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Boost Energy Level Super High Best workout songs | Gym Music |  Best workout songs of all time

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Best Hip Hop Workout Songs

Adding pulsing hip-hop music to the mix can help break the monotony of the daily grind. We found the 400 best hip-hop courier songs to help you spice up your gym routine. See if your selection matches ours.
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This time Digital Desk: I often see people exercising or jogging in the morning with earphones in their ears. Wear earphones while walking or exercising. But why do we listen to music while exercising? Is there a connection between exercise and music? Let's see why listening to music while exercising is important.

1) Techniques for starting exercise:

We often don't want to exercise or walk when we wake up in the morning due to various reasons or laziness. If so, turn on the music first. You may want to exercise or take a brisk walk. And this song keeps me motivated while I'm exercising.

2) Naturally, your movement speed increases:

Are you noticing physical or mental changes that you hope your exercise will bring? Then create your favorite playlist before you go for a walk, run or hit the gym Music is very effective in speeding up tasks that require stretching.

3) Music makes you remember:

We all know that music can heal the soul. Songs determine how hard you work Your favorite songs stay in your head and motivate you. However, not all types of music work the same for everyone.
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4) As a result of reconciliation:

Rhythm is the biggest element of music. It's not that you have to dance to the beat while listening to the music, it's about moving your body to the rhythm. Music increases electrical activity in the parts of the brain that coordinate our bodily functions. So we listen to our favorite songs.

5) Useful for normalization:

When the body is very damaged after long hours of training, the heart rate will be very high and music can also help to normalize. In other words, soft music is very effective in reducing stress on the heart.

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Ayesha listens to music despite being busy. There may be some exceptions in some cases. But most people probably belong to the listening group. Listening to music when you are in a good mood and listening to music when you are in a bad mood is controlled by your brain. The effect of music on the brain is amazing.

Many people like to sing. Many feel more comfortable listening than singing. Our brain is constantly changing according to the situation. Simply put, it behaves like plastic. Therefore, this function is called neuroplasticity. Your brain changes when you listen to music or sing. A group of researchers conducted several experiments to see how the brain responds to music. They measured the sensitivity of the brain to a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. 

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For this study, the brains of deceased master musicians were harvested. It turns out that one part of the brain changes in particular compared to a normal person. 

They are:-

Auditory – Used for hearing.
Visual – What you pay attention to when you see it.
Motor (motor) - plays a role in movement.
Specific changes in these regions affect not only brain size but also function.

Brain response to listening and singing

Auditory – This part of the brain processes sound after learning music. Humans can easily detect differences in sound frequencies that differ from normal speech. As it is for those who study music, so it is for those who listen to it.
Motor – This part is responsible for growth and movement of muscles related to music, shape of various organs like fingers, mouth etc. Numerous neurons are connected to these areas, which allow the muscles to move smoothly. .
Reading - Studies show that people who read well are connected to music. The problem is that people who read very quickly can easily translate the melody of a song into text in their minds.

Music can reach many parts of the auditory system that are closely related to other senses. Suppose you were asked to remember your time in elementary school. Then I was asked to say the four letters after 'A'. Most people just find the tune. Because most of us learned the alphabet when we were kids. This process simultaneously made learning as fun as possible.
If you look closely, you will see that many people play music at a low volume while studying. The reason behind this is surprising. Reading is easily absorbed because music engages many sensory organs of the brain.

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I can share something interesting in this context. Music is playing in my room as I collect and write this article. So I don't think it will be difficult to do this. I never get tired of it. Boredom does not work.

Different parts of the body are actively involved when trying to learn music. These include sight, hearing, touch, muscle contraction and body balance in proper proportions. This is best explained by two mechanisms. Find out.

First, when you start learning music, all your senses are sharpened. For example, pick up your instrument, listen as you play, and see the rhythm of the notes. All three events occur sequentially. They attack the brain at different times. The brain is the main player. He began to pair them. Adapt quickly. In this case, neurons play a role.

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Second, the timbre changes when you play the instrument. The melody rises and falls over time. However, they are united in one line in the brain. Let's clarify with an example. Suppose a guitarist is playing at a concert. Each song has a different tone. Every song is different. He has to play with that ratio. Some songs have a high beat at the beginning, a low beat at the end, and a high beat at the end. So the guitarist must play each song carefully. A little carelessness can make everything go wrong.

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Effects of music on people

There is music somewhere, or you are playing music, but you have no response inside! Has it ever happened? Most people nod their heads, move their feet, and wiggle their fingers while playing or listening to music. I started stirring. Sometimes it reveals, sometimes it doesn't. I think it's hard to find people who don't have a feeling for music. Musical notes affect the heartbeat. There is no chat anywhere, no music. Music enhances intimacy during conversation.

When your mind is very happy, what kind of music do you like in that mood? Your mood will be more refreshed and full.

Again, you are very upset. Then I like to listen to cold mood songs with sad tones. The melody of that song seems to fly like a cloud in the sky of my heart. Surrender to the melody of detachment and you will find life. Sad music reminds the brain of past actions and evokes regret. In short, negative m strengthens.

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