Gym mistakes you must avoid and gym safety tips

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Picture:  Workout at Gym (Motivation with safety)

The gym is a very good place for a workout because without an environment workout is difficult but you must avoid injury during a workout and this is important. Some people are going to the gym for bodybuilding and some are going just for abs development and other people are going to the gym just for cardio which is good. But some people want to develop their body super fast and make a mistake which may be very dangerous. So, the best way is you can go to the gym which is good for your health and your heart and every part of the body but you have to know vast knowledge about every type of equipment in the gym before using it to avoid injury. 

Picture: Deadlift

The deadlift is a very good workout at the gym but you should wear a safety gym belt to avoid your lower back injury. However, in the picture above the girl is doing a deadlift because she is a professional bodybuilder and she is doing the same workout for a long time. Whenever you take deadlift or heavy squat then you should wear shoes, gloves and must wrist grips which are available in the market or moto shop.

Picture: Leg press (She is taking heavyweights) Click on Picture and see how to (Video)

Leg press  gym mistakes you must avoid

Leg press at the gym is one of the best workouts for your lower body. But the problem is during leg press boys or girls are not taking the appropriate weight. So, most of the time the weights are heavy and boys or girls are not reducing the weights and they are injured in their knees. 

So, as a beginner, you should start with minimum weights and gradually you can increase the weights. In addition. lack of warm-up such as free lunges, free squat may cause injury in the knee and legs for a long time. So, you have to be careful during leg press workouts, and most of the time you may need a knee support belt like socks. 

Gym mistakes you must avoid and consult with your gym instructor

Picture: Gym Trainer giving instructions on how to do it properly Click on Picture and see how to

Some people think that I am over-smart and they are not communicating with the gym instructors properly about gym routine and how to do it and just say hi hello like that.

But you need a routine and you have to know how to do it in the machine or by using dumbbells or barbells. So, this is important to talk or consult with your gym instructor and avoid senior bodybuilders' instructors because they will select heavy but as a beginner, you should not start with heavy types of equipment.

Gym mistakes you must avoid and Warm-up before the workout is important

Picture: Warm-up (Dynamic Stretching) Click on Picture and see how to (Video)

Some boys and girls are doing workouts without proper warm-up which is totally wrong. First, you should start dynamic stretching and then you should start the workout and finally, you can do a cardio workout. But most of the people don't follow the guidelines and they are getting injured.

Gym mistakes you must avoid and How To Properly Use The Rear Delt Fly Machine and Chest Fly by Machine at Gym

Actually, the Fly machine is used for chest workouts as per the video but if we reverse fly by using the fly machine then we can see that someone extended his/her hand in the wrong ways. So, the injury may have occurred in the back portion of the body as the video link here

The chest fly is also not right for overextension of your both hands which is out of range of motion and your shoulder will be injured, both hands should not be as more as possible and you have to have control. And for the rear delt, you have to maintain the range of motion as mentioned in the video link. For both the exercises, you have to set up your seat position on the fly machine because we sometimes observed that your sitting position is not the correct level.

Gym mistakes you must avoid and Pull-up mistakes

Picture: Pull-up Click on Picture and see how to (Video)

During pull-ups at the gym or at home, you have to think about your body weight. Because you may know that pull-up is a tough but effective workout.  If your body weight is high then you have to use a gym machine-supported pull-up to avoid shoulder injury which is available at the gym. 

So, you should not do the pull-up workout by watching your friends doing it because as a beginner if you do the same then you will be injured. So be safe during exercise at the gym.
I recommend you to do pull up with a supported machine or assisted pull-up machine which is available in the gym. You can do the same for the dips or chin up by using the same machine to avoid injury. 

And then when you think that your weight is minimized and you can capable of doing p ullup without support machine then you can do it by using pull-bar which is also available in gym or home wherever you want.

Gym mistakes you must avoid and Push-up Mistakes

I have found that some boys and girls are injured during push-ups because they are using the bar for push up and suddenly they are going down the best performance of chest. But as a beginner, you should not do the push-up to go deep level to avoid serious injuries like severe hand pain and sometimes hand broken. You have to consult with your gym instructor, how to do push-ups in the correct form.

Gym mistakes you must avoid and Heavy Squat

Picture: Heavy Squat Click on Picture and see how to (Video)

During the heavy squat, boys and girls are using a barbell with some weights which are sometimes heavy. But unfortunately, they have not attached the clip between the barbell plate and the barbell. So, when they are taking the barbell with weights then they are imbalanced and plate falling down. So, maybe you are injured or your friends will get injured during this exercise. So, you have to be careful about it.

Gym mistakes you must avoid and Use of Gym Belt, Safty materials

Picture: Gym belt for additional support during the heavyweight Click on picture for clarification

You have to wear a gym belt during taking heavyweight because you actually need some time to support yourself to save your lower back and a gym belt can support you during heavy squat and heavy deadlift and even during a back workout. But some people are wearing gym belts during abs workouts which is not good. Similarly, you need wrist support to avoid wrist injury during bicep and tricep, deadlift, and heavy squat workouts. Moreover, you need a gym glove to save your hand during weightlifting.
Sometimes you also may need ankle support and knee support to be safe from injury during heavy arms and legs workouts. 
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