The Complete Guide to Body Transformation by Gym Exercise with Perfect Plan

Which workout routine is best for muscle gain and weight loss?

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Beginners are often intimidated by the gym. There are so many machines, weights and equipment that it can be hard to know where to start.

The first thing you need a perfect plan for gym workout because gym workout is not so easy to do. It has different levels to perform the workout as per routine given by the gym instructor or personal trainer. The best way to start would be with some basic exercises for beginners. These include squats, lunges, push-ups, and triceps dips. If these exercises are too difficult then you should consult a personal trainer at your gym or in a personal training session at home.

Picture: Incline Bench Press for Upper chest development workout at Gym

The perfect plan for a girl who wants to start exercise at the gym is to start with a light warm-up and then do some stretching. The next step would be to do some aerobic exercises such as running on the treadmill or cycling.

The final stage of this workout routine is to do some weight training where you should first use lighter weights and then gradually increase them as you get more comfortable with the exercise.

If you follow the video below then you can get some idea about how to start gym workout as a beginner. 

Personal Training Session Basic to Advance Level Step by Step Gym Workout Routine

My article is work like a personal trainer, So, you don't need to go for personal trainer if your target is fat loss or weight loss and strong body change.

Personal Trainer Recommended Workout plan or gym exercise routine

  • If you are heavy and your target is weight loss then you should do more cardio workout up to 20 minutes or more than 20 minutes as per your willingness like cycling, treadmill, cross treadmill etc.
  • However, if you are thin and your weight is not too heavy then also you can also do some cardio but it should not more than 15 minutes.
  • Overweight people should lose weight fast and then go for bodybuilding. So, they can do mixed workout like cardio and weight training in a compound movement.
  • During start workout you play music list Playlist1, Video Playlist YouTube, Playlist 3, so you need a headphone and mobile phone.

How To Use German Volume 10x10 Best Training For More Muscular Arms

You can also see the above mentioned YouTube video for muscular arms. The above mentioned video shown that how to start bicep and triceps or arms workout as a beginner to advance level. Music is the great motivation to gear up your workout sessions. 

Just do it common workout for any day or Step 1: 

Warmup or cardio workout;  if you want to see in detail then click hereExample of warmup: Cycling, treadmill exercise, jumping jack, skipping, knee high etc. A pre-workout warm-up is a series of exercises designed to prepare the body for physical activity, helping to prevent injury and to exercise as efficiently as possible. The main purpose of warming-up is to gradually raise body temperature. , to warm up inactive muscles.

Provides a warm-up of elective exercises and prepares a coherent plan for conducting them. These exercises are equally suitable for training at home, stadium or gym.

Use a warm-up before exercise.

It warms muscles, ligaments and tendons, increases flexibility and reduces the risk of injury and sprains.

A pre-workout warm-up helps stretch joints that are heavily loaded during training. If you don't warm up, you risk joint damage.

Warmer muscles contract and relax better during a workout, so you can have more energy and power during exercise.

Exercise that warms up cardiovascular activity: This helps reduce strain on the heart during exercise. Warming up before exercise improves blood circulation and saturates your muscles with oxygen and nutrients. Helps improve endurance during sessions.

During exercise, your body increases production of hormones involved in energy production. Training is a kind of stress for the body. Therefore, a proper warm-up will prepare you physically and mentally for better coordination and concentration.

When adrenaline is released into your bloodstream during light warm-up exercises before your workout, your body is better able to cope with exercise.

Proper preparation before exercise not only helps you avoid injuries and cardiovascular problems, but also makes your lessons more effective. If you want to skip workouts to save time and focus on power loads for faster results, this is the wrong way to go. After training, your body will work better, stronger and stronger.

Before strength training such as weights, running, cardio training, cycling, kickboxing, dance training, stretching, splits, CrossFit and other sports, you should have a dynamic warm-up without much stress. It is necessary to warm up before exercising, such as when doing a room or house (on the way).

What are the dangers of insufficient warm-up?

Research shows that only 5% of people prepare well before training, which is a very sad statistic. Many practitioners feel it is a waste of time and confined to the gym. prize?

The most common problem, which occurs without pre-workout practice, is sprains. A very unpleasant and painful syndrome that requires interruption of training.

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Just do it common workout for any day  or Step 2: 

Stretching; if you want to see in detail then click here. Stretching like hand movement, leg movement, hip movement as the video below. I think this is the best stretching exercise ever.

Top Dynamic stretching exercises visit and share my personal website

Warmup and Stretching will reduce injury change during exercise. But keep going to gym or regular basis and avoid injury. It will recover within short period. Just follow the instructor's guideline or visit my website to remembering step by step gym exercise. 

Stretching exercises

It's hard to overestimate the importance of a basic part of training, the warm-up. First, a good warm-up and stretching before heavy exercise  reduces the risk of injury. Second, warm muscles work more efficiently. Even worse is joint damage. He is a constant reminder that the risk of trauma to joints is not only during the recovery period, but also after injury. Knees, ankles, shoulders and hip joints are often affected due to improper loading.

