Gym for beginners how to start going to the gym and workout for male and female things to do before going to the gym for the first time

How to start going to the gym  and workout for male and female and things to do before going to the gym for the first time

Picture: Bodybuilder

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To do a gym workout, you first need to wear a good dress. What could be the dress? A T-shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of gloves, another need, a gym belt. Why these are really needed because in the gym we actually do a lot of movement that causes a lot of hard work. There is a lot of sweat because of that hard work. So you must have a gym dress to do gym.

Another important thing is yoga mats. This is because you may need to do some dynamic stretching first. Dynamic means such as hand movement, leg exercises / movement, etc. Using yoga mats you can easily do some exercises like push-ups without which there is advance level of warm-up. 

Then you can do free squat and then do some advance squat with support gym machine to prevent injury. And without squat you should not start heavy workout and do you know that squat is the best workout ever for legs workout.

Picture: Heavy Squat workout to prevent injury but you need knee support and gym best 

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However, the exercises that you must do before doing pushup are treadmill fast walking, cycling, and cross treadmill. Doing these will make you sweat a lot and warm up your body. To be a bodybuilder, you have to follow a lot of rules and regulations, such as getting enough food, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water. Eat the right foods at the right time. Eat nutritious food which is mentioned in various places on my website

Remember before heavy workout you have to have weight loss. Do you want more weight loss quickly and do you have gastric problem then visit my special related post apple cider vinegar

About Music:

Picture: Music during workout

Actually you need some gym motivation before workout because without motivation it is very difficult so song is another motivation if you  listen music as follows Music is Life

Then you can get energetic and I believe that you enjoy a lot with my gym music page and my advice is when you start working then just copy my website link and join a just start music or you can download my music I already have mentioned in my music page some Arabic music which is also interesting during workout.

Related topic Music is a great motivation during the workout as below. 

Gym Advice:

During workout you have to look at the mirror for your body movement position and start boom boom music as mentioned above and start workout.

Most boys and girls go to the gym and start heavy workouts which is inappropriate. You must first complete the warm up exercises as mentioned above and then you should gradually start doing heavy exercises. Otherwise there is a possibility of injury. You can divide the seven days into 7 exercises or workout routines as per the instructor's routine.

The first day you start with fast walk or running in the treadmill for warm-up which is also called cardio workout and  cycling, cross treadmill, skipping, jumping jack and normal push ups may be you can start with knee push up and then full push up as the picture below. You can do front-side movement.

Picture: Advance warm-up session push up with wide grip

The second day, you can do hand exercises because we actually do a lot of things with our hands like we do shopping, there are no heavy objects so we should do hand exercises. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. We will start with hand movement like wrist movement because when we do hand exercises there is a lot of pressure on the wrist. 

First we can take two pairs of dumbbells. We can start a biceps workout. 

Picture: Bicep Workout

Then we can do some triceps workouts which is very important. There is no pair of biceps-triceps workouts for Marcel visibility. Because when we wear a dress, the biceps-triceps are actually seen specially when we wear t-shirt or half shirt and the rest of the muscles are hidden. After doing the biceps and triceps exercises, to know more about triceps workout click here and now we can actually do some shoulder exercises which are shown in the picture below. 

Picture: Shoulder Workout

Do you want to know more about shoulder workout the visit

In fact, the bicep-triceps, delta, shoulder and the forearms are related with each other, so a small one is not big, just like a big bicep delta is small, delta small bicep is big, so nothing will happen, so working together means exercising together.

Well, after the dumbbell workout, we can go to the barbell workout. The best exercises are barbell curl and concentration curl. We can press down for triceps.

At the end of our Arms Workout we will now move on to other exercises such as chest workouts. Workout is the most important thing because if we wear a T-shirt then we understand chest shape. So we should work out more and more chests. The most important of the endeavors are the barbell bench press, the incline bench press is the exercise of the upper part of the chest, and the exercise of the lower part is the decline bench press. These exercises can be done with barbells or dumbbells. Chest workout is the best upper body workout, these exercises can be done with the machine can be seen in sufficient quantity in any gym. Do you want to know more about chest workout? visit best step by step chest workout ever. 

The next day we can do another exercise because we already have done lots of workout. So now we will choose the back workout which is very important for the development of your back muscles because we know that older people have problems with back pain, so we need to strengthen our back muscles a lot. We can do any exercise very easily. So you need to do some exercises for the back muscles, they are called pullup or machine support pull up, usually it is better to start the exercise with beginner pull up. 

Then when you go to the gym you will see that there are many machines in the back. Even without any machine you can start back workout even V-shape back workout as the picture below. You can do everything slowly with the advice of the gym instructor.  Take weights gradually for example if you start with 5 kg then try 10 kg for your next day and then try for 15 kg and so on. You may need some support from one of your friends during heavy workout. 

Picture: Back workout

But be careful not to overweight at first and keep the repetition right so I say you are told to do it ten times per set if you do it twice then it will not work. You should try to complete 10 to 12 repetitions for each workout. So to be a normal body builder you have to work hard and if you want to go to the competition you have to accept a lot more. However, there is no harm in doing bodybuilding because at any age you can start bodybuilding and you can do an exercise targeting any muscle. However, in the middle of the exercise you need to drink some water but not too much water.

Now you need some gym motivation so here I am adding a gym motivation movie which is very important for everyone because without motivation people  are not  motivated enough to go to gym and workout. 

The movie name is born invisible which has a great motivation specially for bodybuilders. The movie is a little bit old but it has gym motivation which you can see at least one time and you tell me if you are motivated or not. And Let's watch-

Wu Tang Collection - Born Invincible

I have seen the above mentioned movie more than one time but I don't know why ? and make a list of workout video by which you can be a best bodybuilder and make your body strong like the above mentioned movie link is

You will see the step by step bodybuilding workout YouTube video which are really working but before starting workout hard check you heart and kidney. Because some people have some problem in heart or kidney but they don't even know or bother about it which is absolutely wrong. So, to the diagnostic center and test before starting hard workout this is doctor recommended. 

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