Gym warm up exercise and how to warm up before starting exercise? Warm-up Exercise A-Z and food intake before and after gym

Gym warm up exercise and How to warm up before starting exercise? Basic to Advance Level Warm-up Exercises at Gym or Home  and food intake before and after gym

How to increase energy level and have fun working out:

Before gym you can eat:
  • Banana,
  • Black Coffee,
  • Oats,
  • Coconuts fresh small size,
  • Protein before or after workout, however, you can avoid supplements due to various diseases such as kidney problem, so consult with doctor before taking any supplements'.
  • Multivitamin

After gym in 20 to 30 minutes we have to eat foods that have a lot of protein foods

  • Protein supplement
  • Chicken
  • Potato for muscle gain
  • Peanut butter where zero cholesterol

An important part of exercise - warm up Warm-ups prepare both the body and the mind for exercise. It helps to avoid injuries, muscle pools, heart attacks, etc. Exercise. Increase breathing, increase body and muscle temperature, no sudden pressure on the body. As muscle temperature rises, muscles become loose and elastic, resulting in increased oxygen and blood supply to muscles, which provides nutrients to muscles. As a result of up.

Many people do not warm up before starting exercise. But it is very harmful or dangerous for the body

Remember, if you exercise without warming up properly, the exercise will not work properly in your body, in addition it can harm your body. , But it does not get any fruit, but can harm the body

Gym warm up exercise and How to start your workout journey, Some tips to warm up:

Before starting gym workout you need motivation and music is one kind of motivation. So, you can use central sound system, headphone for personal use with mobile Bluetooth.

So, I have added some music during exercise picture you can copy my website link during exercise and everyday you can join my website to see the steps of gym routine and this is very important to step by step guideline for miss and mister.

You can eat banana and egg and black coffee without sugar for gain your energy before workout but remember not over eating before exercise.

Gym warm up exercise Remember:

• When you go for heavy exercise, you have to wear gym belt, knee support, wrist grips, wearing shoes is also very important. 

• Drink water during heavy exercise but not more;

You can start with cardio workout such as Walk on Treadmills and cycling etc. However, I will show you step by step routine based picture, so you can easily understanding.

Best music motivation I like it may be you also like music for gym motivation 

Step -1: Walk and run on Treadmills 

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Step -2: Cycling

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Cycling is the most effective workout for fat lose or weight loss whatever you say.

Step -3: Jumping Jack is one of the best exercise for any age which has similar to skipping workout are both really good for not only warm up but weight loss also.

Step -4: If you want to prevent injury then you should Squat Properly which I have demonstrated in the picture below.

Step -5: Now I am going to advance warm up sessions you have to do push up if you are going to heavy exercise and especially before chest workout

Step -6: High Knee Jump/ High knee is also good exercise but jump is not suitable who actually have back pain and specially aged people. However, it is really best and hard exercise for abs.

Step -7: Normally you have completed your warm up session but if you want to lose more weight than you can do Workout for Fat Loss

Step -8: Lunges is the best another workout you can start Lunges before heavy workout and legs workout.

Step -9: Planks is the best for lose weight and fat loss but you have to be careful and follow the picture for best result.

Now you are fit for heavy workout and I think you will not get injured.
You need some time to rest and drink little water and use gym towel to save from virus.

Warming up means gradually increasing the body's work / exercise speed and heart rate. Therefore, warm up is done through various types of exercises, such as cardio, dynamic stretching, etc.

The rules of warm-up for each exercise may be different, so that the muscle that will be worked, the warm-up of that muscle is exactly the same. So when you do that exercise, you need to know in advance what will be the warm up of that exercise

Warm up exercises will be slow and easy exercises and your intensity will also be less in case of exercise.

The intensity of the warm-up exercise depends on a person's physical fitness and the type of exercise to be done.

There are many types of warm up exercises, such as: slow walking, dynamic stretching, slow swimming, steady cycling, slow, easy aerobics, slow jogging, etc.

Picture: Squat exercise
Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Bulgarian split squat

Stand with your hands straight and your back to a ladder or bench with dumbbells at a distance of two feet. First place the left foot part on the bench. Fold the right leg as much as possible and sit with the upper body straight. Stand up with the weight on the ankle of the right foot.

Gym warm up exercise Sumo squat

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Gym warm up exercise

warm up before starting exercise Gym motivation song

Stand in the posture of sumo warriors with your legs wide apart and your knees bent. Place both hands straight forward. Note that the front part of the two feet, i.e. the toe is on both sides (outward). Push back in this position. The greater the distance between your posterior chain and the inner thigh, the stronger the pelvis will be.

warm up before starting exercise Box squat

Gather a box at your knee height. Turn back to the box and stand straight. Place the hands parallel to the body with light weight dumbbells (one kg) in both hands. First, with both hands holding the dumbbells, lift them straight forward. Then sit in a squat position. There will be a slight gap between your buttocks and the box. The lower the height of the box, the better the squat posture. First of all, those who are doing box squat should not use dumbbells.

