What's the best routine for the gym? How do you plan a workout at the gym? What workout should I do in the gym everyday?

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Squat workout

Some people think that squat is a advance level of workout and it workout only for legs muscles. But reality is free squat is a basic warm-up workout and we actually do squat to prevent injury. 

Exceptional Heavy Squat workout

But many people are doing mistake during squat. They take heavy weight without pre-workout or warmup which may causes injury. So, you have to increase the weights gradually during not only for squat but all types of workout and you can take some pre-caution like wear gym belt, hand gloves, wrist support, knee support and take shoulder support during barbell squat.  

Dips Workout 

Advance dips Workout workout music with workout motivation

Dips workout work is more challenging for your upper chest, bicep, triceps and shoulder muscles compound workout like pushup to develop your upper body. This workout prevent injury.

So, it is also a nice workout. But I prefer assisted dips or machine support dips as a beginner. There is another workout called chin-up like pull-up and the difference is close grip and wide grips. 

Chin-up is also more challenging for your upper chest, bicep, triceps and shoulder muscles compound workout to develop your upper body

Precaution about Chin-up:

  1. Don't start suddenly without permission of the instructors;
  2. First you should not start, so you just try to hang;
  3. I prefer assisted chin-up or machine support chin-up for your upper back;
  4. To avoid shoulder pain, you may be needed support by your friend or assisted gym machine as a beginner.

Pull up Hardest Workout in Gym Machine support is better as a beginner

However, the above mentioned workouts are excellent but before doing this you have to proper warm-up as mentioned below like shoulder movement, hand rotation, chest fly and you can start the above mentioned workout after complete my personal gym routine because these workout are more advance level workout which is really difficult for the beginners. 

However, Start with gym music because I love music during workout My gym music pages are as below.

What do you Need in Gym?

  1. Half or 3x trousers which must be comfortable;
  2. T-shirt which must be flexible;
  3. Water bottle because you have to drink a little bit of water during workout intervals and need one-minute rest which is also important too, 
  4. The towel is required for sweating,
  5. Wrist Support during the heavy workouts;
  6. Full Gloves but not half gloves during a heavy workout like a deadlift;
  7. You need a comfortable gym shoes;
  8. Knee support to prevent injury;

Warm-up Workout

You have to warm up before starting any workout because without warmup your body can not adjust or be ready for any advanced workout. As a beginner, you should lose your weight first and then go for bodybuilding in various shapes.

Skipping Best Weight Loss and Warmup Exercises before heavy weight

Benefits of the Warm-up Workout

One of the most important reasons for warm up is to prevent physical damage. This is because it slowly starts to work the muscles used during exercise, thus preparing them for wear and tear resistance.

It also helps prevent heart problems, which can occur during rapid changes from rest to a fully active state.

Heat improves body coordination and speed before exercise and prevents potential disruptions during exercise.

Various types of Warm-up Workout

Good preparation is good for both health and exercise. Some of the crucial benefits are as follows:

As the body temperature rises, a set of enzymes is activated that optimizes the body's function, prevents myofibril rupture, and accelerates nerve impulses.

Lung oxygenation and blood supply are good.

Running on Treadmills Best workout for your heart cardio workout warmup and weight loss compound workout

Increases the circulation of hormones like insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels. And testosterone, which is responsible for increasing energy production.
Creates better control over heart rate.

Kick Boxing Best Weight Loss with High-Level Warm-up

The risk of injury is greatly reduced by a warm-up.

Giving up and struggling for physical activity and physical activity is psychologically predetermined.

Battle Rope Workout Very Good High Quality Warm up Cardio and Weight Loss Gym Workout

Achieving greater capacity for endurance, flexibility and strength, among other things, increases speed coordination.

Front Bend similarly you should do side bend best flexibility workout as below.

Side best flexibility work out best for your side abs workout

My personal Gym workout step by step routine especially for weight loss after proper warm-up

Workout No.1 (Cobra pose, Hindu pushup dynamic stretching, yoga)

I like to start with cobra pose and Hindu pushups besides knee and full pushups 

Picture: Body Flexibility Workout Before heavy workout and to avoid injury like hindu pushup, however, this workout like yoga.

Cobra Pose Workout Back Pain removal Dynamic Stretching

Sometimes I do the cobra pose workout just after completing the workout as a static workout for recover and back pain removing workout.
Lunges Best Legs Workout and Warmup Exercises before heavyweight

Lunges and then without any rest go to Workout No.2

Workout No.2

Machine support squat just after free squat and then without any rest go to Workout No.3

Workout No.3

Skipping  and then without any rest go to Workout No.4

Picture: Cycling Cardio and warm-up workout

Workout No.4

Push press and then without any rest go to Workout No.5

Picture: Push Press Shoulder and Weight Loss Workout

Workout No.5

Jumping jack and then without any rest go to Workout No.6

Jumping jack weight loss abs development and warmup exercise pre-workout

Workout No.6 

and then go to Workout No.7 but before that I drink little bit water and take one minute rest.

