Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Challenge Workouts To Slim Down Belly Fat Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Challenge The Best Abs Workout with lose weight fast


There are many ways to reduce fat, but there is no substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise
Other ways I know are: using body shaper / gold belt, laser treatment, liposuction and taking fat reduction drugs. But they can have many side effects In some cases, even if left, it returns to its previous state. Moreover, the purpose of not only fat reduction, but also to maintain fitness, regular exercise and proper diet.

Planks I love planks because it's simple and it's one of the most effective core exercises to work the apps it trains the deepest core muscle that helps tighten this whole midsection For a smaller waist and it also helped work the arms shoulders chest back booty links.

Picture: Resveratone Diet

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So basically it gives you an amazing Full body burn while you work on your waist and your abs and bubble will be here together with us as well Just chillin and watching nice work pal. I made the burn is really good and together we can get it done. There will be 10 exercises of different variations for planks.

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Weight loss tips, what is Apple cider vinegar?

Drink apple cider vinegar at every morning in empty stomach will reduce weight fast. However, what I was saying Plank workout. It's going to be fun and I'm actually going to put in a 1 minute rest after the first 5 Exercises so we can get a little break then I promise you you won't regret it because it works. So no problem. We got this.

All right, let's get into it first exercise is the classic elbow plank to kickstart to burn for our body
especially the belly area Elbows on the ground shoulder-width apart make a triangle base with your forearms with your legs spine and neck in one straight line. 

Keep your butt down instead of having it hide up in the air and not using your at muscles The key here is to hold your core tight and push your belly button in towards your spine Just hold it until 45 seconds is up here set your intention for this workout remind yourself of your goal What brings you here today? And what you want to achieve through this workout and promise yourself?

You're really going to push it and challenge yourself to give it your all hold it there. We're not dropping down Good job, we thought it done second is Lowell mountain-climber? Start and Hubble plank position hence the low your shoulder punching your apps. Bring one knee to watch your elbow on the same side. This is one rep Alton aside for 45 seconds Remember, we're doing it slow and controlled here.
I want you to really feel the burn in your inner and lower abs for each rep. Keep going. I'm here together with you every single rep Ten-second Yeah, it's getting tough I know but we want to result so no pain no gain third is plank to dolphin pose. Starting an elbow plank position then press your forearms and elbows into the floor pushing your shoulders away, Crunch your abs and raise your hip to form an upside-down. 

This is dolphin pose then lower down your hip and return to elbow plank again with your body in one straight line Repeat for 45 seconds. You should feel a burn in your abs your arms shoulders and back the burn is getting more intense, but don't give up. We're not stopping here breathe in breathe out. Keep going until the timer ends. And not the one done for a single leg plank my favorite exercise of all times here. We're working on our midsection our upper body and also the lower body especially the booty.

An elbow plank, Raise one leg off the floor as you squeeze your booty and hold it up for twenty two seconds before we switch side. Try your best to not drop it onto the floor - one oh. It's so hard, but we're almost there I'm suffering here together with you stay strong guys you'd be surprised what your body can do. Yes, hold it. Good work friends is playing hip dip last exercise before a one-minute break. 

So, let's push it. Again get into elbow plank position holding in your belly and working the ABS - rotate your hip to one side and dip your body. To lightly tap the floor. Rotate between sides for 45 seconds pull in your belly button. Toward your spine the whole time to get the max burn on your deepest inner core muscles and side ups. This is how we work on getting a smaller waist. Don't drop guys keep moving you can do it. I know you can. Good job you guys that was an intense burn now?

Let's enjoy our well deserved one-minute rest before pushing for the last part of the workout  

Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Challenge [Workouts To Slim Down Belly Fat]

Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Challenge Workouts To Slim Down Belly Fat Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Challenge The Best Abs Workout with lose weight fast

How to Do a Standing High Knee Stretching Workout

Picture: High Knee Stretching Workout

A standing high knee, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You are going to be standing nice and tall, and you are going to be raising your knee up as high as you can.

It's a great exercise, mostly to prepare you for other more high intensity exercises by getting a stretch through your hamstring, through your lower back and by engaging and warming up your hip flexor.
So standing up nice and tall, maybe a slight bend in the standing knee; so you are not hyper extending in your joint. And then you raise the opposite leg up. 

