Best training scenes in movies best motivational movies for bodybuilding and gym workout Motivation

Best motivational movies for Bodybuilding and Training Gym Motivation

Wu Tang Collection - Born Invincible 

The above mentioned movie was old marshal art movie where I personally get motivated and joined gym to make my body parts strong like the enemy of the movies.

The story of the movie was really amazing and I think you will get motivated to make your body strong after watching several time of the above mentioned movies. But I don't know why I watched several times the above mentioned kumfu old movie and finally I made a site and attached bodybuilding tips with sharing the above mentioned movie video.

Today I am going to share some tips about how to make body like him. This movie has not a single bad science which is rare to see and also this movie has lots of entertainment without any bad scene.

You also get motivation about to learn kumfu, zudo, karate and also marshal arts but before doing this you should admin gym to make your body strong and in a good shape and remove fat from body.

After viewing the above mentioned movie, I found that you have to hard workout to strong your full body and you have to do full body workout as per the guideline.
After watching the above mentioned movie you may want to know who is this guy? Actually his name is Carter Wong Grand Master Marshal Art, his another video attached below.

Carter Wong Tribute

Born Invisible Movie Review

Lo Lea and Carter Wong came together as great in this birth invisible story. Traditional revenge soldiers encourage heroes to take revenge stories in different ways.

The title is a little wrong. Carter Wong was an indomitable big bad, but he wasn't born that way, he was trained in the incoherent style of tai chi kung fu from an early age (probably not tai chi, but as always, we just go with these things). There was only one place on his body that was weak and he could move it depending on his mood and time of day. This creates a serious problem for good boys when their school allows Carter, an old sword master and his daughter's victim to stay with them. Carter and Loh Leah came at the swordsman's request. When the schoolmaster (playing against the type of lung face) picks them up and kills them, it is the revenge of the master troupe. The incredible instinct disappears from the general storytelling, and instead of training one student to deal with the Great Evil, three different students are trained to fight at different times, and the weakness of the indomitable Warrior White song is discovered.

Carter Wong and Lo Lea seem to be having fun playing Big Bads. The good guys, including their ugly Bruce Lee Wig, looked pretty flexible.

Yuen Wu Ping was a director of martial arts and went out of his way to create fight-inspired scenes. Her brother, Yuen Shun-e, was in the role of Minion, a problem for the school. The fight scenes were good and the action and training scenes propagated the story with lightning speed.

As always, I grade old niche movies in a curve. The birth was invincible, entertaining, the courage to try to change the original trope and the fight scenes were good. Nothing more to ask from an old kung fu movie.

Bodybuilding and gym workout Motivation

Step 1: Gym warm up exercise 

You have to warm-up first to do any kinds of workout to prevent injury.

Step 2: Upper Body Workout for Men and Women

Upper body means arms, shoulder, delta, back target the muscles whenever workout.

Step 3: Effective Step by Step Workouts plan and bodybuilding

You need effective plan and food habit during workout. Please don't over eat and drink much water.

Step 4: Lower Body Workout for Men and Women

Lower part of body includes legs, hips, and abs is middle part of the body but you have to workout on every muscle and try to start with light weight and then heavy weight as per your body structure and instructor guideline. 

Step 5: Best Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder is a very important part of muscle building and gym workout and without develop the muscles of shoulders, arms are incomplete. So, you should click the link for more details.

Step 6: Six Pack Abs Total Abs Workout

Abs six pack is nowadays are important parts of upper body. If you want to develop your abs muscles you have to maintain food chart and then workout. 

Step 7: Today is Leg Day

Step 8: Top 20 Best Back Exercises

Back workout session 2

Step 9: The 20 Most Effective Triceps Exercises

Finally Step 10: Amazing Benefits of Yoga and Pranayama

If you follow my all steps then your muscles will be strong like a hulk and after one year you will be like Arnold. Make a target follow every steps in different day for example when you do legs workout, you just concentrate on it and similarly when you abs or arms workout you have to focus on it and whole day you just do arms or abs or any specific target based muscles workout.

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