Weight Loss Tips and Tricks Step by Step

How To Lose Weight Fast 10 kgs in 10 Days - Full Day Indian Diet/Meal Plan For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks Step by Step  Gym Motivational Music

 The video is mentioned above is a playlist for Gym Motivation because music is one type of motivation.

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks 

Exercise is the best for weight loss or fat loss besides changing food habit and eating fresh fruits like apples, oranges, guava etc.

Obesity and mental health

The rate of obesity and depression has increased a lot during the global epidemic. According to researchers, weight gain is closely related to depression. Weight gain also changes mood, leading to more depression. Depression is more common in women. One study found that obese people were about 55 percent more likely to suffer from depression than people of normal weight.

More women have to accept the consequences of weight gain. Women who are overweight also have a higher rate of infertility. Excess fat disrupts the hormonal balance in the body, which has a negative effect on their menstrual cycle and ovulation. The result is infertility. Again, many people resort to sweet or oily foods due to depression or upset. Eating at least two apples a day reduces depression; It is especially effective for middle-aged women.

Nutritionists recommend certain foods to relieve depression. Cereals, nuts, oily fish, mushrooms, apples, bananas, non-dairy foods. Green tea contains antioxidants, which not only reduce depression but also reduce stress. Curry cooked with turmeric is also beneficial. Turmeric contains some ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and improve mental health. The polyphenols in dark chocolate improve mood. Spinach contains high levels of magnesium, which relieves fatigue and depression. In addition, these vegetables are an excellent source of iron. Therefore, there is no pair of spinach to reduce anemia and strengthen the body and mind. The folic acid in tomatoes helps in weight loss as well as mental health.

To maintain proper weight, you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrate rich foods such as rice, bread and potatoes in your diet. Red rice, red flour, oats should be added to the diet. Eat more green vegetables. Trans fat such as cakes, pastries, beef should be eaten less. Eat more fibrous foods. Drink two and a half to three liters of water daily and get eight hours of sleep. Exercise regularly. Walking is an exercise that is easy and effective.

You can drink half a liter of water before breakfast in the morning. It will feel a little full, then if you eat less breakfast, you will feel full. And water does not add any weight so you can drink half a liter of water before breakfast without any worries.

 It can also be used at other times of the day, drinking Aadhaar water before meals and then starting to eat so that you can eat less than you normally eat to fill your stomach and help you lose weight.

Many people have the idea that even if you don't drink water before eating, it will be digested at least half an hour before.

When we are hungry, we often eat unhealthy foods such as jilapi. Almost everyone knows that these are not healthy foods, but it can be a way to make it harder to control greed.

 If you think about your religious food in the morning, eat it if you feel hungry. If you plan it in advance, you may take it with you in a box. It may be a healthy home-made meal. It will be a little easier to walk to school in the morning. When you go to work in the morning, when you are bringing your child to school, see if it is possible to walk.

 The car did somewhere 10 minutes ago. Try to walk fast while walking slowly.

 This is so that if you can get a little into the commute between daily work, then there will be regular practice.

 Not just to lose weight, but to lose weight and keep the body healthy, regular exercise is essential.

 He easily gains extra calories. He gains weight. There is no need to eat sugar separately to stay healthy. He does not get any special nutrition from it. Gradually you will see that it is better to eat biscuits without sugar. Again, it is not sweet to eat biscuits with tea, but usually the amount of sugar is not much. The two are equal, so when trying to lose weight, avoid biscuits with tea. They are more successful in losing weight so you can measure your weight. 

The rule of weight loss is to try to clean the bathroom in the morning.  Then you can easily keep track of whether you are gaining or losing weight, then you can find out the cause and make changes accordingly. Thoughts will come to mind. Maybe you decide a little too much. If you decide not to eat passport today, it will help you to lose weight. It can be a worry every day. It is seen that in the busyness of the day it is not done backwards so in the morning you can say that it can be any kind of exercise which is a benefit of brisk walking, weightlifting etc. and do the exercise in the morning in the exercise basin that you like

 It will be very nice then you can do it again in the afternoon if you have time. It is enough to get enough sleep. To stay healthy we need food and water every day.

Whenever you eat, make sure that your rice(carbs) quantity is less. Carbs in lots of quantity is bad for health. Have veggies, green leafy veggies, lentils, fish, eggs, chicken - have them in loads of quantity
and carbs less. You have to take some seasonal fruits. Reduce quantity of sugar intake and also stop eating sweets. Stop consuming junk food and oily food as snacks. Puffed rice with chopped cucumber
onion, chillies, tomatoes, chaat masala - mix & have them. 

You need to workout such as going gym, dance, yoga, swimming, walking, jogging and give your full dedication  to the workout. Try to walk fast so that you sweat and burn calories a lot. 

You should take stairs instead of lift, do some household chores and you have to go to bed early and
keep a gap of 2-2.5 hours between dinner and bed time. You have to drink 3 glasses of water first thing in morning, or squeeze lemon in water, ACV, amla juice, fat first(1 tsp of ghee), any fruit, almonds.

