Weight Loss Tips and How to weight loss within 5 days?

Weight Loss Tips and How to weight loss within 5 days?

How to weight loss tips within 5 days?

Weight loss is burning your body fat and you can do it by changing your food habit, exercising, and deep sleep. Today I want to share some exceptional workouts by doing these exercises, you can lose weight within 5 days only. This type of workout is applicable for men and women.

The key exercises for your fat loss fast are Burpees with a push-up and boxing on a punching bag- How To Do Burpees with a pushup watch video, the man performing burpees workout and Girl doing Burpees but before burpee workout, I recommend you to start with jumping jack first Jumping Jack Weight Loss and then you can do Burpee and obviously run on treadmills after walking faster is another fat loss cardio workout but be careful and don’t do it super fast as a beginner and call gym instructor to learn how to operate it properly. A similar type of workout video is here.

Workout motivation youtube video song is here Balti But I recommend only songs without video because you just need to listen to music or song for workout motivation such as car song audio  Aerobic song 1 2

If you workout at home or gym then you need the following types of equipment:

  • Yoga mat;
  • Shoes for comfortable jumping
  • Three-quarter pant or half pant for free movement;
  • T-shirt for comfortable movement;
  • Water bottle to drink little water during the workout;
  • Two Towels, one for floor mat and the other for sweat cleaning ;

During the Burpees workout, you have to remember your leg distance should be wide as shown in the above-mentioned video, and make a range of motion. Before Burpees, you should do another workout like a bird dog and dolphin pushup or Hindu pushup which are also good for your warm and dynamic stretching.

You have to do a Burpee workout at least 50 repetitions per day for the best result and also you have to run slower to faster at least 40 minutes per day.

Weight loss tips Treadmills safety:

The treadmill is the best workout and it actually works for your heart. But it also works for your fat loss journey.  When you run on treadmills then your heart rate will be going faster. It is called cardio workout and the similar type of workouts are:

  • Cycling,
  • Knee-High;
  • Elliptical Treadmills etc.
After doing the above-mentioned workout you can see that you are sweating too much and now you can think if your fat is going to burn and day after day your weight is losing too faster.

If you get a good result then you can avoid rice and intake more vegetables instead of rice. In addition, you can intake protein and drinks more water and deep sleep at night of at least 8 hours are required for faster results.

Weight Loss diet is healthy food for weight loss and adequate nutrition 900 calorie balanced diet

Morning 154 calories - Green tea with 1 apple and 10 nuts

Mid Morning 177 Calories - Curd (100 g) + Raisins (10 pieces)

352 calories in lunch - 2 wheat pieces + 100 grams pulses

Snack 52 calories - Green Tea + Lamb Duo

Dinner 207 calories - 1 cucumber, 1 beet, 1 carrot, and 6 egg whites (if I'm a vegetarian)

Total Calories-952

There are many foods that contain protein. Whole eggs are one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and brain nutrients. Eggs have too much protein, but white is almost pure protein instead of the red part. The red part of the egg has fat. And other foods such as nuts, oats, chicken breast, milk, broccoli, fish, tuna, pumpkin seeds, lean beef, peanuts, and other foods are delicious and high-protein foods to eat.

Weight loss tips world Best Weight Loss Workout Plan within 5 days only without Injury:  You can start music for workout motivation.

1.     Forward bend for 5 minutes;

2.     Side Bend for 5 minutes;   Add skipping for a better result for at least 5 minutes;

3.     Lunges and then weight with Lunges for 5 minutes;

4.     Free squat for 5 minutes;

5.     Burpee with push up at least 40 repetitions;

Picture: Burpee 

6.     Treadmills and cycling for 10 minutes, however, you can also do it more times;

7.     Dolphin pushup or Hindu push-up;  

Picture: Dolphine/Hindu Pushup

8.     Heavy squat with a barbell for 5 minutes; 
Not for Beginner, Beginner can skip to 9

9.     Skipping for 2 minutes;

10.   Jumping Jack for 2 minutes

11.   Deadlift with proper form for 5 minutes; skip as a beginner

Picture: Deadlift (Proper form) Advance Level Click on Picture to see the demo

12.   Kettlebell Swing for 2 minutes; Alternatively you can do it by Dumbell;

13.   Bench press with a barbell for 2 minutes  
Not for Beginner

14.   Incline bench press for 2 minutes;

15.   Decline bench press for 2 minutes;   So, your chest workout is done;

16.   Plank and Spiderman plank for 4 minutes;
17.   After having 5 minutes rest, run on treadmills for at least 40 minutes;

Best time to do the above-mentioned workouts in the morning or you also can do it in the evening for the job holders or who actually have another workout in the morning;

Bent-Over Barbell Row (Advance Workout) close grip workout for your biceps, abs, and lat muscles workout but wide grip can work for your shoulder, arms,  back, trap workout. So, if you want to weight loss you can do Ben over barbell row -close grip only. But remember, this is an advanced workout not especially for beginners.

Weight loss tips Food plan: 

Weight Loss Fruit List as below:

  • Lemon: Lemon with hot water on an empty stomach if  you don't have a gastric problem;
  • Bananas: Before starting a workout for at least one hour, you can eat bananas;
  • Grapefruit
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Berries
  • Stone Fruits
  • Passion Fruit
  • Rhubarb
  • Kiwifruit
  • Melons, Watermelon
  • Avocados

· Drink hot water with lemon every day before having breakfast;
· Eat guava, apple, orange juice, banana for best result;
· Avoid fat-related food like fast food, cow meat, however, if you are underweight then you can eat but not more;


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Weight Loss Tips and How to weight loss within 5 days?

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