High pressure on the heart without proper warming can cause dizziness and even fainting. Sudden, rapid loading without a preparatory warm-up can cause a sudden rise in blood pressure, which is equally dangerous for people with hypertension and hypotension.

Structure of the warm-up 7-10 minutes before exercise:
  • Walking: 1 minute
  • Joint movement: 2-3 minutes
  • Dynamic stretch: 2-3 minutes
  • Cardio warm-up: 2-3 minutes
  • Recovery breath: 0,5-1 min
  • Front and side raise 2 minutes
Joint exercises activate joints, tendons, and ligaments to improve their mobility and help the muscles around the joint work. It helps you function efficiently. Aerobic warm-ups raise your body temperature, increase blood circulation, and prepare your muscles for further stretching.

This workout will get your heart pumping, boost your blood circulation and gently awaken your body muscles. After a proper warm-up, your body will radiate a pleasant warmth, leaving you feeling healthy and energized. If you plan to stretch or extend your workout to do splits, the final cardio warmup he can extend to 5-7 minutes.

Don't confuse pre-workout warming up with post-workout stretching. The purpose of your workout is to warm up your muscles and joints, increase circulation, and prepare your body for stress. Warming up should be slow and steady, and you should warm up well. After exercising, you should breathe in contrast, slow your heart rate, and practice static stretching.

Day 1 or  (Step 1 + Step 2) + Step 3:  Squat Workout

Squat is a great exercise and some people do squat to avoid injury. But you should start with light weight to heavy weight squat sequentially and then go for heavy to light weight if possible ;

Squat, stay healthy

Squats reduce the risk of injury. Increase muscle flexibility and easily prevent imbalance. Squats alone take 100 to build your body structure, the shape of your back and hips, and the various abs throughout your body. Not only that, this exercise can also control body fat, lipid metabolism, and blood sugar levels.

Just 10 minutes of squats a day doesn't stop your fitness.

There are many people whose profession requires them to spend more than 10 hours a day at work. In that case, not having a daily fitness regime is fine. Options Although just 10 minutes a day can help you lose fat , A regular squat habit will make your daily activities more vigorous and active. As a result of the habit of squatting, the muscles of the whole body become stronger

Different types of squats

Best Squat workout but pre-caution you may need to wear gym belt and writst support, sometimes may need knee support to protect your knees

Squats can be done in many different ways, but the squats that fitness professionals place more emphasis on in the fitness world are back squats, front squats, box squats, Bulgarian split squats, Jefferson squats, Zercher squats, Prisoner squat, goblet squat. Of these, the front squat is the easiest and can be practiced regularly at home or in the office. To practice the rest, you need to be well trained and practiced. Of weight equipment. If you have back pain problems, after consulting a doctor, you can squat with the help of fitness her ball.

 if you want to know more about legs workout then click here

Day 4 or  Step 1 + Step 2 +Step 4:  Lunges for Legs workout 

Women rarely exercise. Regular exercise is very important for men as well as women because exercise means taking care of yourself Many women are indifferent to exercise, but regular exercise is healthy It gives you assurance and if you are healthy, the whole family will be healthy.

What is a lunge?

Strength training involves using the muscles of the body to lift and lower weights. To lunge, bend one leg forward at the knee and bend the other leg back. Both feet are on the floor. Can be done with or without weights. You can also do it as a yoga pose.

Lunges are her one of the best leg exercises. It's true that you can lose, maintain, or gain weight just by doing cardio. This is a compound exercise that works multiple muscles: the quadriceps (thighs), glutes (buttocks), hips, and hamstrings (muscles just behind the knees). All these muscles work together. great exercise.

First, stand up straight. Straighten your shoulders, head and chest, and straighten your hands along your shoulders to the sides. Or place your hands on your hips.

Perfect Lunges Workout

And head straight ahead, gaze forward, pull the belly inward. The knee is straightened along the leg So far the first situation take a deep breath, Extend one leg 2-3 feet forward (as the above mentioned video).

Then the toes of the back foot touch the ground and the heels come off the ground (as in photo 1).
Slowly bend both knees forward and bring them toward the floor,

At this time, the upper body should be straight, especially the spine (back) should be straight.

Keep the knee of your front leg from going past your toes when you land, Lower the front leg to 90 degrees (as in photo 2). 

Lower the front leg and the rear leg on the opposite side to 90 degrees (as shown in photo 2). For proper body balance, place your hands in front of you, facing outwards/forwards along your shoulders. stay in this position for 1 second.

Now you can feel the stretch in both legs from the knees to the hips

breathing becomes normal

Now go back up or back to the starting position

Take a deep breath while standing up

Move the other leg back and forth in the same way and do the same lunge.

If you lunge with both feet, 1 time (repeat).