Eat cumin and lose all body fat in just 15 days

Click on Any Picture it will show video how to do it properly

Eat cumin and get rid of all your body fat in just 7 days! There is nothing new about the use of cumin in cooking. Please be patient for 15 days. Eat half a teaspoon of cumin every day. Don't miss the day. Write it down with your weight.

Get the weight back after 7 days. Surprise yourself. You can also lose weight by eating cumin with banana. Recent studies have shown that cumin as a whole can lose weight very quickly.

When the water turns red, turn off the gas and hold the pot. Wait for it to cool. Drinking this cumin tea thrice a day will help digestion. Reduces abdominal pain. How to eat cumin?

1. Soak 2 tablespoons of all cumin seeds in a glass overnight. Heat water in the morning and eat it like tea without cumin. If you have cumin in your mouth, do not throw them away. If you drink it like tea for a few days, you will lose weight.

2. If you find that the above medications are not working well in your case, resort to the second method. Increase the amount of cumin in the diet. You can eat cumin with yogurt. Mix 5 grams one teaspoon cumin powder and eat regularly. 

3. Mix a few teaspoons of honey and 3 grams of cumin powder in a glass of water. Eat this mixture regularly. Make a soup by mixing one teaspoon of cumin powder and it will work.

4. Lemon and garlic are very good medicines for weight loss. Boil vegetables like carrots and add garlic and lemon juice. Add cumin powder. Eat every night and watch the magical changes. After 7 days you will notice that you have lost weight.

Cholesterol Level

Here are some tips to keep the body well

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Cholesterol  are mainly two types, Good Cholesterol which is essential for cell formation. The body also needs good cholesterol (HDL) to produce more than one hormone. On the other hand, if the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body increases, it can have serious effects. Bad cholesterol increases the risk of stroke and the risk of heart disease. However, you can avoid it very easily (Easy Healthy Tips). How? The answer is hidden in your heart. Find out.

Not refined, restore confidence in the whole grain

According to doctors, it is usually best to avoid packaged refined rice, flour and meal. Because as a result of purification, all the nutrients are lost from them. Even the fiber is lost. Physicians advise to eat whole grains instead. It matches the complete nutritional value. It is mandatory to include oats in your daily diet to reduce high cholesterol levels. You can also eat dahlia to avoid packaged flour in the market.

Pulses beneficial in reducing bad cholesterol

Pulses should be included in the daily diet to maintain good cholesterol. Pulses are good for the heart as well as for controlling high blood pressure. However, even in this case, it is better to play with the coating from the retail market with the outer coating from the packaged shiny pulses.

Green vegetable is a must 

More green vegetables should be added to the diet. According to the advice of doctors, you can eat more vegetables if you take salad before meals. Rajma and gram can be kept in salads. To reduce harmful cholesterol, a pair of eggplant and eggplant should be added to the vegetables. Although doctors advise not to use too much oil in cooking.

May the fruit be my friend

Fruits are very important in maintaining cholesterol levels. Apples and berries are very useful in this case. It is important to have at least one fruit in your daily diet. Pectin fiber, which is rich in vitamin C, i.e. citrus fruits, reduces harmful cholesterol in the body. Nuts are also good for maintaining good cholesterol.

What are the best food for weight loss - is it possible to weight loss depending only food?

As you begin researching diet and exercise programs, I'm sure you've probably asked yourself what really are the best foods for weight loss. Unfortunately, there is no single diet that will help you lose weight. However, following a diet rich in protein along with exercise will help in shedding unwanted pounds.

Any type of diet to lose weight should include foods like eggs, meat, nuts and dairy products which are all rich in protein and help you lose weight. Plus, high-fiber foods will make you feel full. Other foods, so-called negative calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables should always be part of a weight loss program. After all, you should consume fewer calories than you burn during the day.

Creating a diet based on the best foods for weight loss will not work alone. Studies have been done and it is clearly shown that an exercise program used along with a healthy diet helps in losing weight very quickly. One study showed this using two experimental groups. One group was on a high-protein diet, the other on a high-carbohydrate diet. Both implement a light exercise program. At the end of the study, they found that the group eating the high-protein diet burned more fat and less muscle than the high-carbohydrate group. This is your ultimate goal, to burn more fat and gain lean muscle. These best foods for weight loss will surely help you reach the goal faster.

Effective weight loss basic trivia. Start by analyzing the best foods for weight loss and incorporate them into your daily meal plan. Start exercising now, even if it's walking on a treadmill. A diet combination and regular exercise will help get rid of these unwanted pounds.

How many times should I chew food? What will happen if you chew less

Are you in a hurry? Thinking, you have to run out of food early? So somehow finished the meal? This can damage the body. Because chewing food can cause many types of bacterial infections.

Once you take food in the mouth, at least how many times you have to chew? The doctors also gave his account. According to them, you have to chew at least 30 times. Else the food will not be digested right ways. People who do not chew food in a hurry may have increased acidity problems.

However, not only this problem, the body can not take its full nutritional value without chewing food properly. Especially most of the vitamins in food are wasted. The more times you chew food without it, the more it will break down and mix with saliva. It will also kill the harmful germs in it. But if you swallow it in a hurry to eat fast food, all those germs go to the stomach. It increases the risk of various diseases.

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