Now you can grab a hold of your hamstring, grab underneath your thigh and give yourself a little assistance if you wanted to increase the stretch and then bringing it back down. And you could do it alternating. So taking one leg up, bringing it down; other leg up.
Picture: Weight Lose Machine in Gym

Great warm up, to get the hips ready for maybe your squats or squat jumps, your lunges, your
sprints; anything you are gonna do involving the lower body. Its a nice relief for the lower back sometimes to even allow a little flexion in the spine, get some stretch into all the muscles of the back side of the body. 

Your hamstring muscle is the muscle that extends your hip. So anytime you want to stretch a muscle you just do the opposite. So that's why to stretch the hamstring you are flexing the hip. And you can even get a little movement going on in your back attracting your shoulder blades. And again just a great way to get your lower body, get your core, everything ready for those more intensive lower body exercises. 

Drink Apple Cider Vi

How to Do a Butt Kick great plyometric exercise.

I actually use this a lot while training or running track and field. It was one of the essential movement or warm up or drill that I used almost every single day I trained. So the butt kicks, there are two ways to do it. I'm going to do it while standing. I'm going to turn to the side so you can see easier. Simply, this one you're going to flex your foot, one at a time, right? 

But there is a hop to it, so you're really going to get up on your toes. What I would do is just practice getting your foot as high as you can, and try to touch your butt. That's why it's called butt kick. In the meantime, you have to keep a posture, so shoulders back, abs in tight, breathe out as you kick. Do this fast as you can.

Now before you do this though, it is really essential that you warm up your hamstring, because it's easy to actually pull your hamstrings while doing this, because you're actually flexing your hamstrings here.
So butt kick, this is a warm up.  So the real butt kick. 

Now the thing is, you're popping off your toe, so you've got to be quick. When you land, you have to land on your toe. Again, butt kick.  That's me flexing. Now what I'm going to do is point my toes. Now it really changes the movement. The second variation is making sure you point your toe as you pick it up. So it looks like this. You can either keep your hands still, that's easier, or, running motion.

And this is a special move, I love it. It's great for activating your hamstrings and of course, getting your heart rate up. This is a move that you can incorporate, let's say, into any exercise that you would take 30 seconds and then rest. If you are doing weighted exercise, instead of standing around waiting to do your next set, pop this move into your routine and it's pretty easy. So that's how you do your butt kick.

Another exercise is high knees to butt kicks.  So you gonna high knee position, you gonna do four  high knees and then go into four butt kicks. This exercise is great for your lower core, your legs  as well as it is a great cardiovascular exercise.

Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat 

Picture: Best Weight lose with lose belly fat fast

Best Weight Loss and also develop full core workout to lose weight fast. Today I will discuss about a cardio kickboxing workout for you  we're gonna start off with a light cardio warm up and then move directly into those kickboxing intervals and groups of two we're gonna finish up with a cool down and stretch.

You're not need any equipment for this so let's go ahead and get started for warmup cardio we're doing these light exercises for roughly 25 seconds apiece see that the feet moving can start off nice and light warm-up gradually make sure you're taking deep breaths your body's nice and relaxed alright now stepping back and forth when you swing  your arms and warming up this range of motion next up we're gonna do toe touch kicks move those legs a little bit should just kick out as high as you can manage about losing your balance or pulling any muscles well five seconds left we'll switch to fly jacks. 

Here we go so just look at very good at jumping jack but your hands are coming together in the fire remember to breathe keep your belly pulled in pick up the speed as you get towards that know that interval now jumping jacks same thing pull your head  three seconds we're gonna pan our feet do just a basic torso twist so right here knee is slightly bent just like this lock your hips into place and try to keep the movement all through your torso all right last warm-up exercise it's going to be lateral jumps so like the first movement but you're putting a little power into it this time it's in a jump back and forth it doesn't have to be too hard yet try to pick up the distance you're jumping and your speed by the time.

We're going all right keep those feet moving we'll go right into our kickboxing workout for our kickboxing interval so we're doing 50 seconds on 10 seconds rest and then 50 seconds again so either we'll be doing a whole different exercise entirely or will be doing the exercise on the opposite side of the body so our first  one is going to be a jab without leading the like the hand of the leading foot cross and then kick on that rear leg.

Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat at Home - 25 Minute Kickboxing Cardio Interval Workout

Is skipping a good way to lose weight?

4 Skipping Exercises To Lose Weight Fast Jump Rope Exercises

Now I'm going to tell you about how fun skipping can be especially after the variations that I'm going to show you. It doesn't have to be monotonous and you can really get a bank for your buck in a short sweet period of time!

So, if you've never skipped in your life before or you don't know how to skip. First things first you must try to get this action right in your feet. So it's basically small jumps off the ball of your foot, keeping your abs engaged and try to land softly with your knees. Try and get the feeling of how it feels to push off  the ball of your feet and do this for about 30 seconds with about 30 seconds rest and then you can hold on to the rope.

Picture: Front Bend Position (Abs Workout) with warm-up

So when you hold on to the rope just get both the handles together and all you're going to try and do is 
coordinate your feet and the circling of the rope. This way! So again, you're back to the small jumps but this time you're circling the rope next to you. Maintain your breath, try to keep your chin parallel to the floor and there should be no pressure on your knees. And relax! So again practice this for 30 seconds
before you start the actual skipping. So this is the first variation or this is the most basic variation that  we all know.

Picture: Side Bend for side abs workout

Is keeping as I said feet light, chin parallel try to get an even breath. This is a great workout! This is going to get your heart rate up that's the cardio effect try to keep your elbows close to the ribs and try to move from the rope and the wrist. And from here the next variation if you can get this right is you go for the Boxer Shuffle. I'm shifting my weight from side to side my shoulders are completely relaxed
and as you can see I'm slightly going out of breath. 

And then the next variation is the High Knees. So this is a little bit more challenging for your coordination and you also start getting more out of breath. But keep that smile on! So, this is also working your legs harder, working your calves and constantly keep reminding yourself to keep your chin parallel to the floor. 

And then the next one is Sagittal Switches. So these are all variations of the feet that you also do
while you do jumping jacks.

Again, landing softly on your feet. And the last one is Frontal Switches. Make sure you're not keeping your feet too wide otherwise they will get entangled in the rope. And relax! 

So these were the 4 variations and remember you can take breaks between each variation or you can go at one go  depending on your fitness level. So to summaries this epic workout I would like to just give you some tips on how you can build up your time. If you are a beginner, then start by building the most basic variation for a minute and followed by one minute rest and then slowly reduce the rest time to 30 seconds and try to do at least 3 to 4 sets and If you are an intermediate or an advance then you can try all different variations for 1 minute each with a rest period of 30 seconds in between and then gradually increase the skipping time and reduce the rest time.

You can also build up to 10 minutes of continuous skipping and that will be a killer cardio workout. Skipping is an excellent cardio workout  and it can be done anywhere and the skipping rope doesn't weigh much so you can carry it even while travelling.  

4 Skipping Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

Jumping Jack Weight Loss Workout just in 10 Mins

In order for us to lose weight through exercise, it's important that we perform cardio vascular routines.
I personally am not a huge fan of running, so I love to create fun, simple and effective home workouts,
like this one for you today, to help you burn calories.

This routine is gonna focus on getting the heart rate up for 30 seconds, then bringing it back down with some toning moves. And jumping jacks are a great way to aid weight loss and work the whole entire body.

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Nutrition, short but intense workouts and most importantly mindset. My weekly mindset work is a tool where I share with you my biggest tips and strategies to staying on track and seeing results. From my experience and your feedback, I've made sure that this app is unique by combining my philosophy of less is more. That means making sure that everything is easy for you to use and effective to give you the results.

That's why all of the workouts are 15 minutes or less. My research and experience has shown that if you use your time efficiently and effectively, then you will see results. There's also a community included
where I am present every single day to motivate you alongside result orientated women. So if you're serious about your health and fitness for 2020, then make sure to click on the link below for more information to become a member today. 
Okay guys, who is ready for this exciting jumping jack weight loss workout? I'm so excited to do this with you. So we're gonna be doing 30 seconds jump jacks and then we're gonna be doing 30 seconds
with a toning exercise. So first move is just simple jumping jacks. You can go as quick or as slow as you want with this movement but just make sure that you're getting your hands to touch as close as possible, core engaged.  Excellent, next one we're going into is just bringing those knees towards the elbow while you guys are standing. This is gonna help to engage the abs. So just cross-over.

