Six Pack Abs Total Abs Workout | Step by step Full Workout Routine based Abdominal Abs Workout with 100% weight loss

Abs is the core workout and most people have problems with abs. If you want to shape your abs then you need to control your food and you also may need to change your food habit.

There is no substitute for burpee exercise to burn fat fast!

Even if the name sounds a little weird, you never know how much you'll benefit from doing this exercise! Many times this exercise is also called body blaster exercise. This is because in addition to reducing excess fat, this exercise increases the inner strength of the body and increases stamina. (burn fat with Burpee with push-up workout)

Today I am going to show you step by step full workout routine based on Abdominal Abs Core Workout but you have to remember the steps and try to do that every day.

Burpee with push-up exercise actually involves four exercises. For example, to do this you have to do push-ups, vertical jumps, planks, and squats. And if you can complete these four exercises very quickly, you will end up with a burpee. As a result, if you do a burpee, you will lose a lot of extra calories.

Burpee is a little tough, but the fun part is, you don't have to do the rest of the exercise anymore. Because, if you do a Burpee with the push-up, you are going to do four exercises at once. From head to toe, all the muscles are going through this exercise. Today we will learn how you can benefit from doing this fun physical exercise. (burn fat with burpee workout)

Six Pack  Burpee 

Burpee is very effective like jumping jack and knee-high workout but it is not only an abs workout but it is a full-body finishing the workout. It has an arms workout, abs workout, chest workout. So, every muscle is involved by doing this exercise.

Picture: Burpee is a very good fat loss or weight loss workout. Click on the picture for the demo.

Why is it called Burpee?

The father of the American psychologist Royal H. Burpee. Throughout the four exercises, he wanted to see how the body coped with it. At first, it was only adopted by the US military, but now it has become a major part of bodybuilding worldwide!

Who can?

Any adult and healthy woman or man can do it. However, it does not fall into a very simple exercise. However, no machine or dumbbells are required to do this. However, it should be noted that the four exercises have to be done jointly very quickly. In that case, you need to be physically fit enough. Consult a personal trainer or doctor once you have the slightest physical problem. (burn fat with Burpee with push-up workout)

What kind of burpee is there?

There are eight types of barpies in total. For example, box jump, Hindu push-up, Parker Barpy, pull up Barpy etc. However, here we are talking about the qualities of a very simple and basic Burpee. To do the rest, you need to talk to a personal trainer. Watch this video to understand how to do Burpee.

What are the benefits of Burpee?

1) Barpi increases your physical capacity.

2) Strengthens the muscles. In particular, there is no pair to make the leg muscles beautiful.

3) Since Barpi works on all the muscles of the body, it increases the capacity of the heart and lungs. (burn fat with burpee workout)

4) Since Barpi mainly works on muscles, it has a good side. It slowly changes from excess body fat into muscle. So when you do this exercise you burn more calories than other exercises.
You have to eat less and do more workouts but never forget to drink sufficient water.

You should start with a warm-up which includes treadmills - 10 minutes, cycling- 10 minutes, cross treadmills-10 minutes.


Abs Workout: Start walking then running on Treadmills

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Picture: Cycling with motivational music 

Picture: Cycling try for as fast as possible 
Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

If you have heavyweight then you can start walking in the treadmill and then you can start running in the treadmill which is a very important cardio workout.

The picture below is a very good weight loss machine found in every gym, you can do it at least half an hour for weight loss.

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Now you can start with some freehand exercise like jumping jack and skipping exercise.

Picture: Skipping Workout  Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Now you can start with some side abs workout which is one of the best freehand workouts. Some boys and girls are doing exercise with dumbbells. They can take two 10 kg dumbbells in two hands and do the same as the picture below.

Picture: Free Hand Warm-up Workout
                            Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Picture: Freehand workout for side abs for both left and right side

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Plank Workout:

It is a very good abs workout and you should do it on regular basis.

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: How to do it:

Look at the picture below. You can see the body is straight and hip is up and hold this position at least 1 minute every day and see the result after 15 days only.

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack:

Six Pack  Step: 1:


Abs Workout six-pack: Full Plank Position

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Picture: Hand support effective Plank Position workout (gym or anywhere it is possible)

Picture of plank position best abs workout performing by the boy at the gym

Step: 2: Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Plank for side abs 

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly
It is also another best fat remover workout as the picture below.

                    Picture: This position is advance plank position for side abs  (obliges) also. 

Step - 3:  Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack:  Bicycle crunch: 

It is also a very good workout for side abs and core workout. You have to think that you are riding on the bicycle and do it for the left and right sides on daily basis.

Picture: Bicycle crunch good abs workout you can try 

Step - 3:  Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Crunch like cycling : 

This is a comparatively easy workout for your abs development and it is so easy and simple but effective workout.

Picture: Abs workout Climbing hill workout

Abs Workout six-pack: Special tips:

Sometimes you may forget the steps. So, you have to open my site every day and start the workout by watching steps on your mobile phone.

Step - 4: Abs Workout six-pack: Russian Twist :

This exercise is also good for core development and remembering the form as in the picture below. You have to legs up and do it for the left and right sides.

Picture: Abs Workout six-pack: Russian Twist

Step - 5: Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Abs workout  Bird Dog:

By doing this exercise your back and abs muscles will be strong. It is a very good exercise for your abs.

Picture: Bird Dog, Abs Core workout position

Step - 6: Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Leg raise and Handing leg raise :

The picture below is leg raise but after doing leg raise you can do a hanging leg raise workout by supporting gym matching also.

Six Pack  Abs Workout : 

Picture: Advance Hanging leg raise workout

Step - 7: Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Knee-High

This is another best warm-up abs workout that actually hit the abs muscles. You can just start running in the same position and try to knee up as more as possible. But this exercise is not for pregnant women. Both men and women at any place like gym, sea beach, home can perform the workout.

A similar type of workout is kick but which is actually reverse to knee-high workout.

Step - 8: Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Crunch

A crunch machine is available in every gym. So you can start a crunch workouts as the picture below.

Picture: Crunch at Gym Machine

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack:  Six Pack Tips -1

Strengthen the mind. Because if Rose can't go to the gym and break a sweat, then the dream of abs must be forgotten.

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Six Pack Tips -2

Abdominal exercises should also be done along with weight training. Just lift the weight but it won't work.

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Six Pack Tips -3 

Absolutely don't do gym without a trainer. Because only a skilled trainer can guide you to the right goal. So get admitted to a gym that has trainers, if you want to build abs.

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Six Pack Tips -4

Training alone is not enough. Along with that, you have to eat and drink properly. So start training and increase the number of protein-rich foods in your daily diet. Eat eggs, milk, meat, etc. every day if necessary. Incidentally, protein is very helpful in building muscle. So protein is a must in the diet of bodybuilders!

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Six Pack Tips -5

You can also take protein if necessary in consultation with a doctor or nutritionist to improve muscle structure.

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Six Pack Tips -6

It is essential to eat before and after exercise. So if you dream of getting 8 packs of abs, then don't forget to eat carbohydrate rich food before training and protein rich food after training!

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Six Pack Tips -7

Be sure to do abdominal exercises at least 3-4 times a week.

Six Pack  Abs Workout six-pack: Workout: After Warm-up properly like front bend, side bend, knee-high, Jumping jack

1. Leg Raise with the hand under hips;
2. Crunches (the floor is best for crunches instead of  machine sit-up)
3. Handing Leg Raise (try to crunch properly);
4. Plank and spider plank;
5. Gym Machine workout (All Types)

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