10 effective ways and changing food habits to increase immunity

 10 effective ways to increase immunity

Eating certain foods can help keep your immune system strong if you are looking for ways to prevent illness like flu and other viral and bacterial infections focus on what you eat plan your meals will give these 10 powerful foods to Boost Your immunity and fight infections papaya is a fruit that is loaded with Vitamin C you can find 157 per cent of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C in a single papaya it originated in Central America and Southern Mexico for this route is now grown in many other parts of the world papaya contains an enzyme called back pain with a breakdown of protein change found in muscle meat and can help in digestion also papayas have decent amount of potassium vitamin bi folate all of which are beneficial to your immune system it also contains a decent amount of other antioxidants and Vitamin A all these vitamins and antioxidants makes it a great fruit for boosting your immunity.
Garlic is one of the most widely used Spice for adding that extra flavour to the food is known by one other name and that is immunity boosting superstar.
Garlic lower blood pressure and cholesterol and also kills parasites in our body. bhoot green and black teas are packed with flavour noise which type of antioxidant with green tea really excels is it is levels of epigallocatechin gallate.

The a dream preserved it to try green source health health broccoli is supercharged with vitamins and minerals that will vitamin A and B as well as many other antioxidants and fibre broccoli is one of the healthy vegetables you can put on your table the region amount of vitamin C found in broccoli help to Boost Your immune levels 100 grams of broccoli can contain up to 18 9 mg of Vitamin C which is more than a lot of citrus fruits broccoli is also rich in beta-carotene.

At this point, the outbreak seems to be getting worse. Every day, the number of people infected with COVID-19 and the number of deaths are increasing dramatically. The situation in our country is no exception. Developed countries are struggling to treat such a large number of patients. In this case, you need to pay more attention to prevention, so you need to pay more attention to increase immunity and increase immunity. 

So today I will talk about 10 effective ways to build immunity against coronavirus. 


Eat balanced and nutritious food. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.  It contains nutrients as well as fiber. Drink plenty of 8 to 10 glasses. Avoid fast food, excess fat and spicy foods as much as possible. 

Vitamins and Minerals: 

Theater plays an important role in boosting immunity. Vitamin C: Natural resources are sour fruits like lemon, orange, malt, mango and grapefruit. It is also available in tablet form which can be taken once or twice a day due to flu symptoms. However, the effectiveness of vitamin C obtained from natural resources is high. 

The natural source of vitamin D is sunlight, which can be used on 10 parts of the body (face, hands, neck, etc.) from 10 am to 4 pm. There are advantages. Zinc-rich foods include ginger, garlic, nuts, and marine fish. Zinc supplements in the market can be taken in the form of lozenges every 2 hours. 


Honey for honey is very beneficial for influenza symptoms because it is nitrogen monoxide which works against RNA virus, but it should be eaten with caution in diabetics. 

Yes. It contains ingredients that help boost the patient's immune system, So be sure to keep it stress free. TV and social media news puts you under pressure. Stay away from them. Members, listen to music, read books, watch watts, pay attention to a movie or learn something new. Also, yoga and meditation are a great way to calm your mind. Exercise: Exercise keeps your body healthy and vaccines. Essential for energy. Especially in the current situation where we all stay at home. Adults need to exercise for at least 10 minutes every day and children need to exercise for 1 hour daily. 

All you can do at home is walk, cycle, just do yoga, transfer weights, climb stairs. Avoid smoking and drinking. Damages the respiratory tract. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease, so there is a risk of infection so quit smoking completely and do your breathing exercises completely. Avoid alcohol. Weight management: There is no substitute for weight management to keep your body's immune system intact. Eat moderately and keep your body active. 

Benefits of eating banana every day

Eating more than one banana every day is beneficial for the body. However, those who have diabetes should eat according to the doctor's advice. According to a report published in Tips and Tricks.com, the benefits of eating bananas every day are as follows:

Eliminates anemia: Iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Bananas help to increase red blood cells.

Keep the stomach clean: Bananas are rich in high fiber. Eating bananas regularly helps to cleanse the stomach.

Ginger used sore throat muscle areas through common cold and many other informative illnesses Ginger may also help decrease nausea and vomiting bile is used in many sweet desserts danger back some heat in the form of general it is a relative of capsaicin this compound decreases chronic pain and possesses cholesterol-lowering properties which is according to a recent Animal Research conducted in Australia. Ginger helps the immune system perform optimally by boosting it when it is under active or suppressing it when it is overactive research also suggest that danger can help white drug-resistant bacteria also.

Spinach is rich in calcium iron magnesium potassium vitamin A for late and many other antioxidants which are essential micronutrients for your immune system similar to broccoli spinach is healthiest when it is good as little as possible so that it retains its nutrients however light cooking and hands is vitamin A and allows other nutrients to be released from oxalic acid is also one of the best sources of dietary magnesium.

Citrus rules and the best sources of Vitamin C most people turn to Vitamin C after the court or cold that's because it helps to build your immune system Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells which are key to fighting infections review published in the nutritional journal show that getting enough Vitamin C can reduce the symptoms. It may also be useful in preventing malaria and diarrhoea which also can help protect against oxidative stress and prevent damage to your immune cells through these include grapefruit oranges tangerines lemons and limes because your body doesn't produce or store Vitamin C you need daily dose of Vitamin C for continued health almost all citrus fruits are high in vitamin C with such a variety to choose from it's easy to add a squeeze.

If you think citrus fruits have the most Vitamin C of any fruit or vegetable well thing again and surrounds red bell peppers contained twice as much as Vitamin C as compared to the citrus fruits besides boosting immune system Vitamin C may also help maintain a healthy skin red bell peppers are also a rich source of beta-carotene Beta carotene helps to keep your eyes and skin healthy many studies have shown and Association between diet rich in keratinized and a reduced incidence of many forms of cancer and has been suggested that this is due to the antioxidant properties of carrot rice.

There are many different reasons by apples are great for building a strong immunity and good health first and foremost apples contain good quantities of all the essential vitamins like vitamin A Vitamin E vitamin B12 and Vitamin C all these vitamins are essential for a proper function of the immune system apples also contain pattern is a type of fibre that acts as a prebiotic this means it feeds the good bacteria in yoghurt or gut bacteria directly regulates the function of immune system by releasing compounds in the gut that I am immune cells and modulate their function soluble fibre changes the personality of the immune cells they go from being pro-inflammatory angry cells to anti-inflammatory healing cells that help us to recover faster from infection this was said by Gregory forward who is a Professor at the UAE College of Medicine and gastroenterology. in addition to good diet exercise proper sleep and proper supplementation is essential to build a good immunity.


Muscle tension: 

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with muscle tension? Bananas can solve this problem. Bananas are rich in high potassium which eliminates the problem of muscle tension.

Reduces the problem of heartburn: Banana can purify stomach acid. So the problem of heartburn burns can be found by playing more than one banana.


Remember this is a very important thing. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep every night timely. Boost your immunity 3. Adequate rest for 10: If you want to protect yourself from coronavirus infection, it is very important to keep yourself and your surroundings clean. You must wash your hands with soap and water when required. Please clean the equipment with disinfectant. Keep elevator buttons clean with disinfectant and use a mask. Therefore, at this point, you need to be aware of these issues. Because prevention is better than cure. 

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