So crunch down, crunch down.  Let's go back into those jumping jacks now. Let's get the heart rate elevated. So remember go as quick as you want with this. But ideally we do want to be going as quick as possible. So jump and jump. 

Great work guys, let's go straight down to the floor into a plank position. So you wanna keep the core engaged. Keep the back nice and straight and focus on something just in front of you. Hold this pose.

Straight back up guys into those jumping jacks. That's it, remember to breathe. Exhale every single time you bring those arms up. Excellent, next move is arm circles. So you just wanna bring your arms forward to begin. Don't drop them keep them nice and straight. Let's reverse them back now. Excellent guys, back into those jumping jacks. Let's keep the core engaged, suck that navel in. And exhale up. 

Let's target those abs with some bicycles. So for this move, make sure that you're bringing your neck
and elbow as close to the knee as possible.  And we're lifting the shoulder blade off of the floor. Keep that stomach nice and flat. Excellent guys, next move is squats. So you want to bring that bum as low as possible. And then as you come up squeeze the glutes in. So go down and squeeze. Great work, down and up. You don't need to rush this move. Go as quickly or as slow as you like. But just make sure the movement is nice and controlled and you can feel it in your bum. 

That's it let's pick up the pace now. Go a little bit quicker, let's get that heart rate going.  Excellent, let's come down into another plank position guys. And all you're gonna do is step the feet out, alternating. So step back, step back.

With this move make sure the abs are engaged. You're keeping your back nice and straight again.
And you're in a high plank position. For the next move all you're gonna do is some simple punches straight in front of you. If you wanna get your feet involved, like I'm doing, you're absolutely welcome to. I just find that this is number one, easier. I get into more of a rhythm and I feel like it targets my abs a bit more. So make sure that you're punching as hard as you can. Keep those fists nice and tight. That's it lets pick up the pace more. 

Excellent back into the jumping jack now guys. Jump up down, up, down, that's it. Don't worry we've not got long left, you're doing so well. You're more than half way through.
For the next move guys, you're gonna be doing moving side lunges. So, basically what we're gonna do is not take a break. We're just gonna move from side to side straight away. Make sure you're going as low as possible with that lunge. And you're squeezing the legs and you're squeezing the glutes.

So down, up, and down again. That's it keep that momentum going. Keep that rhythm.  Excellent work guys, let's go back into those jumping jacks. Let's pick up the pace a little bit more. You've only got two more exercises left. Excellent guys, let's take it down to the floor into some crunches. So you want your feet flat on the floor. You just wanna bring that up and down. Make sure to roll the abs in. Breathe out as you come up, inhale as you go back down. So exhale, inhale. That's it really crunch those abs. Feel them working. 

Come back up guys, let's go into those jumping jacks. This is the last one that you are doing, so really push it and go for it here. And then you have one more move left.

Excellent guys, and for the last move we're doing fast feet, because why not. This is a weight loss workout. So move those feet as quickly as you can. Let's get the heart rate up for the final 30 seconds.

And that is it guys, well done for finishing this workout. Make sure to hydrate and have some water.

Jumping Jack Weight Loss Workout (10 Mins)  Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat 

Plank Workout

   Picture: Plank Pose

Plank is great workout for the core development. Here, core means abs. As the above mentioned picture, hold this position for at least one minute.


Spine moves during a crunch. Throw in the fact that the accumulation of loading is oftentimes never represented in a way that we do it when we do crunches, and that is, we actually take a break and we decompress from time to time, which saves our spine knowing that we can regenerate. The bottom line here is, guys, it's too early to jump on the crunches suck bandwagon, particularly when we know that there's benefits to be had.

However, you do need to do it in the right way, which is why we proceed to number two. Now, I'll admit people that say that crunches aren't good oftentimes are complaining about low back pain after doing them. 

But that's oftentimes because they're hooking their feet the wrong way. You see, if you put your feet under something to stabilize your body and pull up, all you're doing is over activating your hip flexors, which can actually go and create low back pain because of their attachment on the lumbar spine.