Do 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions

The chair can be held for the convenience of lunges so that the body can be kept in balance. Equal pressure on both feet when descending or getting up. Lunge as deeply and accurately as possible to reap its benefits. At the end of the lunge, do a light stretch of your hamstrings and quadriceps.

Watch the video below to learn how to lunge. Weighted Lunge; if you want to see in detail then click here.

Day 5 or  Step 1 + Step 2 +Step 5: Push which is compound exercise for your chest, arm, core.


Pushup, first you can start with knee push up if you are too heavy; if you want to see in detail then click here.

Pushup is the game changer of your gym workout plan. Benefits of push ups: How many push ups should be done every day?

Push up is face down i.e. lying on your back and getting up and down on your hands is called push up. Today we will learn about the benefits of push ups.

Exercise is a very important process to keep the body and mind healthy. Part of the exercise is push ups. Push-ups require no equipment. This exercise can be done well without equipment.

The role of push ups is immense in keeping the body in shape. Push ups are an exercise that has a number of benefits. Muscles, chest and stomach benefit from just push ups. So if you want to do just one exercise, you can do push ups. Because this single exercise routine will give you many benefits.

However, push ups are a very difficult exercise. It is not an ordinary exercise like other exercises. There are many benefits if you do the side up correctly. The push up exercise is not an exercise that you can do well right from the start. This exercise is difficult and will take some time to get right.

Keep your back straight like a plank while doing push ups. This should be done as you lower your back towards the floor. Doing push ups incorrectly will never get you good results. Failure to do it properly can lead to injury. In the beginning you can do 20 push ups at a time. The benefits of exercise in our lives are immense.

Benefits of regular push ups

The whole body is exercised. Push ups are an exercise that improves the whole body. Just by doing push ups the whole body gets exercise. Push-ups increase muscle strength by pulling on the muscles. Push-ups also strengthen the abdomen, chest, shoulders, and lower body.

Day 6 or  Step 1 + Step 2 +Step 6:  Chest workout

Upper Chest workout just after flat bench press, just do it and don't forget to Cable fly workout for bigger chest and always remember you back should be straight in every workout plan.

After push up you can start chest workout like bench press, incline and decline bench press (light to heavy weight) for your upper body; if you want to see in detail then click here for chest workout.

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Day 7 or  Step 1 + Step 2 +Step 7: Arms exercise 

 Arm exercise

Biceps  exercise routine: 

concentration curl (14 reps) + spider curl (21 reps) x (2 sets)

Triceps exercise routine:

set #1 cable press (30 reps) + standing tricep extension (22 reps)
set #2 with increased wt. cable press (25 reps) + standing triceps extension (20 reps)
Do some arms workout like bicep, triceps, shoulder, delta workout with machine support to avoid injury; if you want to see in detail then click here.

Shoulder Workout Routine

Rear delt machine + shoulder press (3 sets)
set #1 rear delt m. ​​(20 reps) + shoulder press (13 reps)
set #2 with increased wt. rear delt (18 reps) + shoulder press (13 reps)
set #3 with increased wt. rear delt (18 reps) + shoulder press (13 reps)

 Lateral Lateral Machine + Shoulder Press (2 sets)
set #1 unilateral side lat m. (16 reps) + shoulder press (12 reps)
set #2 with increased wt. unilateral side lat m. (22 repetitions)

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Day 8 or  Step 1 + Step 2 +Step 8: Back Workout

Top Back workout routine

Front row + row of seats (3 sets)
set #1 front row (20 reps) + seated row (15 reps)
Set #2 Weighted Front Row (12 reps) + Seated Row (12 reps)
Set #3 Weighted Front Row (12 reps) + Seated Row (12 reps)

 Low Row + Wide Pull Down (2 Sets)
set #1 low row (15 reps) + wide pull (13 reps)
Set #2 Low Row Weight Increase (15 reps + Wide Pull Down (13 reps)

Top Back workout is Bend over row but you have to core tight and try to streight your back muscles, it can also reduce body weight

Do some back exercise like pull up, Rowing etc. if you want to see in detail then click here.

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Day 9 or Step 1 + Step 2 + Step 9: Legs Workout

Target your legs workout like leg press, Leg extension, deadlift etc. if you want to see in detail then click here.

Finally, Day 10 or  Step 1 + Step 2 +Step 10: Abs workout 

Ab exercises

Elevated push-ups + leg raises + push-ups (6 sets)
Set #1 Elevated Push-ups (15 reps) + Leg Raises (15 reps) + Push-ups (15 reps)
Set #2~6 Elevated Push-ups (15 reps) + Leg Raises (15 reps) + Push-ups (15 reps) + Oblique Stretch

Abs workout has various variations like 
  1. Hanging leg raise, 
  2. Normal lying leg raise, 
  3. Sit up bench, 
  4. Cable crunch 
  5. Russian Twist etc.   

if you want to see in detail then click here.

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Step by step gym workout plan

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