The Best Abs Workout

The Best Abs Workout

Picture: Click on the picture and show you how to develop the most beautiful abs or core development

To reduce belly fat you have to intake less food and work out hard. However,  you can take protein best food are supplementary. In this article, I have attached some pictures which are really important to reduce belly fat or core development. 

Before every workout or exercise, I have to be warm up because warm-up is important for everyone, and doing warm-up you are ready for exercise.

Some people believe that only for the workout is the best way to reduce the belly fat but I think that not only the exercise but also reduce the carbohydrate type food or avoid the food which has more fat. So,  you should have to eat less and workout like crazy and more sweating and more warm-up like cycling, treadmills, etc. are very important before a workout.

So I am now ready to tell you how to reduce the belly fat and abs workout. 

There are various types of workouts for abs development but I prefer starting with treadmills which are called cardio workouts which I say Hearts of workout. 

Click on any picture or link to show you how to do it on YouTube videos.

Abs development best workout plan for a daily routine-based workout.

Step 1: Basic warm-up to Hard warm-up workout

  • Hand movement

  • Legs movement
  • Hips movement 
  • Knee-High
  • Jumping Jack
  • Skipping
  • Basic Squat Workout
  • Push-up

Step 2: Cycling

Here Are Some of the Best Workout Songs to Get You Motivated as the link below.

Step 3: Treadmills, first walk and then run for at least 10 - 30 minutes

Step 4: Plank Workout

                                                            Picture: Plank Position World Best Abs Workout

Step 5: Burpee (Click on the picture and view the demo. youtube videos)

Step 6: Hanging Leg raises on Machine support or freehand

Picture: Machine Support Hanging Leg Raise

Drink a little bit of water because water is the main factor of weight loss but in the gym, if you drink much water then it is very difficult to abs workout.

Step 7: Russian Twist and Machine support twist which is available at Gym

Step 8: Lying Leg Raises;

Picture: Up your head during Hanging Leg Raises is most effective 

Step 9: Cable Crunches;

Step 10: Wood Chopper

It is like cutting wood in the forest.

Step 11: Crunches

Picture: Crunches with Ball Abs workout

Picture: Machine support crunches at GYM

When you crunch, you have to do it slowly and trying to tighten your abs will help you to do your core/abs development.

Picture: Side Crunches for obliques and side fat

Picture: Crunch with supporting others to not move your legs during crunches
Picture: Various Style of Crunches

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The Best Abs Workout

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