However, we can make the simple adjustment of putting your feet over the top of something
to anchor your body. This gets you that all important activation of the hamstrings, letting the hip flexors
relax and taking that excess strain off of your lower back. 

It's a simple switch, but it's a big one when it comes to leaving you with only the gains and none of the pains that you get from crunches. Speaking of pains, let's talk about a pain in the neck now. Now look at the video below for real example.

Perfect Crunch FOR BEGINNERS 

Hanging Knee / Leg Raise/ Captain's chair leg raises

As the video below hold onto the handles as tight as you can get your back firmly on the pad, okay keep your feet together. Maintain a neutral spine you're simply going to lift your knees up like this and then bring them down now notice my legs, okay?

I'm not holding them down here and lifting up like this and letting my knees bend What I'm doing is holding my legs out a little bit in front of me. Then when I bring my legs up My knees are kind of at a 90 degree angle. That's going to allow me to keep more tension on my abs okay? 

Just like this breathe out on the way up. You notice any popping in your hip it's natural it'll go away after a while.  
How to do captain's chair leg raises
How To: Hanging Knee / Leg Raise | BUILD A “SCIENCED BASED” 6-PACK! 

Burpees Best Weight Lose Workout for men and women

I Did 100 Burpees Everyday for 30 Days Am Becoming lose my weight and abs too

I Did 100 Burpees Everyday for 30 Days | Am Becoming Crossfitter

To do 100 burpees every day for 30 days, this is my experience. I was not expecting this. The burpee is a  great exercise that works the glutes, quads, chest, core, shoulders, and many others. Also  It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, it increases your endurance, burns lot of calories  in a short time, and, no equipment is required. 

We must be careful when doing this exercise,  or we may hurt or injure the wrists, ankles,   and anterior shoulder muscles. You don't have  to do 100 burpees daily to achieve results.   3 sets of 10 reps each, 2 or 3 times a week It's enough. As you become fitter and more accustomed  to burpees, you can increase the number  of intervals you perform in a workout and  decrease the recovery time between intervals.
The most important thing in the fat  loss process is a healthy diet focused on weight loss. I suggest you try  the keto diet, it works great for me. 

If you want to know in detail how I did my body  transformation, you can watch the video above:
"How I did my 3 Months Body Transformation, What no one tells you about weight loss". You can check the card in the upper right corner, link at the end of the video, and in the description.

Well, I hope this video has been useful  to you. Tell us in the comment section   about your burpees experience. Have you  practiced it? How many reps can you do? If we do this exercise, do we become a crossfitter? 

Thank you for reading this article. 


Rules of trade mills walking

Treadmill is a popular indoor aerobic or cardio exercise equipment Many people have it at home or many want to buy it. In all gyms it is the first and foremost exercise material. It has the same benefits as walking outside, in many cases even more. Because the treadmill can be easily controlled. You can see how many calories you have burned, how far you have walked. This is also a big advantage

The advantage of walking in a trade mill is that it is not possible to walk outside in rain or bad weather, in which case trade mill may be your way of walking. Moreover, those who are reluctant to walk outside, they can get the benefit of walking comfortably at home and trade time, it also saves time to go out. So you need to know how to walk in the right way with this trade

The rules of walking in a trade match are a lot like walking outside However, there are some things to keep in mind, such as: how to use the trade mill in the right way, how to walk the trade mill in the right way, etc.

The BEST Treadmill Sprints Workout to Burn Fat Quickly (HIIT Training)

As before, keeping an eye on the posture, you have to walk with the trade using your hands and feet in the right way. There are many ways to walk There are many rules for walking in trade In this episode, I will give you a simple way to follow the trade match:

Here's what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

Before you start walking in a trade match, learn the benefits of walking, noticeable when walking, how to start walking.

If you have any physical problems, you must consult a doctor and go for a trade match For example, patients with back pain and arthritis should know and understand how to walk from the doctor.
Then find out how many days and how long you walk in a week.

Decide in advance how many calories you will burn on any given day of the week. If possible, get advice from a fitness trainer and make a routine.

