A Beginner's Guide to Yoga: How to Get Started with Yoga and the Amazing Benefits of Yoga and Pranayama

A Beginner's Guide to Yoga

Yoga is a set of physical with a mental and spiritual workout which is good not only for the body but also for the mind originated in India. There are many yoga practices, the most common of which is yoga.

It is an exercise because it improves flexibility, builds strength, and develops control in the body.

Countless studies have shown that physical exercise is very important for the body. Exercise is a physical activity that promotes physical fitness. It can be reducing the risk of diseases such as heart disease,  diabetes, and even cancer.

Exercise also increases the supply of oxygen and blood to the muscles and organs of the body. Exercise is a good mood enhancer because it helps reduce depression and anxiety, according to research studies. Incorporating such lifestyle changes into exercise can go a long way in improving health and longevity.
Many people already know about some of the benefits of yoga, how it can help you develop a more balanced and healthy life. But once everything is said and done, how many times should one practice it to reap all the benefits? Well it depends. Let's take a look at a few things before making a decision.

Yoga: Improves body flexibility

Yoga helps us to move our body in different postures where every benefit of yoga comes from our posture which has its own benefits like body, neck, arms, legs, spine etc. Which helps our body get better flexibility.

Yoga: Weight loss

This is great for weight loss because you burn a lot of calories while stretching and toning your body. You lose weight while having fun. What could be better?

Yoga improves your body by making it tight, toning and strong. This makes it more flexible at the same time.

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Yoga:Improving mental health

Yoga helps improve mental health because research has shown that regular yoga practice increases GABA levels in the brain, improves mood and anxiety, compared to other exercises such as walking. 

Yoga: Reducing the symptoms of asthma

Yoga: Increases heart health

Yoga improves heart health. It can reduce high blood pressure, improve symptoms of heart failure, improve cardiac rehabilitation, and reduce cardiovascular risk factors.

Yoga: Treating back pain

Yoga is also great for treating chronic back pain. The Yoga for Healthy Lower Back program has been shown in clinical trials to be 30% more beneficial than general care alone. Pain was reduced by one-third for yoga participants, compared to only a 5% drop in the standard treatment group. Yoga participants also had an 80% reduction in pain medication use.

Yoga: Complementary cancer treatment

Yoga is used as a complementary intervention for cancer patients to reduce depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain and fatigue.

Complementary treatment of schizophrenia: Yoga has been studied as a complementary treatment for schizophrenia. It can help reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia and improve quality of life.
Increases sensation

Yoga has been found to quickly build cognitive (including executive efficacy, barrier control) benefits.

Yoga: Improves muscle strength

There is not always a need to exercise hard in the gym, although you can do it at home while doing yoga. We have every step of yoga for our body, suppose if you want to improve your legs then follow yoga which helps to increase the strength of the legs, similarly you can do any type of yoga as per the need of the body.

The joint is strong

Yoga is a practice that people of any age can adopt in their daily routine like adults because yoga does no harm and gives strength to every joint of the body.

The bones are strong

You can get better results and also strengthen the bones while doing yoga, most of us are not aware of yoga and its benefits and are suffering from many diseases and where our bones help us to feel more of ourselves.

Yoga: Helps to regulate blood flow

Yoga always helps to manage our blood flow in the body, especially a relaxed exercise you can find yourself in a better place, whatever type of yoga you do, each yoga has its own effect on the body. Whether you do handstand yoga, naming the sun, etc.

Yoga: Helps to improve the immune system

Yoga is a good master of your body that teaches you to fulfill your arousal well, and there are some yogas specifically for our stomach such as kapalabhati, which heals you very well from the inside to the outside and rejuvenates your body. Through relaxation, the body’s nervous system can tell the immune system to calm down or get excited, depending on the situation.

Yoga: To give inner joy

When doing yoga and pranayama, we can manage ourselves very well and get the benefits of yoga, suppose you are following only Om Mantra in your daily life which takes a lot of energy but it gives you inner peace and allows you to think about external things. Wisely around. Since most yoga has its own importance, although we cannot follow all the yogas, we can choose some of them and incorporate them into our daily life cycle and feel its amazing power.

Yoga: For a good healthy lifestyle.

By constantly practicing yoga, you can start to control yourself, which in itself is a tremendous change in anyone that we can control ourselves because nowadays everyone’s life is getting very bad. Most of us are not focused on our health and we tempt ourselves to eat. A lot of junk food eats unwanted things that always harm us in some way over which we cannot control our emotions but if we do regular yoga, it creates an aura in our surroundings where we can feel ourselves at the next level of life.