Picture: Deadlift Workout Full Body Workout Legs, Butt, Back, arms

I have already discussed deadlift in my other post. Click here to see how to deadlift A-Z

Workout No.7

Kettlebell swing and then without any rest go to Workout No.8

Picture: Kettle Bell Swing

Workout No.8

Incline dumbbell press and then without any rest go to Workout No.9

Picture: Incline Barbell Bench Press for upper chest

Workout No.9

Plank  and then without any rest go to Workout No.10

Picture: Plank Workout

Workout No.10 

Bend over row and then without any rest go to Workout No.11

Picture: Bend Over Row specially for you Back Development and Weight loss workout

Workout No.11

Farmers Walk and then without any rest go to Workout No.12

Picture: Farmers Walk specially for weight loss but remember boxing is another best weight loss workout

Workout No.12

Burpee Best Weight Loss and Advance Level of Warm-up

Burpee and then go to Workout No.13 but before going next workout I will take one minute rest and drink one spoon of water to safe dehydration.

Workout No.13

Chin-up and dips with assisted gym machine because without machine support and wearing gym belt you may suffer shoulder pain. So, please be careful about it. After you assisted machine support and if your weight is minimum then you can start after consulting with your gym instructor. However, now you can start your journey from Workout No. 1 again.

Therefore, you have to repeat the above-mentioned workout from 1 to 13 and show the result after 4 weeks. You must be weight loss at least 5 kg but it depends on your food habits.

After warm-up Beginner gym workout specially for the females

Bodyweight lunges (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 3)

Seated leg press (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 3)

Seated leg press works for for your legs and also glutes because most of the girls are interested about bottom shape. 

Precaution of seated leg press:

  • Knee support is a must;
  • Don't taking over weight as a beginner;
  • Before doing this workout, you have to do squat and lunges workout for prepare your leg muscles.
  • Stop doing this workout immediately if you feel pain in your knees;
  • Gym belt is required for lower back support;

Seated shoulder press (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 3)

Close grip Lat pulldown (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 3)

It is a very good workout for your Lat muscles. Lat means both sides of the back. This workout can give you a nice shape of your back.

Some people believe that a close grip Lat pull down is better than a traditional Lat pull down.

Full/kneeling press-ups (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 3)

This workout is actually knee support push up which is alternatively called kneeling press-up. Before a full push-up, you can start with a kneeling push-up.

Plank (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 3)

Plank is the number one workout for your abs or core development workout.

Leg raises (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 3)

Leg raise is the second workout for your abs or core development workout.

As a beginner gym workout for specially for males

Seated chest press (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

As a beginner, you can start with machine chest press or you can start with dumbbells' seated chest press. Don't forget to chest fly workout by pictorial machine or seated bench dumbbells' chest fly just after chest press.

Seated rows (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

Actually this workout is for your back muscle development workout.

Wide grip Lat pulldown (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

Actually this workout is for your Lat and side back muscle development workout like close grip Lat pulldown.

Seated leg press (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

Dumbbell seated shoulder press (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

Dumbbell bicep curls (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

Close grip triceps' press ups (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

Cable rotations/twists (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

Reverse crunches (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

Workout for strength for the beginner at gym

Barbell push press (Number of  reps 6 x Number of sets 4)

What is Barbell push press?

Benefits of the Barbell push press

How to do he Barbell push press?

Goblet squat (Number of  reps 6 x Number of sets 4)

What is Goblet squat?

Benefits of the Goblet squat

How to do he Goblet squat?

Dumbbell single arm row (Number of  reps 6 x Number of sets 4)

What is dumbbell single arm row?

Benefits of the dumbbell single arm row

How to do he dumbbell single arm row?

Shoulder lateral raise (Number of  reps 6 x Number of sets 4)

What is shoulder lateral raise?

Benefits of the shoulder lateral raise

How to do he shoulder lateral raise?

Bench press (Number of  reps 6 x Number of sets 4)

What is bench press?

Benefits of the bench press

How to do he bench press?

Pull ups/assisted pull ups (Number of  reps 6 x Number of sets 4)

What is Pull ups/assisted pull ups?

Benefits of the Pull ups/assisted pull ups

How to do he Pull ups/assisted pull ups?

Barbell bicep curls (Number of  reps 6 x Number of sets 4)

What is Barbell Bicep Curls?

Benefits of the Bicep Curls

How to do he Bicep Curls?

Cable overhead triceps extensions (Number of  reps 6 x  sets 4)

What is Barbell push press?

Benefits of the Barbell push press

How to do he Barbell push press?

Rotating plank (Number of  reps 6 x Number of sets 4)

What is Barbell Rotating plank?

Benefits of the Rotating plank

How to do he Rotating plank?

