Top 10 Best Compound Exercises for Muscle and Strength: what, why and how to do them best compound exercises full-body compound workout

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Top 10 Best Compound Exercises for Muscle and Strength: what, why and how to do them

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What is a compound exercises? 

Target multiple muscles group during exercises is called compound exercise. Most of the exercise are compound like pushup, bench press, squat,  deadlift etc. Compound workout like multiple exercise for multiple muscles such as when you start bicep, you should do triceps and then shoulder and forearms parallelly because it has related with each other.

What are the benefits of compound exercises?

Whenever you target different muscles by single workout then your range of workout will be increased and your shape will be generated in the same format. For example, when you start arms workout you can do dumbbells' bicep curl and also you have to maintain your triceps muscles. So, you have to perform triceps workout just after the bicep workout for perfect shape of your arms. Similarly, you have to workout on shoulder and delta which are related to each other. So, you have to carful about you delta should not bigger than bicep and triceps muscles. Every one want change but not like delta is bigger than bicep and bicep is bigger than triceps muscles.

So, you have to compound exercise to maintain a balance body shape.

Compound workout plan

If you think about compound workout plan then you have to make a routine and consult with your instructor. Planned routine workout is more effective than do as you like any
workout randomly.

However, firstly, you should start some free hand exercises like cardio exercises treadmills, cycling and then after cardio. You can do some pushup and then you can start some squat without weight and then increase the weight as per your capacity and then decrease the weights and accomplish your squat workout .

Secondly, you can do some kettlebell swing and then deadlift which you can do by using the dumbbells' or Barbells as per your capacity and body conditions.

Finally, you can do some bench press and incline bench press by using barbells. Don't think about heavy weight first, you should increase the weights gradually and similarly, decrease the weights gradually but you have to have maintain the sets and repetition. Normally 1 sets equals to 10 to 12 reps. So, you should complete 4 sets.

full-body compound workout and compound exercises at home

You can buy few dumbbells' and start workout at home. By using dumbbells', you can do many compound exercises like pushup, bench press, incline bench press and most 
of the workout or exercises are compound workout.

compound exercises with dumbbells

Most of the compound exercises are with dumbbells because it is easy to perform.

compound exercises list

The list of compound exercises are :

1. Squat;
2. Deadlift;
3. Pushup;
4. Bench press;
5. Face full;
6. Lat pull down;

Compound exercises for weight loss

Some exercises for weight loss are squat and deadlift. When you deadlift then it target your multiple muscles such as  legs, glutes, abs etc. Similarly when you do some squat exercise then it works for your legs, butt, abs. So, before starting workout, some people are doing squat to prevent injuries.

Best compound exercises

Lunges with Bicep dumbbell curl compound workout

Lunges with bicep with dumbbells' are one of the best compound exercise. Similarly, dumbbells' pullover is another best compound exercise which target your back, chest and triceps muscles. However, you should do some squat and if possible deadlift because both exercises are best compound exercises.

But you should wear gym belt, wrist support and glove during heavy exercises. Last but not least face pull is another best compound exercise work for your back and shoulder. But remember, every workout movement has a system and rules. You have to know perfectly how to do it else you will not getting any result and causes injury.

How to start compound exercises at gym?

Firstly, you have to do some warmup like skipping, knee high, cardio workout like treadmills, cycling, jumping jack, punching bag kick boxing practice, do some abs workout like sit-up bench and take a light weight ball or dumbbells' and start abs workout like silver Stallone. 


You should use boxing gloves, wrist support and gym belt to safe your lower back. 

Secondly, you can do some lunges workout to free your leg muscles and then start squat exercise with initially light weight and the increase the weights step by step and then you should decrease the weights gradually.

Benefits of squat:

  • Prevent injury or protect yourself from various risks like muscle pain, bone distortion etc. 
  • Strong your legs muscles;

Whenever you take heavy weights like barbells and dumbbells then you have to wear knee support/pad, weight support and gloves, gym belt and shoes.

However, squat is a compound workout and it works for not only your legs muscles but for your glutes, back muscles.

Similarly, you should do deadlift for your legs, glues, abs and back muscles.

Thirdly, you must do some pushup for your arms strength and capacity building which is really very good workout before starting any other heavy exercises like barbell or dumbbell curls, triceps, should press, back and legs various exercises.

In the gym, you can do bicep, triceps and should workout at the same time by using same dumbbells' to get perfect results and equal shape balance in your body. For example, 1st set bicep, 2nd set triceps and 3rd set should be shoulder but start with light weight. Please don't take heavy weights for multiple functions. 

However, you can increase the weights as per your capacity and balance. You have to complete your full sets and repetitions. 1 set equals to 12 repetitions. So, you should perform at least 4 sets to perfect results.

  • Drink little bit water during workout;

Compound workout means when you are doing dumbbell bench press, then you can do triceps by using the same dumbbell and then you also can do alternate dumbbell curl and also dumbbells' full over by using the same dumbbell. 

I remember, whenever I was doing the cable crunch by cable and I did some face pull workout which are best compound workout as I remember. Similarly, you ca do some dumbbell kick back which is the best triceps workout and also take sometime to rest between each sets at least 30 seconds and then start with full strength.

Similarly you can do single arm dumbbell row which is back workout and also you can single arm overhead triceps extension workout which are really a nice combination of compound workout.

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