Best Treatment for Headache and Migraine

 Best Treatment for Headache and Migraine 

Best Treatment for Headache and Migraine 

Headaches at work

Tension pain is very different from migraine headaches. Migraine pain is accompanied by throbbing pain on one side of the head, nausea and vomiting. But tension-related pain causes pain in the whole head, nausea, but not vomiting. Migraine pain is cured at rest, but tension-related pain never subsides unless the tension subsides. Even pain medications do not cure it. Physicians often prescribe antidepressant medications to patients to reduce this pain.

 Things that work as a tension type headache trigger need to be figured out. Reducing these ‘trigger factors’ will help prevent and treat headaches.
Tension-type headaches are usually treated with medication and counseling. It does not need to be tested to diagnose. So this treatment does not cost much. However, in the case of abnormal headaches, vomiting with pain, fainting, stiff neck, numbness on one side of the body, etc., the patient is seriously examined and any major disease is treated accordingly. In this case, it costs a lot

Many do not understand what triggers their pain. The doctors then find out the detailed history of the patient's pain and tell them to refrain from it. In some cases help from family members is sought. Parents are told not to stress about their reading if their children are in pain due to study stress. As much as he reads, he should read with joy. Parents are also asked to pay attention to sleep and eating properly. Physicians advise other family members to pay special attention to those who are homemakers so that they do not work beyond their tolerance, as well as to get a good support.

At some point in life it is called tension headache but the name is the word tension but it is due to many other reasons besides tension. Those reasons are headaches due to sleep. This is because of the sudden decrease in stress due to a decrease in a type of hormone in the head, do not panic if you have this headache.

Sleeping too much is not a headache for everyone. It just doesn't happen in your case. The solution is if you have such a headache, curb the urge to sleep more on holidays. 8 hours of sleep can cause headaches.

Even if you sleep a lot, it can cause headaches. Many people have less sleep, which increases the ability to feel pain in the brain. Many people can get these types of headaches when they drink too much because they can cause headaches. If you drink these drinks and see that you have a headache, then you should drink less of these. Many of us do not understand when dehydration occurs not only in diarrhea but also in excessive sweating if we do not drink enough water but dehydration can occur. The solution is to drink at least two liters of water.

Try to drink enough water even if the headache starts the reason for the headache may be that it is sugar to make tea, but one solution is not to skip any meal. Even if you have a headache, you have to eat food on time. Need to exercise regularly.

Stress is a very common cause. If you are under stress about something, you may get a headache, so you need to solve the problem of stress. Migraine is not a headache. How do you know that this is what we are talking about? It is a mild to moderate type of headache. It does not cause very severe pain. Normal daytime activities can be continued. No, these are not seen, but the headaches are more likely to be due to migraines.

Also these two pains occur in different parts of the head. The pain is usually on the side of the head. It seems to be holding on to the head. In some cases it seems to be sitting on the head. The pain usually comes from the front of the head to the back and to the neck, but in some cases it can be anywhere else in the head. Migraine pain is different, usually on one side of the head and the pain seems to be throbbing.

 Now I am talking about how to take medicine for tension type headache for how long? 1000 mg of paracetamol is effective in reducing this type of headache but before intake medicine you can drink ginger tea to remove 90% headache. In our country usually 500 mg of paracetamol tablets are available. 500 mg tablets. Take other tablets. Can eat every 6 hours if ginger tea does not works then.

There is no other disease for an adult like this amount of medicine and if your body weight is 50 kg or more and your weight is less than 50 kg then take painkillers as advised by the doctor.
I have been saying for a long time that the cause and solution of most headaches i.e. tension type headaches. This type of headache is painful but not a threat to a non-toxic life.

 If you have frequent headaches, the headache will not go away even after taking the headache medicine and will continue to get worse.

If I have pain in the front of the head or on one side, or in some cases nausea or vomiting with cluster headache paper, and the voice becomes painful, I mentioned earlier that it may be a migraine.

If you are over 40 you have never had a headache before but now if you start having a new headache it can be a sign of cancer.

As the type of headache usually changes a lot, it can also be a sign of cancer.

There are many possible causes of cancer, but it is important to see a doctor and get rid of the anxiety. If it is too much or if the headache is so severe you have never in your life before. These are symptoms of brain bleeding such as an accident or fall. If these are symptoms of a stroke or incoherent behavior, or if the skin is stiff, or if the skin is hard, or if the skin is swollen, if the symptoms of the infection are unconscious, if there is bleeding, blurred vision, or loss of vision, urgent treatment is needed.
Also, if you have jaw pain while eating with severe headache, if you see blurred vision in the eyes or if you see two in one place, if you feel pain by pressing on the palm of the head, you will go to the hospital quickly. See you soon to be safe if medical is needed.
Ginger can remove headaches especially when you drink ginger tea. Ginger acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, responsible for its medicinal properties. Ginger also works well to reduce weight and relieve constipation.
 If you eat too much, you can get rid of the digestive problems associated with it, but it works to alleviate the lack of one ginger. After eating spicy food like magic, eat a glass of ginger and drink a glass of water. An uncontrolled lifestyle and diet can increase the body's bad cholesterol, which indirectly increases the risk of heart disease.
Various studies have shown that the body will get worse and the role is undeniable so ginger is an impeccable ingredient in your daily diet.

 In addition, the liver will be clean and no liver problems will be seen in your body. Weight gain can be a problem, so at the moment everyone's only concern is how to control the weight. Ginger can be a solution to your problem. Ginger helps to reduce weight, so you can see that it is possible to control weight easily, it helps reduce the chances of heart disease, it also contains magnesium and helps to keep it normal, which indirectly helps to reduce the chances of heart disease.

However, if you are already thin, you must consult a doctor before eating ginger. Many people may know that controlling allergies helps to cure allergies in particular. Researchers say that it helps to reduce allergic reactions. It also can assist  to prevent various types of cancer.
An ingredient that works as an anti-cancer, so you understand that being on the diet is an important rule. He can keep himself away from cancer. Lowers blood sugar. Diabetes is a burning problem. Ginger may be the solution to various problems. Experiments have shown that anti-diabetic lowers blood sugar and helps control diabetes. Ginger tea must be consulted with a doctor.
Ginger is used as a pain remover in this case, so you can prepare it and eat it to get rid of seasonal pain. You will definitely benefit from it. You can make it and put it in the place of pain, it will get relief and maintains youth.

If you lean for a while, your head tingles, why?

Specialist doctors have answered the questions sent to the readers about health and various diseases

Question: 1

I'm a girl. Age 18, weight 45 kg, height 5 feet 3 inches. If you lean for a while, your head will tingle. Occasionally I see all the darkness for a while. Lately, when I turn my head or move up and down, I feel a light sound and there is a bad feeling, which I cannot explain. Is it normal?

Suggestion: 1

Try to live a stress free life. Drink enough water and exercise. Need enough sleep and rest. If there is no improvement, consult a neurologist.

Question: 2

I am 23 years old. My headaches started when I was in ninth grade. Pain in the eyes with headaches. When there is a headache, the dirt inside the nose accumulates at the base of the nose. What can I do?

Suggestion: 2

You are suffering from headaches due to anxiety. Anxiety-free life and adequate sleep will free you from this disease. Consult a doctor if necessary. If there is a problem with sinusitis, take its treatment.

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