Top gym workout for fat loss for beginners to advance level

  • Plate thrusters (Number of  reps 15 x Number of sets 4)
  • Mountain climbers (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)
  • Box jumps (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)
  • Walk outs (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)
  • Renegade rows full plank or kneeling (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)
  • Press ups which is full plank or kneeling (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)
  • Treadmill as more as possible specially fast movement or slow running;
  • Superman full plank or kneeling (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)
  • Crunches (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)
  • Cross trainer (Number of  reps 10 x Number of sets 4)

Back Workout

Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldown Back Workout Really Amazing

Seated Cable Row

Benefits of the Seated Cable Row 

Seated Cable Row specially works for Lat's muscles

How to do Seated Cable Row 

Back workout bodybuilding Muscle Building Workout

Back Extension Roman Chair


Back Extension Workout Combined workout for Core development which is called abs workout

Landmine Barbell Row/Barbell Row

Back Workout Landmine Barbell Row/Barbell Row

Benefits of the Landmine Barbell Row

How to do Landmine Row/Barbell Row 

The above mentioned chin-up is also very good upper back workout.

In the last stage of gym workout you can do some abs workout. Actually, if you do the above mentioned workout then your abs workout is almost done because every workout related with core workout or abs muscles. Some people think that bench press is only for chest workout but no it is also pushing your abs muscle which is called compound workout. 

 Exercise to reduce belly fat

Many people are ashamed of the problem of accumulation of fat in the abdomen or growth of the abdomen. Not only that, belly fat accumulation is directly related to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer, etc. Excess body fat is called apple body, which is more harmful than excess BMI. Abdominal fat is basically visceral fat. This results in metabolism, accumulation of fat in the blood vessels and liver, and various complications of insulin resistance.

How to understand?

Measure from the bottom of the chest to the middle of the pelvis or lower back. Hold the strap straight and measure it with a deep breath. If you measure more than 60 cm for women and 60 cm for men, you should know that you have belly fat.

What should we do?

Exercise as well as eating habits need to be changed to reduce belly or abdominal fat. Let's find out how to reduce it.

Exclude sugary and fatty foods, high-sugar foods such as soft drinks, sugary foods, cakes, pastries, chocolate and more.
Eat more non-vegetarian and fibrous foods. You have to eat more green vegetables with fresh fruits and you must avoid rice, sugar and other fat related meats and fast food.

Increase physical activity. Walk regularly. You can also do certain exercises to reduce belly fat.

Abdominal exercises

Walking fast: 

First, walk slowly for one minute, then increase your speed and walk briskly for 30 seconds. Walk slowly again for one minute and repeat loudly for 30 seconds. So 5 to 10 minutes.

Fast walk in Treadmills


First run for one minute, then run for 30 seconds, then run for another minute and run for 30 seconds. 5 minutes like this.


Lie on a mattress. Now bend your knees and try to bring them closer to your chest. At the same time, lift your body with your hands behind your head and bring it closer to your knees. Exhale with knees and head together, return to the previous position. Do this 10 to 20 times twice a day.

Best Abs Crunch Workout Girl
Feet 90 degrees: 

Lie on your back on the mattress, palms on the mattress. Now raise both legs to ninety degrees. Hold for 10 seconds. Keep your legs straight and bend your knees without bending. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

Slow effect: 

Lie on your back on the mattress and place your hands under your buttocks. Now gently lift your head, shoulders and legs up from the mattress. In this case, move your legs quickly. 5 to 10 times

Abdominal stretch: 

Yoga Style Abs and muscle flexible workout

Lie on your back. Straighten both arms and bring them back. At the same time try to touch the sole of the foot tightly. You will feel some stretch in the abdominal muscles. Wait 5 to 10 minutes like this. Breathing will be normal.

Hanging Leg Raises alternate version very effective abs workout

Similarly you can do some plank workout which is very good abs workout as below.

Plank with Yoga style abs development and muscle static stretching or dynamic stretching

Practice values ​​to help you achieve your goals

There are different ways to prepare and they can usually be profitable based on your goals.

No matter how hard you try, there are some basic things you can do to help ease the way.

Focus on what you eat - if your goal is to be lean, remember that the basic value of exercise is more than the cost, this is a simple recipe that many people are involved in due to weight loss. Assuming you are preparing for muscle building, the type of food you eat is also important, for example, high-protein foods. In addition, what you eat while exercising can help you perform and improve.

Think about your work - a lot of people burn out for a large part of their day. So when it comes to exercising, standing up instead of sitting will have several benefits and it will help you to leave out the places that cannot contribute to the development through the limitations of your work.

Warm up properly - Due to your body's warm-up at the beginning of preparation, development-based extensions (otherwise called dynamic) are ideal. These include not stopping or slowing down the pulse, for example, jumping, walking, early yoga progress or cardiovascular work, for example, walking, cross-coaching or step aces.

Remember to relax - the steady / slow expansion has improved a lot for this part of the workout, it's a great opportunity to try to relax and offer something in those strong areas that are easy to relax.

The main focal point

Getting started in the gym, like doing something new, can be nerve-wracking. By following a daily exercise routine from day one and getting help from health professionals during admissions, you will have the option to work out.

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