Pursed Lip Breathing and The key to keeping the body's immune system active, why take a booster dose?

Pursed Lip Breathing

The key to keeping the body's immune system active, why take a booster dose?

The key to keeping the body's immune system active, why take a booster dose? How to Safe from Omicron and Covid-19

Wearing a mask and washing your hand several times and social distance can't only save you but you have to pray 5 times and also tension-free mode are important.

However, you have to eat good food such as fish, avoid gastric risen food like milk and sugar. There are various types of risk factors such as overeating cow meat and oil are also dangerous for your health.

Vaccination is the only way to survive a virus infection. Experts from doctors all over the world, including the country, have said this more than once. The demand for ticks is increasing as time goes by. But two doses of this vaccine are not enough. A booster dose is also required. Aims chief Randeep Guleria said this a few days ago.

But what is this booster dose? Why or need a booster dose? How will it be paid? These are the questions that are revolving in the minds of ordinary people now. Note that this is not the first time that experts are talking about booster doses in the case of coronavirus. Experts say booster doses are also given for rabies, including swine flu and hepatitis B.

What is a booster dose?

Experts say that the booster dose will work to keep the body's immunity active. According to virologist Amitabh Nandi, when the antigen enters the body, the immune system becomes active. As a result, it will be able to kill the virus. This is how the vaccine works. As in the case of education, it needs to be practiced again and again. In the same way, it is necessary to maintain its effectiveness after vaccination. The booster dose will work to maintain this activity. Arindam, a doctor who specializes in medicine, believes that even if the virus attacks in the future, the body will be aware of it. As a result, it will be able to exhaust quickly. The booster will maintain the activism of this work.

Why do you need a booster dose?

According to Amitabh Nandi, the body monitors the relevant germs and the immune system. After a certain period of time after the vaccine is given, the immune system may slow down. The level at which to work earlier will gradually decrease. A booster dose is needed to keep that process going. Doctor Arindam believes that the immune system is currently booming. Applying a booster dose will do as much prevention as needed to eliminate the germs. That is, the balance of immunity will be maintained.

How to give a booster dose?

According to studies in different countries, the duration of antibodies is 6 to 12 months. As a result, a section of the medical community thinks that antibodies are needed again. According to Arindam Biswas, there is a difference between the infrastructure of this country and that of foreign countries. There may be a difference between the results of a trial on ordinary people in our country and the results of a trial on people in another country. Imported research may not work in India. So the next step will be to determine how many antibodies are being produced after one or two doses. He also feels the need to monitor booster doses in this country.

How often do I need a booster dose?

Doctors say no antibody is permanent. After a certain period of time, its efficiency decreases. However, how fast it decreases is subject to observation. In this regard, Dr. Arindam Biswas says that even a single dose will produce some antibodies. The second dose is a little more. If the booster dose is given after a certain period of time, the level of antibody will continue to increase. According to doctor Amitabh Nandi, it is not yet known exactly what kind of immunity works in the case of Kovid. As a result, it is not possible to say right now how many days after giving a booster dose another is needed or not at all. He thinks that it is necessary to observe in this case.

AIIMS chief Randeep Guleria has suggested giving a booster dose or a third vaccine to save the countrymen from the Delta outbreak. "The booster vaccine may need to be taken to avoid the new form of coronary heart disease," said the AIIMS official. The immunity of those vaccines will be higher than that of the first-stage vaccine. '

There are some important things we can do to protect our families and communities from coronavirus (COVID-19) infections:

If you feel sick and find severe symptoms then you should have to test and stay home with making distance from your family members. Even if your symptoms are mild, a quick test can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 test is free of charge for everyone. These include those who do not have a Medicare Card, such as tourists from abroad, migrant workers, and refugees. Get vaccinated with COVID-19 if you are 12 years old or older.

Wash both your hands regularly. You have to clean not only your hand but also your full body by using soap and sanitize your hand by using hand sanitization where water is not available. The habit helps us stay safe from COVID-19 infections, which can remain active on the surface of anything for up to a few days.

