What are the 5 Biggest Workout Mistakes and Gym Mistakes for Beginners to Advance Level (YOU'RE DOING WRONG!) Common Gym workout mistakes

Common Form Mistakes in The Gym Good vs Bad Form healthbestfit.com

Best common mistakes for gym workout

What are the 5 Biggest Workout Mistakes and  Gym Mistakes for Beginners

Picture: Cable Fly Chest Workout with heavy load

#1 Lunges

We've all seen guys bench press tons of weight at low speed in the gym. Or the guy doing bicep curls who looks like he's about to do limbo. You may have laughed at these guys and their scary looks, but you may have made a serious mistake yourself. If the focus of the exercise moves away from the target muscle, it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. After countless hours, I've narrowed this list down to eight of the most common gym exercises I see people doing wrong. I would like to make some changes to make it more realistic. Now let's start with the lower body for the first exercise, which is the lunge
Look at the video below for your clarifications.

All lunges performed by people of different skill levels are lunges with nearly overlapping step positions. What I'm trying to say is that people are hanging in a straight line and aligning one leg with the other as if trying to do a tricky balance test. That's Wrong For each lunge, you want your feet to be slightly narrower than hip-width apart. Lunges help improve balance, but the exercise itself isn't balancing, so you don't actually have to cross your legs every time you lunge. The mistake is that the steps are too close together. Take a small step and bring your feet together, creating a triangle between your legs at the bottom of the lunge. Usually, your knees are either over your toes or too far over your toes, which puts more stress on your knees. On the other hand, the lunge, when done correctly, feels like a rectangle between the legs and the front knee does not go over the toes.

One last thing about lunges is that you shouldn't break your knees on the floor with every rep. As long as you do this in a controlled manner, you should be able to drop to the floor and lightly touch the floor with your knees. Lowering your knees not only hurts your knees, but also reduces the load on your legs at the bottom of each rep. Look at the video below for more clarification.

#2 Parallel Bar Dip

Switch to upper body exercises and barbell dips. First, don't bench dive. Since your arms are locked behind your back, the exercise puts your shoulders in a very unnatural position that can lead to injury.

Fortunately, bars allow you to swim without your hands on your back, but even after regularly swimming on bars, there are still many mistakes. First, you shouldn't be doing partial reps like many people in the gym do. Let's work on strengthening. If you have a weight machine or resistance bands, you can use them to perform a full range of motion on the dips. Not lowering it is a problem, but setting it too low is also a problem. Do not run parallel to the floor. Otherwise, there will be a lot of pressure on your shoulders again. Another thing people do is have too wide elbows. Bend forward with your elbows slightly extended so you can focus on your chest, but don't extend it too far. And the last mistake many people make is trying to create a perfect vertical tilt. Even if you're trying to focus on your triceps, it's best to lean forward at least slightly with your chest in front of your hips for this exercise. 

Look at the video below for more clarification.

#3 DB and BB Chest Press

#4 Cable fly

Cable fly is the best chest exercise

Bend the #5 BB row

For this back exercise, bending over row 1 really helped. Whenever I was tired, I felt a ball in my back.
#6 Cable Triceps Extension
The triceps are a large muscle group, and simple triceps extensions are the perfect workout to develop your triceps.

#7 Lat pull down exercise

Expanding the lats will start the back workout.

#8 Skull Crusher

One mistake I want to correct in this video is with the skull crusher. As long as you do it in a controlled manner without moving from your lats, you can actually fall with this exercise. The same points still apply, but keep your elbows and shoulders together. 

Common mistakes in gym (YOU'RE DOING WRONG!)

Today I will cover various lifting mistakes related to exercise selection (some bad and some dangerous), training techniques, and even gym etiquette. If I really sat down and took the time, I could probably come up with 100 different gym mistakes that beginners (and even intermediates) make. Or if you find yourself guilty of these muscle-building mistakes, or if there's a specific training mistake you'd like to add to the list, let us know in the comments. and many bodybuilding myths. I hope this list of lifting mistakes helps you.

Common Mistakes in Gym Exercises & Common Lifting Mistakes To Avoid!

Number 1, you only use machines. There is nothing wrong with machines because they simplify many exercises and are, easy to use for the most part. But its simplicity also has its drawbacks. One is that machines usually only adjust to average height ranges, which is difficult use if you are too short or too tall. 

Some machines also follow unnatural movement paths, which can be annoying. Free weights are much more… well, free, allowing you to work with better, more natural patterns. A huge disadvantage is also the lack of strengthening stabilizing muscles.

The machines already have you set up in a fixed, stable position, so you won't need to kick up most of your stabilizers to maintain balance and control. In contrast, free weights will require just that. Again, this is not to say that the machines are not good at all. In fact, one of the best machines in all of fitness is cable machines. But they have their limitations and it is important to integrate free weight exercises
into your program wherever you see fit, especially if overall fitness is your goal. 

