gets like a 4/5 I think it's cute on the outside the inside is a solid one because there's like some thought behind the lighting setup but I'm taking away its medical privilege that's it no that kind of still looks like it has medical privilege we got it, yes okay now it just looks like someone's weird home next there's something addicting about Minecraft where you don't have to worry about the real world just build some blocks I think this is the psychiatric hospital that I saw look at the exit cuz you can't walk out by sea.

 I like it because you can't really escape from here there's like you know barbed wire and then I'm not sure what's going on with here this looks rather unfinished the logo I like these little lighting designs this looks nice this needs to be figured out I will say the roof is good this is a good roof you have lights here for planes you have like this area where you can what is this like a cooking area sound alarm if Escape is suspected oh this is the watchtower this roof is really looking legit I'm liking this roof this is a good roof I would like for it to have a helicopter landing pad in case of a psych emergency 

I can live without it outdoors this is like a solid seven and a half seven and three-quarters all right let's go in what does it say here ambulance docking gate three I like these deeds you see these details are what we could go along the way like coz if you told me to pull up to gate g4 I beg you're where's gay g4 get you, boys, right here assessment unit white forest max stay 40 oh this is like the short-term stay yo this is not bad but like you need to have a nursing station cuz like I get that these are little rooms for the patient, first of all, don't be a savage give your patients at least a 10 foot by a 10-foot room this is not inhabitable this one has double doors so you know this is where the dangerous people stay so it has a window at least whoever made this hospital did not recognize that humans live in psych wards or stay in psych wards so they need the room they're not like chickens they need like a little henhouse let me out I feel like I'm a patient I'm not about it.

I would like to see my patients taking care of better than this is this blood let's get out of here I'm creeped out a little bit in tear this hospital gets a solid four because they actually labeled stuff the signs are legit the outsides a solid seven and a half eight but it looks more like a prison than anything else I'm over it I'm building my own hospital if you get this video to a hundred thousand likes, for now, I want you to watch this memes video because I guarantee you it's gonna make you laugh or your money back and if this doesn't make you laugh this onion reviewing article.

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