You must wear a face mask when leaving home. This applies to both indoors and outdoors. This reduces the risk of COVID-19 spreading and infection.

Different rules apply to you depending on whether you live in Metropolitan Melbourne or Regional Victoria. You must be familiar with the restrictions that apply in your area.

Once the corona vaccine has started working in your body, find out the symptoms

To protect from Covid-19, you have to intake a vaccine which is a must for everybody. Now vaccine booster dose is available in the market but still continuing research on it and need more testing on booster dose. However, we have to intake booster doses whenever available in the market. 

There are a few special signs that the corona vaccine is not working in your body. Which shows that the corona vaccine is working in the body.

Corona's panic has not yet subsided. The third wave is coming. As a result, people are afraid of Corona. Corona treatment costs skyrocket. Being admitted to the hospital with Corona means a bill of millions of rupees. The middle class does not have the cost to meet it. Experts now tell everyone at home to wear a mask. Besides, everyone thinks that you should not go out without urgent need.

However, the corona vaccine is protecting us. Most people in the country have taken the first dose or two of the corona vaccine. For those who have been vaccinated, is the corona vaccine working at all? Everyone has questions. There are a few special signs that the corona vaccine is not working in your body. Which shows that the corona vaccine is working in the body.

According to a report in an all-India news outlet, Fawcett, the US chief health adviser, said that after taking the dose of the vaccine, body aches, chills and weakness may occur. However, there is no fear of panic. If you have these symptoms, you know that your immune system has started working.

He said he may feel pain in the hand where the vaccine was given after taking the second dose of the corona vaccine. Symptoms may include fatigue, chills, chills, and fever. If all of these symptoms occur, understand that the vaccine is working properly.

The expert said he felt pain when he took the vaccine himself. I even feel cold. He said it is better to rest for 24 hours after getting the corona vaccine. At the same time, you should eat more liquid foods.

Where and how long does the Covid-19 virus survive and what is the way to eradicate it?

Coronavirus infections are causing people to have a kind of fear of catching different objects.

All over the world, people are now trying to open doors with their elbows, not holding the railings when going up or downstairs, and standing without holding the handles while walking on the train, people washing their desks with disinfectants as soon as they reach the office.

Attempts are being made to disinfect areas where the virus has been transmitted by spraying it on transport, roadsides, and parks. Office courts, hospitals, shops, restaurants are being cleaned in the same way.

What's in the droplet

The Covid-19 virus can be spread through the water particles or droplets that come out of the air through the nose and mouth of a person infected with coronavirus when he sneezes or coughs.
Scientists say 3,000 such drops can come out of a single cough.

These droplet particles can fall on another person's body, clothes and surrounding objects. However, some small particles can go into the air.

The virus has been shown to survive longer in feces and urine. The virus can be spread through the touch of his hand without washing his hands well after returning from the toilet.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States says the virus can be spread by touching the face with the hand after touching an infected object. However, this is not the main way to become infected with the virus.

Other health authorities, including the World Health Organization, say it is possible to prevent coronavirus infections by washing hands frequently and disinfecting items that are being caught at the same time.

Longevity of coronavirus

It is not yet clear how long the Covid-19 virus can survive outside the human body.

Some studies have shown that other coronaviruses, such as SARS and MARS, can survive up to 9 (nine) days on iron, glass and plastic.

Some viruses can survive for up to 28 days in a cold place.

Nilatz van Dormalen, a virologist at the National Institutes of Health in the United States
Research with his colleagues has shown how long the CoV-2 or SARS virus can survive.

It has been found that the virus can survive in a droplet for up to three hours after coughing.

In small droplets, measuring 1 to 5 micrometers (30 times thinner than human hair), the SARS virus survives for several hours.

Do not treat the patient at home

The death toll is also increasing. As the number of patients increases, the patient pressure in the hospital is increasing, which is much more than the capacity of the hospital. Just because you have coronary heart disease does not mean that you have to be hospitalized. We can treat corona patients from home.