Second, you are doing too many isolation exercises. Yes, I'm talking to you, the one who looks in the mirror when you're doing 18 set of biceps curls. Believe it or not, being in shape means more than just the size of your arms. These single-joint isolation exercises, such as curls, lateral raises, and triceps presses, they tend to focus on only one muscle group at a time.

Picture: Leg Curl Exercise

However, large compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, and shoulder presses will hit more muscle groups at once, which means more work in significantly less time. Compound movements also allow you to work with much heavier weights, which is great if you want to build overall strength and muscle. 

Now isolation exercises are still important. They are great at hitting the muscles that need more work and are more efficient controlling specific volume targets for a given muscle. But the point is not to stop at insulation alone. Do your compound moves as well, if not more. Number 3, you only use light weights.

It is understandable that beginners will be hesitant to lift heavy objects. However, avoid doing so at odds with one key component of fitness: progressive overload. The concept that one must constantly increase the demands placed on the muscles in order to be effective to be stronger and bigger. 

Sure, you might put on a few extra pounds once in a while, but nothing close your maximum potential.
You have to push your limits to get results, ESPECIALLY if the goal is getting stronger.

Studies repeatedly show that strength gains are best achieved when lifting heavy weights. This means that you need to lift a weight that you can do 5 or 3 repetitions maximum, or even just once. And after you achieve that, try even harder next time.

No more sets of 40 reps unless your goal is strictly endurance. And before I wrap up the last two, I want to give a quick shout out to the PictureFit mismatch commonwealth! For those of you who don't know discord, it's a chat service originally created for players.

But it's also proven to be great for other communities, including health and fitness. Our PicutreFit community has tons of great people sharing advice every day. Overall, we've been tremendously successful in creating something fun, yet mature and useful Environment.

If you feel like you need help with your goals or want to help other buddies or even you just want to chat with me and others then please come check out the discord community today. 

Registration is super fast and easy. Just follow the link in the description. Number 4, you don't carry a water bottle with you. A simple but crucial mistake that many people make, not just beginners. Our body is made up of two-thirds of water and we sweat about 1 liter on average of water for every hour of exercise. 
Picture: Squat is the best leg workout and it is a compound workout

If we don't replace the lost water, it can lead to the dehydration that comes with unpleasant symptoms such as muscle cramps, fatigue, poor concentration and headaches. Features that you would definitely not want in your physical activities. A simple solution is to take a water bottle with you. There's really no reason not to, and it's better than relying on the water fountain at the gym. 

Also, if you're doing something super intense or long lasting, you might want to consider sports drink or coconut water instead to help replenish electrolyte losses. In addition, it contains sugars that replenish energy reserves.

Just make sure you count added sugars into your overall diet. And finally, number 5, you don't ask for help. There was a long-standing stigma of being antisocial in the gym. Unsolicited fitness advice is often discouraged because no one likes being told what to do with the best of intentions.

But such cantankerous pride in being independent means we're vacuumed up when we ask for help. As a beginner, there is no doubt that you will need all the help you can get. We also have studies that show that there are many more people with social and/or coaching support they are likely to succeed in their goals. 

Having someone to encourage and help is a motivational and educational benefit you on the way. Personally, I'm a big believer in working with real professionals, even personal trainers, with enough care, but I understand that not everyone has the financial means to do so so.

In that case, put your pride aside and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Contrary to popular belief, gym bros and broettes are more than happy to help. After all, they themselves  understand how difficult it once was as a beginner.

And those are five mistakes you might want to work on as a beginner. I hope you all left with at least some extra knowledge to take to the gym.

Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid!

Why Ab Workouts are a Waste of time

Why Six Pack Ab Workouts Are a Waste of Time - In today's video I explain why the typical "10 minute ab workouts" you find all over YouTube are ultimately a waste of time if your goal is to lose belly fat and achieve a defined six pack abs. It's not that you should avoid TRAINING your abs - the problem is this misconception that your abs are some kind of "unique" muscle that should be trained in some special way and that you need to dedicate your time to all of your abs training. Abs are a muscle like any other, so the same basic principles of muscle building apply. 

There is no need to do endless abdominal exercises with hundreds of repetitions at a time, because point reduction of fat is not possible and the only goal of abdominal training is to hypertrophy the abdominal muscles to make them more visible. 

This can be achieved with just a few basic ab exercises that you add to your regular workout plan, and you don't need the whole "six pack abs workout" done multiple days a week or even every day. But the problem is that so many people are looking for the "best abs workout" or think that some fancy "flat stomach workout" will flatten their midsection in a few days, which is why all these popular channels like Chloe Ting, Athlean- X, Blogilates, Chris Heria, V-Shred and others are constantly uploading these ab routines to YouTube, even if the videos themselves aren't that useful for their intended purpose.

Why Abs Workouts Are A Waste Of Time (DO THIS INSTEAD!)

Common Gym Workout Mistakes in the Gym

See the video below however, Let's start with the first mistake beginners do during their training which is they don't perform full range of motion exercises. Range of motion is completely ignored which should not be done because This leads to insufficient muscle development.

Let me explain this with a few exercises.The first exercise is for the shoulders.  the so-called dumb press. So that you understand what am i trying to explainIn most gyms, beginners move only so much.
That's only half the range of motion.