To warm up, you can do any type of exercise for at least 5 minutes (eg: slow walking, jogging, marching, jumping, etc.). Then you can do 5 minutes of static stretching to get the muscles working Although stretching does not include warm-up exercises

It's best to warm up for at least 10 minutes, because after 10 minutes your muscles will start to work out, your body temperature will rise, you will start burning calories, and your body weight will start to decrease.

If you see that you are sweating lightly after warming up, it means that you are now ready to exercise, to burn calories. But if you feel tired as a result of the warm up, it will not be the right warm up
Some extra clothes can be worn to warm up quickly, such as a full sleeve t-shirt over a half sleeve t-shirt. This will help your body temperature to rise faster.

Examples of some warm up exercises before starting exercise:

One way to warm up is to walk for 3 minutes at slow / medium speed, then 2 minutes for brisk walking, then 5 minutes for slow jogging.

For aerobics exercise, first march, warm up the body by moving to the rhythm of the melody, then some dynamic stretching can be done. Or some aerobics exercise can be done slowly.
In the case of swimming, at the beginning you have to warm up by swimming slowly, then you have to swim at a speed according to your fitness and ability.
For a brisk walk, you can warm up by walking slowly for 5 minutes, then at medium speed for 5 minutes.

To run, 5-10 minutes of medium to brisk walking, or 5 minutes of walking, then 5 minutes of jogging.
For strength training / weight lifting exercises, 5-10 minutes of any slow cardio, dynamic stretching etc. can be done.

In addition to warming up by doing physical work, you can also warm up without doing physical work, such as: wearing extra clothes, taking a sauna, bathing in hot water, massaging the body, etc. Since winter takes time to warm up, it is better to warm up If you sweat, then, if you exercise, you will get good results

Remember, static stretching is not part of warm-up. Static stretching can be done as the body warms up better, when sweating, body temperature and blood circulation increase.

So, dear reader, you understand how important warm-up is for exercise Before you start exercising, know how to warm up, understand, ask your trainer, then exercise that way. And remember, each exercise can be different but warm up.

Gym warm up exercise

warm up before starting exercise Some general rules of exercise

Many exercise at home or in the gym Every job has specific rules Just as there are proper rules for eating and drinking, there are also many rules for exercise, which are very important to know and understand. If the exercise is not done properly, it can lead to various physical problems such as: muscle pool, injury, etc. People who go to the gym may get the right instructions, but those who exercise at home may be exercising in the wrong way without realizing it.

Here are some common rules of exercise for you:

o Find out in advance why you should exercise, if necessary, find out from a doctor or gym trainer how, how much to do.
o Exercise according to physical ability and age, for example: 40 year olds cannot do all types of exercise,
o If you have back pain, arthritis, you need to exercise carefully. Pregnant women can not do all types of exercise.
o If you do not have any physical problems, you can start exercising on your own How much exercise?
o How to start exercising?
o Write down your weight, BMI, body measurement etc. at the beginning of the exercise, notice how it is improving every month.
o Wear comfortable clothing during exercise, such as: genji, sneakers Keep towels, water bottles with you
o Shoes or sneakers are very useful and important for cardio exercise Not using good quality sneakers can cause leg pain, headaches and even spinal pain.

warm up before starting exercise Lunges Workout: A very good exercise for women's leg muscles

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Very few women exercise, and regular exercise is very important not only for men but also for women. Because exercise means taking care of yourself.

Gym warm up exercise

warm up before starting exercise What is a Lunges ?

This is strength training for weight loss using your physical strength. A yoga paper.

Lunge is one of the best exercises for the legs, and it is true that weight loss, fitness and weight gain can only be done with aerobic exercise. It is a complex exercise that works on multiple muscles. (Buttocks), hips, knee tendons (muscles just behind the knees) - these muscles work together and are a good exercise.

Gym warm up exercise warm up before starting exercise How do you do that

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly
  • Stand up straight first. Straighten your shoulders, head and chest, straighten your arms along your shoulders or place your hands on your hips.
  • And the head is straight and the vision is in front
  • Pull the abdomen inwards
  • Knee straightening is the first condition along the soles of the feet so far
  • Take a deep breath
  • Then bring one foot and two feet forward
  • The other leg is behind the body
  • And the hind toes are on the ground and the ankles are on the ground.
  • Gently bend your knees forward and continue on the floor or down
  • At this point, the upper body should be very straight, especially the spine (back).
  • Do not move your front foot when you lower your front foot
  • Move your nozzle 90 degrees 
  • In the case of the front leg, rotate the hind leg 90 degrees upside down
  • To keep the body in balance, both hands can be placed outside the body / in front of the body along the front shoulder
  • Hold this position for 1 second
  • Now you will feel the tension from the knees to the waist with both legs
  • Breathing is normal
  • This time I will rise again or come in the first position
  • Exhale loudly while you are awake
  • Do the same with the other front and back legs in the same way.
  • Repeat once the two legs are crossed
  • 3 sets in total 15 to 20 times
  • For the convenience of the lounge you can hold a chair so that you can keep your body in balance.
  • Equal pressure is applied to both feet during ascent or descent