If symptoms of deterioration of physical condition such as shortness of breath, excessive cough, loss of oxygen in the blood, etc. occur, hospitalization is required. It is also possible to recover from corona through isolation at home. In this case, the role of telemedicine is a lot. We can get medical services from specialist doctors at home.

Being isolated at home, always wearing a mask when going out, using sanitation, using disinfectants on used items, eating adequate nutritious food, exercising regularly, meditating, breathing exercises are also part of the treatment. Physician's advice and necessary action should be taken as soon as any abnormal physical change is noticed.

One should refrain from all unnecessary activities such as storing oxygen, booking hospital seats and discouraging others. Lack of hospital beds, lack of oxygen supply may occur for the above work. As a result, critically ill patients will be deprived of the necessary services, who need to be treated in the hospital.

The role of healthy food as well as treatment is many. Every day you have to put some foods on the food list that are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. These help to increase immunity in our body. E.g.

1. Foods rich in Vitamin-C - Lemon, Mango, Orange, Malta, Blackberry, Grapefruit. Vitamin-C supplements can be taken as well. 2. Zinc-rich foods like eggs, milk,  fish, meat and zinc supplements can be taken if required. 3. Foods rich in vitamin-D are very important in corona. Those who are deficient in vitamin D should take vitamin-D supplements as advised by experts.

Trying to stay in the sun for 10-15 minutes every day. 4. Eat honey and blackberries. It contains antioxidants, which boost our immunity and boost immunity. 5. Ginger is used as an herbal medicine. Helps prevent asthma and lung infections. Ginger water or ginger tea should be consumed every day to deal with corona. Avoid cold foods and take lukewarm water and hot food as much as possible. Everyone needs to be aware if they are to deal with this epidemic situation.

If there is medicine, treatment at home is not possible

A coronary artery can be treated at home with a thermometer, pulse oximeter and blood pressure measuring machine and some medications.

Having a thermometer, a pulse oximeter and a blood pressure measuring machine is enough to give Corona first aid at home. There are only three qualifications to measure blood pressure. Eyesight, hearing ability and ability to read English numbers. It is not difficult. The main job is to train a man. We will provide the necessary medicines free of cost. Only the cost of the test has to be paid to him.

Why is the corona vaccine needed for the baby?

The Bangladesh government has started vaccinating children above 12 years of age. However, many parents are hesitant about vaccinating their children. Many people think that since the incidence of corona has decreased, there is no need for vaccination. But it is important to vaccinate children as well as adults.

Why the need

The Corona situation is improving around the world. This improvement is due to the widespread rate of vaccination. Apart from that, getting vaccinated reduces the complications of corona and also reduces the risk of death. Meanwhile, a large part of the total population of our country is children. So it is unrealistic to expect the situation to improve without the exception of children. The school-going children have returned to school. Therefore, it is important to vaccinate children in all possible ways, including avoiding the risk of infection.

Ticker preparation

Tick   registration requires the birth registration of the child. Must be present along with print copy of registration on the specified day. Do not go home immediately after vaccinating the child. He should be given an opportunity to rest at least one hour in the vaccination center. After vaccinating the child, take him home without wandering around unnecessarily.

Children who can be vaccinated

All children over the age of 12 can get the corona vaccine unless they have a serious illness. If you are seriously ill, have fever, cough or other illness at the time of vaccination, it is better not to vaccinate at that time. Will be able to get vaccinated after recovery. A child should not be vaccinated if they are taking chemotherapy or drugs that reduce their immunity to steroids or other diseases. In this case, the advice of a doctor should be taken.

Ticker side effects

All vaccines may have some side effects. Corona vaccines can be just as difficult as vaccinating a child at a young age, just as there is a fever or a slight discomfort. In this case, in addition to fever, there may be slight pain at the site of the tick, the area may become swollen, and there may be slight itching in some people. Problems like headache, nausea, hand-foot pain etc. can also occur. These usually do not require any medication. In two-three days all this gets better by itself. In case of fever, paracetamol, in case of itching, it may be necessary to take medicine as per the advice of the doctor.

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