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Common Mistakes in Gym

Not watching videos during gym exercise but you just listen music for getting motivation and gear up.  

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The first common gym mistake you might be making is using the leg extension machine. You might be running this exercise to pound your legs—either because you think it directly isolates the quads, or because it's just an easy exercise; I suggest you use your time to do safer and more effective exercises to throw out your quads.

On the reverse side of your legs, you might be doing leg curls to target your hamstrings. A big mistake is pushing the knees into the mat, which causes over-activation of the hip flexors. If this happens, then you are asking for lower back pain. Instead, engage your glutes before each repetition. A better option is to do the exercise standing or sitting if you have the opportunity.

Probably the most popular strength training exercise for building muscle is the DB bench press. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when doing this exercise is forgetting to drive your legs. By not using your lower body on every rep, you're missing out on the opportunity to move heavier weight, which we know can be used to build more strength and size.
Chest hold, pec deck is another popular exercise that beginners and veterans do to build a big chest. A big mistake I often see when people do this exercise is thinking that you should "hug a tree." By doing this movement, you're putting more work into your shoulders instead of your chest, which is the muscle group you're trying to target in the first place. Instead, think about driving your back into the mat and pressing your chest.

Another common mistake I see is the skull crusher. Instead of using the head as the target point of the repetition, I would suggest bringing the bar back overhead to increase the stretch of the long head of the triceps. Doing so will ensure more muscle activation, which will lead to more muscle growth, which is what you're aiming for in the first place.

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know the error I'm going to throw up on a side boost; pouring the pitcher at the top of each rep. By keeping the little fingers raised higher than the thumbs when the arms are raised, you introduce internal rotation with elevation, which is a recipe for shoulder pain and impingement.

The leg press is one of those exercises in the gym that I see wrong far too often. One of the biggest mistakes I see is foot placement; always too high on the plate. This can cause a body position that pushes the lower back off the back pad of the machine, which is not something we want. Instead, put your feet lower on the plate.

The seated DB press is one of the most commonly performed shoulder exercises that I happen to think is full of mistakes. When sitting, it often happens that when you tire yourself in a set to press the dumbbells overhead, you push your back into the seat. The main problem with this is the fact that it interferes with the normal movement of the scapula through its range of motion. Instead, you'll want to keep your back off the back of the seat to keep the scapular rhythm under control.

When it comes to building triceps, you will almost always see tricep presses in someone's workout or program. Why? It's great exercise! The only problem is the way people sometimes go about it. By not allowing the wrist to go into extension as you press the bar down, you sacrifice the opportunity to fully extend the elbow to ensure that the triceps are doing as much work as possible. So make sure you let your wrists extend with each repetition.

Be sure to read the full article from to know the rest of the most common gym mistakes and how to avoid them to make sure you're getting the best and safest gains possible.

Lack of good sleep

Everyone needs 7-9 hours of sleep per night depending on age. But in most cases the time is reduced to 5-6 hours due to workload. Just as lack of sleep affects daily functioning, so do hormones that control appetite in the body. Thanks to this, the body's energy to work decreases, and the pressure on the body increases. Then by eating this and that, the body fat gradually increases. Everyone needs a regular 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Eat at least two hours before bed. And an hour before going to bed, you have to say goodbye to the gadget.

Drinking extra water between meals

Nothing can replace water. There is no substitute for water, from glowing skin, fighting disease, improving memory, reducing fatigue to suppressing hunger. But everything has its level. Crossing levels is not good. Many drink water at regular intervals during three heavy meals. Drinking extra water with a meal does not reduce fat. Rather, it dilutes the stomach's digestive acid. As a result, the process of digesting food becomes difficult. For better digestion, it is best to drink water at least 30 minutes before meals and after a short break after meals.

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast helps to increase the metabolic capacity of the body. The amount of energy needed to function throughout the day comes primarily through breakfast. But if one skips it, the body cannot function again. As a result, the performance of the body decreases. People who diet to lose weight, if they don't eat breakfast, their blood fat increases. Malnutrition occurs in most cases. After a full breakfast in the morning, you need to eat a little less in the afternoon. Dinner should be very light. This means that the tendency to overeat can be reduced only by eating breakfast in the right amount.

Eat all day

Many people eat less and less throughout the day without eating a heavy meal at once. But eating such food all day will increase body fat. The level of insulin in the body increases after each meal. And that signals the body to store fat. As a result, the body begins to store fat after a while. Most foods do not produce enough fat for the body to store. As a result, excess fat accumulates in the body.


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