It is beneficial to do it as deeply and accurately as possible. Gently extend the hamstrings and quadrants at the end of the lanyard

Gym warm up exercise warm up before starting exercise Such important health benefits can be obtained by using a treadmill

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly
All in all the treadmill is very beneficial for our overall health. Treadmills play an important role in the performance of all the muscles in our body.

The treadmill is the most common exercise tool available on the market. These treadmills provide numerous health benefits and play a major role in reducing excess weight. Treadmills play an important role in achieving our fitness goals. Also, for those who are newly health conscious or are starting the process of losing weight, the treadmill is very useful.

Great aerobic exercise can be done easily on a treadmill. It helps to improve energy and endurance in our body. Treadmills also play an important role in preparing the body for heavy exercise.

warm up before starting exercise, What are the benefits of a treadmill?

warm up before starting exercise Weight loss:

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

The treadmill helps to lose weight very quickly and efficiently. Since it is a type of aerobic exercise, it can burn calories much faster than other forms. The faster a person runs on a treadmill, the faster they can burn calories. In addition to treadmill exercises, walking or jogging or alternating sprints can also be done which is beneficial for weight loss.
Improves heart health:

Treadmill improves heart health. It is very effective in cardiovascular exercise. In fact, when we exercise on a treadmill, we try to keep our heart rate normal throughout. This is why it is the best choice for cardio exercises. It is also beneficial for those who have high cholesterol levels. Not only that, it is also best for warm-up.

Gym warm up exercise Helps in muscle toning:

The treadmill connects multiple muscle chains to our body. During a treadmill workout, not only the legs, but also the abdomen, back, hips and arms are involved. This helps us maintain proper posture, as all of our core muscles are used when exercising on a treadmill.

So, all in all the treadmill is very beneficial for our overall health. Treadmills play an important role in the performance of all the muscles in our body. Exercising on a treadmill can cure many ailments ranging from obesity in our body. The treadmill market usually starts at around Rs 15,000. In this treadmill you can exercise at any time. Work from home treadmill can be a very convenient exercise tool.

Warm up before starting exerciseHow to do an easy workout for lazy girls

1) warm up before starting exercise Single leg bridge

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

This exercise is very useful for reducing your thigh fat and strengthening the hip muscles. Doing this regularly will strengthen the core muscles of your abdomen, so that after a few days, the belly will not become and the fat on both sides of the waist will not accumulate. Just remember to get the whole part up to the shoulder from the floor or bed. Gradually increase the time by the first five seconds. Do this ten times. This is a way to workout for a lazy girl.

2) Gym warm up exercise warm up before starting exercise Leg raises

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

After lying down, you just try up your two legs at the same time and down but not touch the floor and vice-versa. Do it at least 10 minutes. and try to take ten times with rest.

3) Gym warm up exercise warm up before starting exercise Single leg circles

While sitting in front of the computer, raise one foot so that the foot is level with the ground. Now turn the foot fifteen seconds clockwise and the next fifteen seconds anti-clockwise. Now lower this leg and repeat with the other leg. This exercise will warm your hip muscles and increase balance. And it will toned the legs by reducing the fat on the back of your feet (fat of the cuff muscles).
Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

4) Gym warm up exercise warm up before starting exercise Wall push up

Waiting in the bathroom with hair shampoo or face pack? Do this exercise. It's not as difficult as floor push-ups, nor is it as tedious. Doing this regularly is enough to make your hands and shoulders fat. And if you practice it regularly, you will get extra energy. Which was not before. Try to keep drinking for as long as possible for best results.

5) Gym warm up exercise warm up before starting exercise Arm circles

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

If you have ten seconds, you can try this exercise as many times as you want. Just hold your hands on both sides and rotate them in small circles. Repeated rotation will make your arm muscles lean and lean. This is the best exercise for those who have thick hands and those who have started new exercises. Try to repeat it several times a day for better results.

6) Gym warm up exercise warm up before starting exercise Back crunch

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Now you have to be on top with a little effort. Do this exercise while lying down and using the laptop. Just lift your upper body as much as you can, keeping your legs in line with the two beds, hold for five seconds. The back crunch is a great workout for your back muscles and spine. It is also beneficial in cutting your belly and back fat. Do it ten times, gradually increasing the number.

For Gym Motivation you can play music from my site and start workout Music motivation 2

Here Are some of the Best of Best Workout Songs to Get You Motivated as the link below.

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