Mind refreshing games online Interesting facts in squid game Roblox

Refreshing games online Interesting facts in squid game Roblox and Unknown aspects of the squid game series

Unknown aspects of the squid game series

Picture: Squid Games

2020, the 92nd edition of the Academy Awards. That year, the first foreign-language film to win the Best Picture award. Like 'Ford Versus Ferrari', '1917', 'Joker', 'Marriage Story', 'Irishman', 'Jojo Rabbit, the Korean film 'Parasite' won the bet. All-around then chanted 'Parasite'. A year later, the Korean industry's bajimat again. South Korea also proved its dominance on the OTT platform with the trump card 'Squid Game'. Movie-series lovers all over the world are now burning 'squid game' fever. From the tea-table of friends to the alley of cinema hall - squid game triumph everywhere. Just a month after its release, the series broke Netflix's past record. Today's event is about all the unknown information of that squid game series which has gained skyrocketing popularity.


Hwang Dong, the creator of the squid game series, started his story in 2006. The idea of a squid game series came to his mind before 2006. At that time he used to come and go regularly in a manga cafe in Korea. Battle Royale, LIAR Game, and Gambling Apocalypse: Kaiji Manga inspired him in this regard. He prepared the preliminary draft by 2009. From the beginning, the script was taken to various production houses in Korea, but it was repeatedly returned on the pretext of 'strange' and 'real'. In an interview with the Radio Times, Huang Dong said he was particularly concerned about whether viewers would be able to adapt to this completely unfamiliar and murderous story in 2009. As a result, he has a hard time figuring out how successful this series will be.

He later told The Korea Times:

"Twelve years later, the landscape of the world has changed a lot in 2021. Now such a weird and violent survival story is considered as ten other ordinary people. So I have no more worries about its violence."

He added:

"I wanted to tell a story that would illuminate the modern metaphorical society in a metaphorical way. It would tell the story of the extreme competition of life. There I wanted to show the characters that we see in reality all the time."

Development on Netflix

Picture: Roblox Game

Netflix then took over the OTT platform worldwide. Seeing the variety in its content, Huang approached Netflix. In 2019, Netflix showed interest in making a series with this story. They made an official announcement in September of that year. Through squid games, Huang Dong-heok started his journey with a big and international production house. Although the series was initially named 'Round Six' for a total of six games, it was later renamed to the popular Korean game 'Squid Game'.

Series instead of movies

In an interview with Variety, Huang Dong said the project was originally made as a feature film. Looking at Huang's construction list, it's no surprise. He is the author and producer of hit Korean movies such as Silence (2011) and The Fortress (2016). Also, one of the best musical comedy genres in the history of Korean film, the Korean movie 'Miss Granny' has come his way. He is the director and screenwriter of that movie. In a YouTube video called Still Watching Netflix, he said that there was no character named Detective Police Jun-Ho in the original movie. This character was born during the series transition from the movie. Note that the girl named Ji-Young, who gave her life to save Sye-Bayak, was originally a male character. Because it seemed to Huang, the female character would fit the incident better than the male.


Giant Creepy Doll

The giant doll shown in the first episode is one of the scenes in the squid game series that has gone viral on social media. The doll was originally borrowed for series purposes. It will be seen in Ginsun County, a three-hour drive from the South Korean capital, Seoul.

The embarrassment of a phone call

Despite not watching the 'Squid Game' series, the popularity of the series is small, but a South Korean woman has been able to guess. Because, the number printed on the back of the card matched his phone number. The woman claimed that in one day about four thousand calls came to that phone. At first he did not understand why all of a sudden there were so many calls on his mobile. Why is everyone telling him to join the squid game? A friend later reported that his number had been used in a squid game. The woman, who was almost mad at him due to the extra phone call, finally got annoyed and lodged a complaint against Netflix. South Korean presidential candidate Huh Kyung-yong offered the SIM company 75,000 to buy the number 7. Production company Netflix said it was trying to resolve the issue. They will soon cut the scene of that number from the series.


The squid game gained immense popularity soon after its release on September 17, 2021. On the night of October 12, Netflix said in a tweet that the series had broken all previous records. In just 10 days, the squid game topped the series rankings in 90 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Russia, and Hong Kong. On September 19, the series was ranked No. 6 in the United States, but the next day it jumped to second place. On September 21, it topped the series rankings, which no other Korean series has done before.


As of October 12, the series had been watched by around 111 million viewers worldwide. Earlier, the record for most views was held by the British romance series 'Bridgeton'. Within 28 days of its launch, a total of 62 million people watched it. Due to the huge popularity of the series, Netflix dubbed in 13 different languages ​​and provided subtitles in 31 languages. The first season of the series cost ২১ 21.4 million, less than Netflix's The Closer, Dave Chappell. At an average of 2.4 million per episode. But the pot of profit has been filled and overflowed many times. As of last news, the squid game has become one of the super-duper blockbusters in Netflix's career with over 690 million in revenue.

