Symptoms of heart block and heart attack and Treatment

Symptoms of heart block and heart attack and Treatment

I will sometimes tell you something about health, today I will tell you something, then you will understand that the blockage in the blood vessels of your heart is coming or has come, in fact, because we do not understand this, many times we suddenly face a heart attack.

The first thing is what the heart thing is that is a mass of 350 to 450 grams. The baby from the mother's womb keeps you alive 60 to 100 times a minute for as long as you live. When the gentleman (Heart) goes to rest, you are dead.

 The work of the heart is to spread 5 liters of blood per minute throughout the body through his own generator which we and Wright Karnari are doing now. .

Heart attack, stroke, bypass surgery are more common in families that have had a heart attack.

For those who use cigarettes or drugs at a very young age, especially Yaba. Last year we had over 50 children under the age of 30 and those who had a heart attack and those of us who had to live-score. On eating habits and many surrounding things.

In many cases, in all cases, before them, in many cases, but there is a hint that if we examine something extensively, we can at least avoid ourselves from a heart attack.

 Here are some tips to help you get proper treatment in advance. If you are a middle-aged person and you walk regularly, if you ever realize that I could get up at home, now you have to stand up to me. And if your performance is reduced, if you walk straight on the street, you will realize that after fifteen minutes, it seems that there is a disturbance inside my chest and I like to stand up, it is a primary sign.

5 kg 10 kg a bag you always come from the market by lift but now it seems that after taking it, I feel uncomfortable in my chest alone. It is a sign of love. We often ask the patient if there is any disturbance in your chest. I have never been in pain.
I would request that if you find yourself experiencing any of these problems that my performance is declining, then if you go to a cardiologist for heart disease happiness he can check you and tell you blindly if your blog has arrived or if a few are being blocked.

 One of my questions here is my request now that many people think that everything in life is lost. They told you that an ECG is a little and we will do it. Many times we have to face the question. Death Problem Heart Attack Then we understand 100 percent that in almost all cases there is less or the blockage in the blood vessels of the heart is less then the ECG does not always give us the information,

Echocardiogram to see if there are any apps and if you know that we do a test run on a machine I said a little while ago that if you walk too much it hurts the chest on a machine that day we start to be artificial and your age You can take a walk with it and if it changes in itself but we will assume that your blog has arrived or a few are being blocked.

You can start early treatment one by one. If you see 70-80 percent of the block that is causing you the problem then you can stand it or the therapy I have already talked about in alternative therapy or you can go on medication.

One of the main reasons for heart attack is the rate at which diabetes is on the rise in our country. A person with diabetes has a rise in the amount of secondary blood fat, which means that these are your risks. Myocardial infarction is when a blood vessel in our brain is embolized. We call it a stroke in the name of propaganda. Many people make the mistake that a hard stroke is a stroke. Because at the current rate of diabetes in our country, the amount of fat in the blood of a person with diabetes increases.

The LDL population of blood in the blood vessels under the drum is constantly getting thinner and our coronary arteries are getting thinner and at some point it does a job where first we have activated platelets and how it deletes a platelet then there is a form where our mechanism is red. Invites blood cells to form a clot and the blood clots in the heart stop the flow of blood to the distant part of the heart and that part of the heart dies
But they are more prone to heart attack or ischemic heart disease or peripheral vascular diseases. Your body gets hot when you take a short walk even though we can't take the whole history of why you had a stroke, your blood pressure or diabetes or cholesterol or cigarette habit. These things are not known to us but since you are saying that you get hot when you go for a walk, please take one by one with the advice of a good doctor and if possible one by one we will know that the blood vessels in your brain have closed and you have tried. Whether there is a problem with the blood vessels in your heart.

Smoke and Alcohol damages the blood vessels and accumulates dirt on the skin. We have nothing of our own. We are addicted to fast food or traditional foods. We also use extra oil, fat or butter. Biryani polao korma. These are our favorite foods. No, but if you take too much for a long time, there is a risk of heart disease. It has to do with heart disease. Some people have different types of heart attack and heart failure. If we want to get back to a healthy normal life from these diseases or if we want to have Bena, then the foods we should eat are information that should be low in fat but will keep me energetic. Of course, among the fruits, we do not give much priority to the native fruits today. 