Yoga: Sleep well!

The breathing and meditation techniques that you will learn in yoga help to distract the mind, especially when your insomnia is related to stress. Gentle physical exercise provided by yoga will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Runner Yoga: How to cross-train to run with a new yoga routine

Picture: Back Pain Removal Yoga Workout

Yoga is an ancient art of self-development. Hatha Yoga is a series of exercises for good health and breathing exercises. The main benefits of yoga for runners can start with the posture or posture. Yoga improves performance, concentration, strength and flexibility among runners. Among the runners, posture (also called dynamic or strength) yoga develops strength and makes the muscles of the upper body really strong and flexible, the lower body and the spine. It is very useful to prepare the cardiovascular system and muscles for optimal performance. Sometimes a gentle form of yoga is practiced to revive after hard training or competition. Yoga gives peace and perception to our mind and body. Attention and understanding will train the mind to compete and develop self-esteem and confidence.

Pilates is an exercise that was created by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century. It gives strength, stability, and joint mobility. This technique is really helpful in the rehabilitation of injuries and corrects muscle imbalances and any inefficient movement.

Runner yoga programs are to burn fat, build our strength, strengthen and tone bones, increase flexibility, improve balance and density. Runner Yoga Program is a complete instructional program that can help you lose weight fast.

There are two main yoga poses for beginners, standing and sitting. The standing posture is called 'Mountain Pose'. They are there to make you stronger and improve your balance. Keep your feet together and your thumbs touching each other. Weight should be distributed evenly to achieve proper posture and strong thigh muscles. Pull your thighs to raise your knees and keep your body straight while keeping your spine straight.

Another yoga posture for beginners is the seated version or 'staff pose'. You can do this by sitting comfortably on the exercise mat. In this version, your legs should be straight in front of you and the thigh muscles re-stretched and your legs should be flexed. Your spine should be straight. The main reason for this posture is to align the body and make it stronger.

The third posture, known as the 'corpus pose', is not technically one of the yoga poses, but it can be quite effective. It can be the most comfortable experience of life. In this position, lie on your back, palms facing up and eyes closed. It helps you to calm down at the end of yoga practice or as an important part of meditation practice

Yoga: Disease prevention yoga

Picture: Yoga

We are surrounded by numerous bacteria, viruses and fungi. Some of these are good for the human body, some are harmful. Immunity is the ability of the human body to fight microorganisms. The three main factors that increase immunity are moderate balanced diet, regular exercise and mental health.

When it comes to food, we need to make sure that the six components of a balanced diet include sugars, carbohydrates (proteins), fats (fats), vitamins, minerals and water. Proper exercise is needed to ensure that these nutrients are stored properly in the body. On the one hand, every system, organ, cell of the body stays healthy through yoga or yoga; My heart also became excited.

Yoga: Below are some yoga poses that can be used to improve our immunity.

Yoga: Raj Kapotsani

How to do: Sit with the right foot on the back of the body in such a way that the upper part of the right thigh touches the ground (mat). Bend the left knee so that the knee is in the middle of the chest. The outer part of the thigh of the left foot will stick to the ground. Now pull the right leg with the right hand.

To breathe, bend the spine backwards and hold the right leg with the left hand or shoulder. To get this step done correctly, you can take the help of someone else or you can stick the curved legs against the wall.

Then place the right foot on the right shoulder with the right hand. You can keep the head straight or slowly leaning back and keeping the bottom of the right foot. Keep breathing normal while sitting. When leaving the seat, go back to the exact opposite of the continuity that comes between the seats. Do the same with the left foot after the right foot.

Duration: Set a total of 4-5 for 15-30 seconds on each leg.

Caution: If you have neck pain, keep your head straight, do not lean back. It is best to do this on an empty stomach in the morning.

Benefits: Relieves stress. Increases attention. Increases the strength of the reproductive system. Increases digestion. Relieves back pain. After all, it boosts immunity.

Yoga: Kandrasana:

Click on any picture and watch the video demonstration

How to: Lie down straight, bend your knees and place your feet close to your buttocks. Hold the top of the ankle with your hand. Lift the waist and buttocks upwards while breathing. The shoulders, head and ankles will be on the ground. When you return, exhale slowly and slowly lower your waist to the ground.

Duration: 30-60 seconds. Do this 4-7 times.

Benefits: This seat is good for the uterus. Helps to eliminate infertility, irregular periods, white discharge, blood clots. Eliminates male ejaculation. Relieves back pain.