As a trade mill is an instrument, you need to know all its switches, features, etc. in order to use it. It is necessary to know well about the on, off, increase, decrease, etc. of the trade mill It is good to know all the buttons and features of Control Panel Using the emergency-stop button and tethered safety key, you need to know how to avoid accidents If the tethered safety key is attached to the cloth, if you fall, the trade mill will close automatically.

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Trade Walking Rules:

When starting to walk in a trade match, get up on a closed treadmill belt and stand still, then start walking with the right switch on the switch.
For those who are just starting out or have just started walking, don't go too fast at first Slowly increase the speed There will be a lot of pain in the beginning, but with a little patience, the body will endure after a while So start with a 5-10 minute walk Don't go for less that your full potential Do not put too much pressure on the body in the first place After 10 minutes of walking, if you feel better, gradually increase your walking time and speed. For example: increase from 10 minutes to 15/20 minutes, Gradually increase the total walking time to at least 30 minutes every day You can do it for an hour if you want.

After getting used to walking for a while, gradually increasing your walking speed, try to burn 300 calories in 30 minutes. This will cause pain in the body and exercise will work better in the body as it burns more calories in less time.

Do not give too much speed at the beginning of the walk, walk at low speed for the first 5-10 minutes This speed depends on one's fitness level For example, for those who walk in the early stages, it may be different for those who walk for a long time. Then do a good warm up stretching for all your muscles.

In case of increasing speed, increase it slowly It is better not to increase the speed more than once
Walk at low speed in the beginning, then warm up stretching, then walk with speed according to one's fitness. Cool down stretching again at the end of the last 5 minutes of slow walking.

In the beginning you can walk with the handle or hand rail on either side of the treadmill, but try to walk using the hand, not slowly holding the handle. Then your walking will be more efficient, you will burn more calories. Because if you use your hands while walking, you will exercise your lower body as well as your upper body. If you walk without holding the hand rail, it will be walking at the correct posture Because walking on the hand rail will put pressure on your back and may cause problems later
Increase Intensity: Increase your walking intensity by not walking at the same speed all the time In that case increase your walking speed, so that your heart rate increases and the body suffers and burns more calories.

Interval training: After warm up you can increase the speed according to your fitness in this way: Once medium speed: For example: 2 minutes walk with 5 mph, then walk one minute with 6/7 mph, this type of exercise rule is called Interval training. .
Use incline: If you have any problem in your back, such as: back pain, you can give incline Incline 1 to 3% As long as you walk, you don't need to incline all the time Give incline 30-60 seconds every 5-10 minutes. This rule is called Incline Interval.

Trade Match Walking Precautions:

The caution of walking in a trade match is almost the same as the caution of walking outside. The main problem with walking in a trade match is that if you have a different mindset while walking, you can fall So be very careful so that no accident happens.

Do not look around or up and down while walking, otherwise you may fall Pay full attention to walking
Many people read books, magazines, etc. while walking in the trade fair, they should be careful not to fall while walking or to have any accident.

If you feel dizzy or nauseous while walking, you should stop walking Therefore, you need to be aware of all kinds of trade mill closing switches such as: emergency stop button. If you do not match the moving trade, or close the trade mill abruptly, you may feel dizzy. 

The base wheel of the treadmill needs to be adjusted properly so that the treadmill sits evenly. Heart rate or beat more so that the heart does not fail so know your target heart rate. Pay attention to walking while walking in trade If you need something while walking, close the trade mill and do it. Do not walk at a speed that you cannot walk.

Since the treadmill is in an enclosed space, the body becomes hotter and sweaty when walking treadmill instead of walking outside. So you need to drink more water Drink plenty of water before, during and after walking. Those who are new to the trade match may feel dizzy a lot after walking In that case you have to sit for a while and then do other work.

Click to know what other types of exercise you can do with walking and when to walk. By following the rules and setting the mind, walking according to the routine, you are bound to lose weight and increase your fitness. All you need is strength of mind, time and effort.

For those who have just started walking, or who are in the early stages of walking, the rules of this trade match will come in handy. For those who have been walking for a long time, want to gain more fitness or lose weight, more walking rules will be given later.

Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute Bike Workout 

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4-Minute Tabata Ab Workout
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