We have Kamranga, Amalki but none of these There is no shortage but we have a reluctance to take these. These foods are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to reduce fat from your body. You should also eat fiber rich foods. Fiber rich foods. The more refined sugars or carbohydrates in the diet, the more money we have. If we do not eat white, but the risk of heart disease is greatly reduced, but it reduces the risk of heart disease, and as I said before, but a good source of iron. That is why it will transport a lot of oxygen to your body. If you do not have oxygen deficiency but heart disease can be prevented. . These patients with high blood pressure can reduce their intake of salt a little, but it is possible to control blood pressure for a long time. 

Medication may not be needed, but when your condition worsens, you will not be able to control your blood pressure. If you do not control your blood pressure, you must seek medical help. Any food expressed with such as chips can be sea fish or dried fish as well as testing salt bit salt etc. Foods that contain these ingredients can be controlled if we avoid them a little but of course it is possible to control high blood pressure. On the contrary, we can eat potassium rich food. Eating potassium rich food reduces the amount of sodium in the body due to which high blood pressure is reduced. 

Which is a good source of potassium? What is a good source? There are also some other things we should think about such as the quality of life is a little different We are all in their lifestyle now. We are accustomed to moderate to light work. We are not doing any physical work. If someone has the habit of walking for at least 30 minutes every day, but high blood pressure can be greatly reduced by other heart diseases. More time is not possible. 30 minutes in 24 hours is a very short time. 

The American Research Institute says that if we walk 30 minutes a day for 30 minutes instead of 30 minutes a day, but if we walk for 60 minutes at a time, the whole week's exercise is completed in three days. In addition to bringing, if I think a little myself, from morning sleep to night sleep, bring the body in a person. In the discipline, I am having breakfast in the morning.

Protection of the heart

The corona virus damages the lungs as well as other organs. Especially vascular.

Diabetic patients with high blood pressure develop blood clots in the blood vessels of their legs when they are affected by covid.

Autopsy reports of dead patients with covidosis in different countries have revealed that most of the patients are dying due to blood clots in the lungs, heart and brain. So now the same is being seen as the main cause of death in Kovida.
The second wave of coronavirus has started all over the world. Although initially unknown, it is now clear that the virus causes damage to the lungs as well as other organs. Especially vascular. Infected patients, in particular, have blood clots in their arteries, leading to complications such as heart attacks and strokes. Even after coronation, there is a risk of such complications.
Diabetic patients with high blood pressure develop blood clots in the blood vessels of their legs when they are affected by covid. Because, at this time walking is reduced. This condition is called deep vein thrombosis. People who suffer from this disease will have pain in their legs and their legs will become red and swollen. Usually it gets better slowly. But when patients with covidosis are in the hospital or in the ICU, clots form in their legs.

When inhaled, the coronavirus enters the respiratory tract and infects the alveolar epithelium. It causes pneumonia in the lungs. The coronavirus attacks the ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitor in the bloodstream during this time, causing inflammation or damage. This clot is made in the body to prevent this damage.

People with diabetes who have diabetes have higher blood sugar, while those with high blood pressure have higher blood pressure. This is because of the coronavirus. This is because the blood pressure goes out of control when the ACE is inhibited. Then the pressure rises. When Kovid recovers, this type of blood pressure comes under control. If you take a little medicine at this time, the patient will not be harmed.

When coronavirus infection first started, no one knew why the patient was dying from it. But now autopsy reports of dead patients with covidosis in different countries have revealed that most of the patients are dying due to blood clots in the lungs, heart and brain. So now the same is being seen as the main cause of death in Kovida.

Eighty percent of patients with Kovid have no symptoms or mild pneumonia. It usually goes away without any treatment. But 15 percent of patients have a serious condition.
Those with high blood pressure, diabetes; Those with high blood cholesterol levels; Elderly, cancer patients; Those who are overweight have a much higher risk of dying from covid. "A CDC study found that such patients were six times more likely to be hospitalized and 12 times more likely to die than other patients," he said.