Yoga: Horseback riding

Picture: Yoga Stretching

How to do: Place the palms of the left foot in front and the palms of both hands on either side of the soles of the feet. Try to keep the left foot straight from the ground from ankle to knee. Pull the right leg back so that the right knee touches the ground. You can keep the right foot as in the picture or keep it pulled back. Slowly bend the spine back to breathe. If you have neck pain, keep your head straight.

Keep breathing normally while sitting. Do the same with the front of the right foot.

Duration: Hold for 15-30 seconds in front of each foot. Set 3-5.

Benefits: Abdominal muscles are massaged. Maintains the balance of the nervous system. Increases lung function, which is related to our immunity. Increases kidney and liver function.
Doing this seat every day will keep your lungs healthy.

Everyone wants to keep their lungs healthy. A little practice can fulfill that desire. Doing this yoga for a few minutes every day can be beneficial.

Raise your hand

Picture: Click on the picture and show the magic 

Yoga: How to do this

Separate your legs and stand straight

To take a deep breath, raise your hand directly above your head

From this position, bend the body from the waist to the back as much as possible, without breaking the knee.

* When returning from the seat, return to normal while exhaling.

Yoga: Rules of breathing

* Go to breathe while going to the seat.

If you want to hold your breath in that seat, hold your breath as long as possible. Or take short, normal breaths while sitting. If you breathe normally in the seat, hold for 20 to 30 seconds.

When you come back from that seat, you will come out with one breath.

Yoga: Time

If you breathe normally in that seat, do it four to five times a day for 20 to 30 seconds.

The longer you sit, the longer you have to rest.

Yoga: Warn

If you have high blood pressure, keep your head straight even when you have arches on your back.

Yoga for long hair

Many people want to lengthen their hair. However, regular application of oil on the hair does not make the hair long. If the blood circulation in the scalp is not right, the hair is affected. The hair becomes dry, instead of getting longer, the hair starts to fall out. However, if you do yoga regularly, it becomes beneficial for your hair. There are some seats that play a special role in strengthening and lengthening the hair.


Picture: Click on the picture and show the magic 

Yoga: How: 

Lie on your back. Now slowly increase the legs while breathing. Exhale first at 30 degrees, then at 60 degrees and finally at 90 degrees, lifting the back of the head and the back of the back. Keep the breathing speed normal, pull the legs together and place them on the ground behind the head. For convenience, you can place your hands behind your waist. When returning, hold the waist well and slowly extend the legs. Now gently bend the back and place the waist on the ground, then place the feet on the ground.

Time: 30 to 60 seconds or more depending on your ability. Can do three to five times.

Caution: Do not do this seat if you have neck pain, high blood pressure, spinal cord injury, slip disc. Do Ustrasana or Ardhachandrasana after each sitting, then there will be no tension in the neck.

Picture: Hair Long Workout 
Picture: Click on the picture and show the magic 

In addition to regular yoga practice every day, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Use pure coconut oil on hair regularly. Do not use any essential oils purchased from the market. Soak a handful of fenugreek overnight and crush it in a blender in the morning. Then mix a lemon juice and a tablespoon of coconut oil in it and leave it on the hair for an hour and wash it well. Do the next day without shampooing that day. Do this at least once a week. Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be eaten every day. Rub the nails of the remaining four fingers against each other for five minutes except the thumb of both hands. Do this twice a day on an empty stomach, it is called Balayam.

Yoga: Some important issues

There is no age limit for doing yoga, men and women of any age can do yoga. However, it is better to take the help of a skilled trainer without practicing alone.

  • Doing yoga during pregnancy is very beneficial. However, you should consult a doctor before practicing.
  • It is not right to practice yoga with too much pressure on the body or with pain in the body, so consult a doctor.
  • Yoga practice will be a place where there is free ventilation. It can also be practiced outside the home, but care should be taken to make the environment noise-free and pleasant. It is not okay to do yoga in a very hot or cold place.
  • It is better to use mat for yoga. If mats are not available, thick cloth, kantha or blanket can be used. Make sure the mat or place is not slippery.

You can take a bath with cold water before doing yoga. It will keep both body and mind fresh.

  1. Yoga clothing will be light and comfortable. Glasses and watches should be kept open during practice.
  2. There is nothing like eating vegetarian food just to practice yoga. However, it is better to have moderate and easily digestible food. Need to drink plenty of water.
  3. Rest is very important during yoga practice. Be comfortable in every seat.

The benefits of yoga cannot be found overnight. Many good results can be obtained by practicing the asanas as required with regular understanding and knowledge.

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