The second season

There is no end to the speculation about whether the second season of the series will come. However, director Huang has opened his mouth about this. In his words,"I have no plans for the second season of Squid Game at the moment. But if the second installment is to be released, I will not bring it alone. It took me about six months to write the story of the first two episodes. "

Acting debut

Sye-Beyak replaces South Korean pickpocket Hoyen Jang in the acting world. She previously appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine, in addition to modeling for the fourth season of 'Korea's Next Top Model'. The number of his fans and followers has now reached 15 million through social media after he was handcuffed with a squid game. Jang Ho Eun now has the highest number of followers on Instagram, surpassing all Korean actresses. The main determinant of the story from overnight model to popular actor is of course the squid game. Director Huang Zhang said after seeing the audition tape,"It was as if God had sent me a precious gift. As I was looking for an actor for the role of Sye-Bayak, Ho-eun seemed to be his obvious counterpart."


Behind the mask

Huang wanted to give the masked guards of the series a look that made them look like 'Boy Scouts' as well as well-built men. He wanted to make it clear through the guards that the ants lived in a settlement and did their work in an orderly manner. And the shape of the mask is inspired by the traditional Korean howtal mask. The team's costume designer said, "Three masks (circles, triangles, quadrilaterals) are drawn on the masks in such a way that they reflect the tip of the ant's face. And that was our final design."

Huang said, "From above, the power of the game has been shown by the masks of the millionaire Raghav-Boyals.

The animal mind of the rich people present there has been expressed with the mask of a ferocious beast. 

Korean Games

All of the games featured in the series are modeled after some of Korea's most popular games. Most of it was played by Huang again in his childhood. The method in which G-Han was seen licking honeycomb candy in the series was the method that Hwang used in his childhood.


He said "By licking the honeycomb candy in this way, I was able to win a contest. Even though it was uncomfortable for the contestants, this method will always be memorable to me. That's why I was a little worried the night before the Honeycomb Candy scene. "


The game of squid was extremely popular in Korea in the seventies and eighties. Its real name in Korean is Ojingeo. However, 'Squid Gaison' and 'Squid Takkari' are some of the variations of the game. The game basically consists of three geometric symbols, circles, triangles, and quadrilaterals, respectively. These indicate the order of the guards throughout the series. He wanted to include some more Korean children's games in the series; Such as- 'Gangi', 'Dong', 'Dongdemun', 'Hana Ichi Monme' etc. But since those games did not fit in the series, they had to be dropped later.


Gang Your Cameo

One of the highlights of the series was the Korean actor Gong Yeo. Thanks to the popular Korean zombie movie 'Train to Busan', he has crossed the Korean border and is admired all over the world today. He has taken the debt-ridden people off the streets and made them participate in the death game by betting on red and blue cards. However, he was not seen later. He had earlier worked with director Huang in the movie 'Silence'. So when the director of the squid game series asked him to give him a small cameo, he refused.

Set design

The city of Daejeon in South Korea has been chosen as the shooting set for the series. Many sound stages and studios have been used there. However, the most difficult and challenging was to create a set of marble games, which took a lot of time for the production team to make. The director took the idea of ​​making a bedroom for the players from the ant's nest. And the colorful labyrinthine staircase was designed by Dutch artist M. C. From Escher's Relativity (1954) sketch. In the bedroom of all the players, there was an indication of what games to play. At first, due to the large number of beds for the players, they did not catch anyone's eye.

As the chaos began to subside later that night, it gradually became apparent as the number of players decreased. According to the story of the series, a total of 458 players participated in the game. The oldest of them all had a shirt number of 001, and the main character of the series, Seung Gi-hun, had a shirt number of 456. Interestingly, a total of 458 people were present on the shooting set. The number of people killed in each game, the number of people from the shooting set has decreased.

Ali Abdul

Ali Abdul, a Pakistani immigrant, is one of the most captivating characters in the squid game series. This very simple and kind man is a favorite character of many. Ali Abdul's character Kushilab Anupam Tripathi is basically an Indian. She moved to South Korea in 2010 to study at the Korea National University of the Arts. However, this is not his first job in the Korean industry. He made a cameo appearance as a Sri Lankan character in the popular Korean movie Ode to My Father, released in 2014. Among the characters in the squid game, he is at the top in Google search.

The 'Squid Game' series has added a new dimension to the world. The English language series has shaken the world. If the quality is maintained, the language cannot stand in the way of world conquest. Squid Game, Dark, La Casa de Papel is a unique example to the series world of how it spread like wildfire around the world without being an English language series.

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