Such patients have a higher risk of blood clots. After being admitted to the hospital for this, the doctors performed various tests on them and paid special attention to some aspects. Such as whether the shortness of breath is leading to pulmonary embolism, whether the blood is clotting in the legs. Some blood tests are done only to diagnose the possibility of blood clots. If the blood clots in the heart is arrhythmia or heart failure, if the blood clots in the brain is a stroke, if it is in the kidneys, then there can be a kidney infection.

Awareness prevents stroke

Stroke is the second leading cause of death among the elderly in Bangladesh. Although people in their forties are more affected, younger people can also be affected. Many people think that stroke is a heart disease. But stroke is actually a disease of the brain. Stroke is the damage caused by bleeding or disruption of blood flow to any part of the brain. Stroke can lead to paralysis or paralysis, disability or even death.

In a family that has a stroke paralyzed patient, they are constantly suffering from unlimited distress because of it. Just because of lack of awareness, a large number of people have to live such inhuman lives.
Want awareness
First, know that stroke is a preventable disease. It is possible to prevent stroke by following proper lifestyle and hygiene rules. It is possible to reduce the risk of stroke by controlling proper weight, blood pressure and diabetes, avoiding fatty foods, avoiding smoking and regular exercise.

In addition to these, it is necessary to be aware of the treatment of stroke. Stroke patients often arrive at the hospital too late. Until then, there is no time to give proper treatment to the patient. But if the treatment is taken in time, the damage can be reduced.

Therefore, there is a need for widespread publicity and awareness about the symptoms of stroke. If it is possible to bring the patient to the hospital quickly, it is possible to cure the patient by giving quick treatment according to the type of stroke.

Hurry up

The phrase ‘be fast’ is used worldwide to easily recognize the symptoms of a stroke. For this reason, the slogan of this year's World Stroke Day is - Precious time or every moment is precious. It is possible to remember the signs or symptoms of stroke with the English word B fast.

  1. B means balance. Sudden loss of balance.
  2. E means eye or vision. Sudden eye problems.
  3. F means face. Sudden curvature of one side of the face.
  4. This means arm or arm. Sudden weakening of one arm.
  5. S means speech or sudden engagement.
  6. T means time. 

Try to bring the patient to the hospital as soon as possible after seeing these symptoms.

Stroke patient care

There is a need to raise awareness about caring for stroke patients at home. A stroke patient may have another stroke in a few days, which is more frightening than before. Therefore, in addition to caring for the patient, everyone should be aware of the need to avoid recurrence of stroke.

In addition, stroke patients often cannot eat or swallow food properly, resulting in malnutrition. They may need to make special arrangements for food. Some people may even have to give liquid food through a nasal tube. Forced swallowing of food can lead to fatal aspiration pneumonia in the lungs.

Special beds need to be changed frequently to prevent bed sores (pressure sores) due to prolonged bed rest. Apart from this, whether there is blood clot or DVT in the arteries of the legs, millions of rupees have to be paid. Many may again lose the ability to control urination. In that case, they have to pay attention to cleanliness. Some people have to use catheters.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in restoring the strength of paralyzed limbs. So you need to do regular physiotherapy at home. Regular exercise is also needed to reduce joint inertia. One of the goals of post-stroke care is to make the patient self-reliant. We have to work towards that goal. Physiotherapy is also important to reduce speech inertia.

Want treatment fast

The treatment of stroke depends on its type. Strokes are basically of two types. The stroke that occurs when blood clots form in the blood vessels of the brain and stops the flow of blood is called ischemic stroke. The stroke that occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures and blood collects inside the brain is called a hemorrhagic stroke. Modern treatment of these two types of stroke is now available in Bangladesh.

Stroke, a blood clot in any part of the brain, is a worldwide modern and life-saving treatment for stroke thrombolysis. In this process, the blood circulation is normalized by dissolving the blood clots in the brain using a drug. But the most important thing in this treatment is time. The patient has to be given this treatment within 4 hours and 30 minutes of the onset of stroke symptoms. This is because the blood clots in the brain and the blood flow is disrupted and the brain cells start to get damaged. Therefore, if the blood circulation is not normalized in time, the chances of saving the vital cells of the patient's brain are reduced.

Even if the patient is brought to the hospital at the earliest, it is not possible to start treatment without initial examination, especially CT scan. So this time is also important. It should be taken to a hospital where such examination and treatment facilities are available.

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