Whereas I want you all to do it full range of motion. Now let me show you another exercise with these dumbbells which is called 'Dumbbell curl' In this exercise, most beginners and young people choose a very heavy weight because of that they are not able to perform the full range.

Now it's half the range of motion and that's full range of motion. in which you really squeeze the muscle and stretch it all the way. There are many advantages also do a full range of motion.

first, your muscles will have proper development. Second, your joints will be stronger. Third, your mobility will increase.

and fourth, You will be less prone to injury. In conclusion, I would just like to say that you should not make these mistakes while practicing.

Now let's talk about the second mistake which most beginners do during exercise. So no grip strength.
i.e, anyone who works out in the gym whether they do it with dumbbells, rods or hanging chins, the most important thing is how strong your grip is. The tighter the grip, more will be the number of repetitions you can do. All trainers who train clients in the gym. I would like to ask all of you do not sell dumbbells to your clients yourself and once their set is complete, No put back the dumbbells because that is a loss for the person doing the exercise.

This is because to perform the exercise when you lift your own barbell store it wherever you want like putting it on the ground while exercising etc. and then put it back on the stand yourself it helps to improve grip strength to a great extent.

You may not notice it immediately, but subconsciously these little things help your muscles grow and develop strength. I would like to give one more example here about what mistakes we make in the "bench press"

Now, If I want to bench press I take the weight off the bar and put it on the stand and if i want to gain weight I'll put it back on the bar. This is a very small activity  but one that makes a big difference
because when removing weight my grip is strong and when inserting back the pressure is still strong.

So you have to do this activity yourself, don't you ask someone else or a trainer to do it for you. avoid this little mistake strengthen your grip no matter what you can hold and it will benefit you every time you exercise.

Now let's talk about the third mistake which beginners usually do. That is, avoiding large elevators.
Big lifts mean the deadlift, bench press, and squat.

I believe that beginners do not have much strength at first. and generally find a comfort zone in them
they work the biceps and triceps too much. For legs, they can do leg extensions etc. But I will tell you that three exercises that are Deadlift, bench press and squat it must never be missing from your training.

Do these exercises at least once a week because these will help you in overall strength development.
And it will be a good basis for your strength training. More joints and muscles are involved in these exercises which improves your overall strength and lung capacity.

So if you include these exercises in your schedule it's a little easier to do the rest of the exercises.
My request to all of you is this When you squat, deadlift, and bench press, maintain proper posture.
and choose your weight wisely to avoid unnecessary injury.

However, never avoid these exercises. The fourth mistake is a little funny. I saw many people buying bananas on their way to the gym and entry to the gym while consuming them. I'm sorry, but a banana doesn't give you any energy.

Because by the time it is spent your workout would be over. This is for all my budding friends,  Whenever you come to work out at the gym, you have to plan ahead. That means what you eat, whether it's a banana or oats or basically a pre-workout meal, you should eat at least an hour before training.

To spend it properly. Once digested, it will give you energy at the right time while performing exercises. It will help you increase the intensity of your training and you can do your best when you exercise. So please, if you want to eat bananas, eat them an hour before training.

The fifth mistake that beginners generally make is choosing a weight they cannot control. Yes! You tend to lift such a heavy weight your mind-muscle connection is lost So when you exercise, make sure you choose the weight which you can control and scales don't control you because it can cause injury and it won't be beneficial either. For example, when I do barbell curls, and this is how I swing my body with a very heavy weight.

I will cause unnecessary stress on the joints, Only lift weights that you can command. Movement should be slow and controlled Press, contract the muscles and slowly release the weight.

Although the weight is not too heavy, if the muscles contract and stretch properly, your muscle is getting a proper workout.

So strictly "don't raise the ego". If your friend lifts 10-20 kg it is not necessary that you also lift the same weight. Always make sure that your weight selection should not affect your posture and All exercises should be performed only in correct posture.

Maintain proper posture. Also, don't do too low reps. At least 8-10 repetitions are needed and weight should be chosen accordingly.

Exercise in a better way. The sixth mistake is lack of focus or you can call it "lazy training" I have seen many people in many gyms who have different goals Some want to lose weight.

Some want to gain weight, Some want to increase their strength. Some want to increase their stamina.
But to achieve all these goals, Focus is most important. After all, when you train with a purpose, How lazy can you be?

For example, after finishing their set many girls and boys check their lyrics, check out their Instagram posts, stories, etc All I'm trying to say is during your training, whether it is 50 minutes or 10 minutes
no one works longer than that.

During this time you should focus on in the exercise every repetition you do, it has a purpose
You should concentrate during training.
Top Common Gym Mistakes जिम में न करें ये गलतियां Yatinder Singh

You should workout in front of mirror to check your target your muscles developing or not what you want to do;

Another mistake may be you are not listening music to get energy and power. So, you have to listen music during workout and music is one kind of motivator and a bodybuilder can be best motivator for your to workout more but in correct ways. 

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See top YouTube music video during workout. 

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