Gastric Problem: Causes, Symptoms & Best Treatment

Gastric Problem: Causes, Symptoms &  Best Treatment

Food poisoning of food intolerance and too much alcohol consumption or some kind of pain Killers also cause gastric problem so here to see the reason why it is causing and try to rectify that visit the food which cause gastric problems during night are could be like radiation and surnames for example and all kinds of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage cauliflower Brussels sprouts sometimes of cucumbers and some difficult than some other beings like lima beans broad beans rajma beans are they also cause some transfer gastric problems because they are very tough to digest and some other fruits fruits to be Apple shares at 17 some other vegetables could include like Greenpeace right peace with fees and other kinds of lentils and onions they also could cause gastric problem in truth.

 I would say apple Spears reaches at 17 they could cause gastric some time and rules and raisins also can cause sometimes gastric problem and their drinks which contains for the also Anil fizzy drinks could cause gastric problem A L is and I mean if you are lactose intolerant than milk and Milk products like ice creams and curd and milk also can cause gastric problem in the night so I would suggest that people having severe acute gastric problems to delete all this food consumption at night in bed or whole beach and chapati or bread you know they also could cause sometimes the rustic problem so I would suggest that I mean all these foods are people suffering from acute gastric problem should avoid consuming all this food especially at night and stay healthy.

Gastroesophageal Reflux disease which is one of the most common diseases around the world and is known to significantly a your lifestyle and lead to serious complications in long term if not managed properly if you want to know more about the Acid Reflux disease click the link in the button above to watch your previous video in which we have discussed in detail about Acid Reflux disease and its treatment hard work is a common symptom of Acid Reflux you can also experience a burning sensation in your stomach.

Ggastroesophageal Reflux disease can also cause vomiting or regurgitation as it moves into your oesophagus other symptoms of Acid Reflux disease include dry cough sore throat bloating burping for hiccups difficulty swallowing and feeling of lump in the throat to give you an idea of how widespread this problem has become a 2014 systematic review estimated that about 15 to 25% of US population has Acid Reflux disease.

According to the health care costs and utilisation project there were about 3.14 million hospitalizations for Acid Reflux disease in 2005 and 2010 is number has increased to 4.7 million hospitalizations and has led to 1653 deaths acid if x is also a Lifestyle disease like diabetes obesity and hypertension.

Lifestyle habits such as taking too much, stress, smoking and eating the wrong type of diet are one of the key factors that lead to Acid Reflux disease in this video we will focus on the diet related to Acid Reflux disease 5 foods that you should definitely avoid and 5 foods that you should include in your diet that will assist you to reduce and manage Acid Reflux disease.

So let's first start with the 5 worst foods for people with Acid Reflux disorder number one hai fat foods the following foods have a very high fat content over it is completely on limit them from your tired fast food like french fries burgers onion rings full fat dairy products such as whole milk butter and cheese party or fried beef for alarm desserts snacks such as ice cream and potato chips creamy sauces and gravies oily and greasy foods.

Number one is ginger which is one of the best digestive aid because of its medicinal properties it is alkaline in nature and anti-inflammatory which is irritation in the digestive tract the best way to consume Ginger for people with Acid Reflux is to make ginger tea or you can also choose to on some dried Ginger that will also help you to solve problems of  Acid Reflux.

Number two is oatmeal many people with Acid Reflux disease not that their symptoms of acidity begin soon after breakfast this is usually because with their the wrong type of food in a breakfast first thing in the morning like bacon sausages doughnuts vichar party and sugary foods that increase the Acid Reflux oatmeal is a better choice many patients report an improvement in the symptoms of Acid Reflux when the switch the breakfast to oatmeal also is got plenty of fibre.

Number 3 is yoghurt not only is yoga soothing to an irritated oesophagus but it also provides probiotics that supports your digestive system in your body. Yoghurt can help you to normalise the ball function yoghurt also provides protein and soothe is stomach discomfort of an providing a cooling sensation number for lean proteins low-fat Lene sources of proteins also reduce Acid Reflux symptoms.

There are some other good choices are eggs these are high in protein however if eggs are a problem to you stick to the world's only and stay clear of the higher pad rocks which are more likely to cause symptoms and S good source of lean proteins is lean meat high fat meals and fried foods 10 to decrease lower esophageal sphincter pressure and delay stomach emptying increasing the Reflux choosing Lene made that is grilled boiled or Bate is good for people with Acid Reflux are the fruits and vegetables that are very beneficial for patients with Acid Reflux symptoms fruits like watermelon which is very good option as it is a low acid fruit which  are very good for people with Acid Reflux talking about the vegetables raw vegetables are good for Acid Reflux diet be sure to avoid onions tomatoes peppers recommended vegetables include all root vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips and carrots are the great vegetables include mushrooms final and celery these are the 5 best and 5 worst foods for people with Acid Reflux disease.

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