Premature hair ripening

  Premature hair ripening

If the hair ripens prematurely or at a young age, one has to face various difficulties. Many also suffer from depression. Hair maturation is a normal process. However, the question is, how old is the hair? It is different for different ethnic groups. For example, Caucasian people have 22 to 25 years of age to start hair loss. Again in the case of our subcontinent it is taken to be 25 to 30 years. Earlier hair is called premature hair or premature gray hair.

Dermal papillae of the skin work to create skin color. Its unit is also in the head. In this case, five keratinocyte cells are attached to one melanocyte cell. If for some reason it does not work properly, that is, if the melanocyte cell cannot produce pigment, there is a danger. The hair begins to turn white.

There is also a hereditary effect on premature hair maturation. In other words, if one's ancestor's hair grows prematurely, this problem occurs in one's lineage. In some diseases such as thyroid gland abnormalities, leukemia, atopic energy, autoimmune diseases, progeria and pancreas, premature hair loss is seen. People who have digestive problems also have a risk of hair loss at an early age.

Anemia, lack of vitamin B12, iron, copper, vitamin D3 also causes premature hair loss. In most cases, low blood fat or HDL increases the risk of premature hair loss. Some medications, such as chemotherapy used to treat cancer, can whiten hair with side effects from malaria medications. In addition, those who consume alcohol and smoke excessively are also prone to premature hair loss.

Get moderate sleep, exercise, a balanced diet and plenty of vegetables. As well as habits such as excessive smoking or drinking should be given up. This problem can be avoided by living a well-controlled life.

Which mistakes in regular life are responsible for split ends?

Wants to have long hair, but the condition of the hair is very messy! I am doing expensive shampoo, brand conditioner, oil massage, packing, then why is the hair ends becoming red and weak? If the hair is torn in this way, but it does not look good, in the end the hair has to be cut! Yes, there is no other way but to cut the torn hair. Have you ever wondered which mistakes in regular life are responsible for split ends as well as lack of nutrition? We see them at a glance.

1) Regular hit styling

If you use regular straightener on hair without heat protector spray, it will hamper the normal moisture level or moisture of the hair. And sebum reaches the hair follicles but less, so it becomes dry and frizzy very quickly. Those who dry their hair with a regular dryer, however, have more problems with split ends. If necessary or occasionally you do hit styling. But you need to use heat protector spray well, it reduces hair loss.

2) Excessive shampooing and skipping conditioning

When the hair starts to lose its natural oil, the hair problems increase due to split ends and roughness. Harsh chemical shampoo is playing twelve of your hair without your knowledge! And excessive shampooing is harmful for the hair. Again just washed the hair with shampoo but did not use conditioner, it also makes the hair rough. In particular, the ends of the hair look lifeless and the ends begin to crack.

3) Tie wet hair with a towel

Many of us have this habit. Wet hair with a thick towel loses moisture. And wet hair is soft, in this case, brushing or squeezing the hair with a towel can be the cause of hair breakage. You can squeeze the water out of the hair with a genji cloth, the hair can not be rubbed hard!

Easy hair care

Hair is a type of protein fiber whose main ingredient is keratin. Nutrients reach these cells by meeting all the needs of the body. To get beautiful hair, you have to do basic care along with healthy food intake, right? In BG Life we   want a quick solution. No one wants to go to too much trouble to take care of their hair. But it is possible to take out a little self-pamper.

1) Hair trimming mast

Cracked hair can not be repaired! That means it has to be cut off. Slowly the agar cracks begin to rise to the top. Those who already have cracked hair on their head, cut the whole cracked part. And start taking care of your hair. After 2/3 months, just trim the ends to make the hair look healthy. Even if you have a hobby of big hair, if you cut the tip a little, it will not be too much loss! And thin weak hair ends but the beauty of the hair is dirty.

2) Apply oil on hair

You can use oil massage to strengthen the hair and retain moisture. Apply oil not only on the scalp but also on the hair. Mix almond oil or olive oil with coconut oil and apply on hair for 1-2 hours. Then wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. The hair will be soft and smooth.

3) Do deep conditioning

If you dye or rebond your hair, you need to do deep conditioning 1/2 day a week. Those whose hair is dry and dehydrated, but the problem of split ends occurs. There are various types of nourishing hair masks, deep conditioning masks and hydrating hair masks available in the market now. These masks work great to reduce hair dryness, freshness, damage.

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