The 20 Most Effective Triceps Exercises

The 8 Most Effective Triceps Exercises

Picture: Tricep Extention workout

As per the above mentioned video let's take a look at the anatomy courtesy of the muscle markers to see what's going on you'll see here the triceps obviously a three-headed muscle is made up of the lateral head the middle head hair and green and the long head around the back and we talked about the importance of the long had all the time and save your jokes guys I know the long has important I get it but the fact is when it comes to trying so training the long head very important why because if you look at these two heads here they exist on the upper arm they don't cross the shoulder joint they start here and they end here on the other side of the elbow so oh they're influencing here is elbow extension right nothing

i did up here to the shoulder would matter because they don't cross that joint where's the long head is the one that actually does cross that joint coming off of the scapula so we know that if i can change position of the scapula right no matter what i did whether i brought it back when i brought it up over my head all these things are changing the orientation of staff in the meeting were changing the tension and the long hair the triceps so we know we can influence that so if you're gonna put together perfect shots of out but we need to do is figure out ways to influence that now take it a step further we realize that the long head of the triceps is actually put on stretch when our armas way up over a body here so we need to choose exercises that do that and we also know that we can be we're going in the opposite direction all the way back behind the body and we can engage it into a full contraction of fully short and position so we want to make sure we pick exercises that do that too will be in our perfect workout but at the same time in pursuit of this we don't want to lose sight of the fact that progressive overload still matters being able to load up the triceps like any other one

as much as possible with heavier weights is going to help us to build them bigger so we have to go and pick the right big exercises here but beyond that i'm going to show you some ways to actually tweak those to get more from them so you get the most out of your muscle building and capabilities from them we are we also talked about in the perfect bicep workout this idea of overlapping straw anchors if we look at this exercise here i have a band and dumbbells in my hand the same time with them curling why did we do that because we know that when use dumbbells that we max out the strength curve right in the middle of the movement and when we get all the way to the top and kind of lose that tension but we also realize that bans actually help us to keep the tension going as they stretch further and further to we combined them together to make a better exercise we can do the same exact thing here with triceps and again to be part of a perfect work i believe we need to address that we're gonna do that to ways so guys let's get it all started i'll i'll break it down exercise but exercise for it.

You have to remember that tricep is bigger than the bicep. So, you have a lot of opportunities to develop your tricep muscles for visibility. I suggest using hand gloves, wrist support during workouts because out of mind you may take heavyweight which is the risk for your joint of the wrist.

Picture: Tricep Heavy Extention workout, not for beginners

Tricep muscles can grow much but you should remember that you have to maintain a balance among bicep, tricep, delta, and shoulder because if any individual muscle grows fast and others not then it does not look good. 

So, during a tricep workout, you have to care about other arms workouts such as delta, shoulder, bicep, and definitely triceps.

You should not forget to warm up those muscles before you start on the harder exercises.

Warm-up like hand movement, wrist movement, elbow movement, try to rotate your head on both left and right side.

Close-Grip Bench Press is like a chest workout but both hands should be close.

Picture: Close grip chest workout

Tricep Workout: Lying Triceps Extension 

Put your hand behind your head after lying like the video as below:
Video: Lying Triceps Extension 

Tricep Dips 

Dips are the reverse of chin-up which is best not only for the tricep but also for the chest. 

Video: Tricep Dips

The video below discussed about tricep workout do and don't at gym or home
Here Are Some of the Best Workout Songs to Get You Motivated as the link below.

 Now look at the tricep motivational video below.

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