The Most Effective FULL BODY Workout Routine to lose weight

The Most Effective FULL BODY Workout Routine to lose weight

Picture: Bodybuilder showing their body after heavy gym workout 

I think you should start your workout by running in the treadmill or out field as long as possible. But some people think that wake up early in the Morning and  go to the park or gym for best outcomes. However, some people who don't have enough time in the morning they are going to gym at evening by listing nice music.

Music is the best motivator during workout and so, I make a music page for you to visit and share as more as possible.

Just you need a Bluetooth headphone and a cell phone and start listening you favorite channel and open my music page and start workout as the routine below.

Which workout is best for full-body weight loss?

I think skipping, jumping jack, cycling, burpee, treadmill workouts are the best  basic cardio workout for weight loss. But beside those workout you have to add more workout like kickboxing, bench press, squat and deadlift are also best weight training for weight loss fast.
However, you can see my planned workout best tips with videos for full-body weight loss or fat loss.

Is kickboxing a good way to lose weight? 

Yes, kickboxing help you to weight loss and burn calories. You can wear gym belt and gloves and wrist support during kickboxing to avoid injury. As a beginner, you should do 4 sets push up before doing any weight training or kick boxing what ever you want to do. 

Kickboxing a good way to lose weight and also flexible your muscles to do more weight training and gain energy in your body.

Amazing Health Benefits of Kickboxing For men and Women

A Boxer Hitting A Punching Bag In Training Boxing weight loss best workout 200% weight loss

You can get amazing health benefits of kickboxing because it reduce your weight and make 
a balance. It is like advance level of cardio. So, your heart will be performing well  and increase heart rate perfectly.

I think if you complete the above mentioned workout then you are ready to take weight without any problem. However, I also prefer dynamic stretching just after warm-up and wear gym safety equipment like gym belt, wrist support, forearms support if needed, knee support to protect your knees.

Dynamic stretching help you to protect injury and also you can do some squat exercise which will also  help you to protect various types of injury.

Funny but really workout dynamic stretching workout just do it before starting heavy exercise

How to increase weights during workout?

Firstly, you can start squat workout if your do not have any problem in your lower back. You should do progressive workout means 2.5 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, and 7.5 kg, 10 kg like this way you can start any workout like squat and finally you also decrease weights like  20kg to 17.5 kg, 17.5 kg to 15 kg , 15 kg to 10 kg like this way you can progress your workout.

You also can do squat exercise with barbell. So, your first workout should be barbell bench press weights and then you can increase weight and feel are you taking this weight or not? if you think this is not your cup of tea then you can avoid and skip if you feel any pain in knee or hand as early as possible.

Secondly, you can do some bench press with just barbell without weight and progressively you can increase weights as per your capacity. It can increase your performance for upcoming workout like deadlift or kettlebell swing.

However, when you bench press then automatically you should do incline bench press and then decline bench press. Without push up you should not do the the bench press, incline bench press and also decline bench press because you need more power in your hand. 

Incline Bench press for upper chest and core tight to do that. To know more about how to chest workout visit and share my page.

By doing incline bench press your upper chest will be growing faster like hulk. After that you must do some dumbbells' pull over which is the super cool compound workout not only for your chest but your back, triceps and abs also involved by doing this type of workout.

But some people skipping decline bench press because they are not more serious about lower chest which is totally wrong because I think every chest muscles should be  equally important to grow the muscles and make a balance.

Are full-body workouts good for fat loss?

Yes, I think full-body workouts good for fat loss and make strong your body and exercise will help you to live long and help your mind refresh all the time.

Can you do full-body workouts everyday to lose weight?

You can do full-body workouts everyday to lose weight but you can divide you workout everyday as a routine basis. Fore example, day 1 for arms workout, day 2 for chest workout, day 3 for back workout, day 4 for legs workout like this way you can make your own plan for perfect muscle building and muscle growth. However, some bodybuilding are doing the reverse, they do every workout in one day like bicep, triceps, shoulder, chest, back, lags by doing only one set which is incomplete. You have to complete your workout as preplan such as every workout 4 sets. 1 sets equals to 12 reps. So, 4 sets means 48 sets for specific workout for best performance.

Which exercise burns the most belly fat?

Picture: Sit-up bench abs best workout core tight

The can do hanging leg raise, sit-up bench, Russian twist, machine support crunch workout for upper and lower abs development target based workout plan,  bench press exercise burns the most belly fat. 

Picture: Russian Twist best abs workout

Actually bench press, machine support pull up are compound workout which helps you to burns the most belly fat. But you have to avoid some red meat and fast food and beverages and intake more and more vegetable to get the perfect shape of your abs muscles.

However, heavy squat  and deadlift and kettlebell swing are also best workout to reduce your belly fat but before that your have to warmup and dynamic stretching to avoid injury. 

After doing all hard workout as mentioned before you should do some treadmill and cycling for at least 30 minutes. And also don't forget to do burpee workout in the final or last stage but before doing this exercise you must follow how to do it perfectly. 

During abs workout, you must not wear gym belt for perfect result. 

But during legs workout you may wear gym belt because sometimes you have to take heavy dumbbells' and barbell during leg's workout. You can see my attached video below about legs workout to get more motivation. 

Actually Legs workout is very important because our full body on the legs and we have to have strong our legs right now. Start a simple workout like lunges which is the best starting workout for legs and abs also. We also can do some dynamic stretching for targeting our legs muscles.

Light weight Squat to gradually increase the weight and doing heavy squat if possible but be careful because it depends on your capacity and previous practice. 

Drink little bit water during workout is very important tips and wearing gym belt and knee support are also very good tips during workout. 

Use separate towel, separate water bottle and separate gym bag is must during exercise because during gym workout you will be sweating too much. Use body pray during workout.  

Don't too hurry and if you found the gym machine is busy by other friend then don't disturb him or her wait until finishing of his or her workout and in the mean time you can do other related exercises.

Don't shy to ask any question to instructor. Progressive routine based workout make your perfect to increase performance and most effective bodybuilding plan. Don't follow others like heavy bodybuilders who is doing exceptional workout. May be he or she is doing wrong. 

I am sharing real face once upon a time, I found one body is doing pull up and similarly I tried to do that and it was my first time copy paste and get injured in my shoulder and not going to gym for next one month for that injury. So, don't do that just follow your routine and update time to time as per the recommendations of instructor.

Picture: Yatinder Sign Top class bodybuilder in India
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