What I actually do in the gym crazy but interesting

My step-by-step personal gym workout routine

Gym workout has no age and any people can start gym workout with maintaining proper technique. Boys and girls who are doing gym workout for long period they are crazy to go to gym and start workout. But in my gym there is no instructor because everything is available in the youtube videos

First, I try to warm up by using the treadmill, cross treadmill, and cycling from loose to tight, and finally try for the racing style which is also good for cardio, warmup, and legs workout at the initial stage. I prepare to fill my water bottle and mix glucose or saline. For over-sweating, I need water for recovery. So, I drink little bit of water or glucose mixed water to get more energy.

Second, I take a stick and move my body left and right by putting a stick on my neck which is actually oblige and side abs workout. And I try to hold the stick in both hands and try to move in my back during the standing position. It is one type of dynamic stretching.

Then I try to lie on the floor for a knee push up and then try to full push-ups to ready my upper body for a heavy workout. At the same time, I do some abs workouts like leg raises, planks, crunch, etc. 

Sometimes after wearning gloves and wrist support I prefer kick boxing in the punching bag available in the gym but sometimes I avoid kick boxing. Kick boxing is the best for weight loss and ready for heavy workout without injury.

After that I take a barbell plate start with 5 kg and start the bicep workout and at the same time triceps workout and try to move the barbell plate to the left and right simultaneously.

After that, I try a single-hand bicep workout by using a 5 kg barbell plate. Just do it for my left and right hand simultaneously. 

However, After that, I take some glucose mix water to get some energy and recovery. 
  • Use my towel to remove sweating. 
  • Using body spray to avoid bed smelling.

Then I wore a gym belt, glove, wrist support, and knee support with shoes. After that I take a barbell plate start with 10 kg and start the bicep workout by holding both hands and at the same time do some triceps workout like triceps overhead extension.

Most of the time I try to do some upright row which is best workout for shoulder workout with 20 kg barbell bar.
Picture: Upright Row

After that, I do some bench press or dumbbell press with 20 kg weights +/-. If I do dumbbells bench press then I start bench press with dumbbells and during rest, I put the dumbbells' on my knees and start doing a calf raise means a calf workout which is actually legs workout. After that sometimes I do some dumbbell row which is specially for back workouts.
So, here you can see chest and legs workout at the same time by using dumbbells'. During bench press, I normally use 15 + kg dumbbells' and do another top-ranking workout named dumbbells'' pullover by using 12.5 kg dumbbells' which works for my chest, back, triceps and shoulder compound movement.

However, I start my bicep workout with alternate dumbbell curls by using the bench. At the same time, I try to do some triceps workouts. After that, I am very conscious about my shoulder. Because I think the shoulder is a very important muscle and I try to equal the growth of my all muscles like the shoulder, bicep, triceps, trap, back, delta, etc.

After that, I drink again glucose mixed or saline-mixed water because I have some low-pressure problem. It gives me a lot of energy. 

To get motivation I connect my mobile with headphones for gym music at the beginning of the gym. 

However, most of the time after bench press I like to do a cable fly chest workout or pictorial fly machine chest workout and at the same time I do some reverses pictorial fly for my upper back muscles or its called Back delta workout. Both exercises are fly in the pictorial machine. 

Sometimes I like to do some face-pull workouts. It is a shoulder workout and the most effective workout. However, if I have enough time then I try to do some legs workout like lunges, and squats by using a heavy barbell plate and leg press, calf raises and another match workout in a single day.

Now why I am doing this variation

Actually, I like multiple muscle movements and also when I get bench then I do bench-related workouts at the same time. I think it can save me time. 

Where actually my gym mistakes

  • I think I am not taking at least one minute rest between sets;
  • Also, my mistake is I am not completing my all reps and sets like 4 sets, 12 reps. I just start whenever I like and I am not continuing when I feel tired or bored;
  • I am not targeting which workout I will do today, like back, bicep, triceps, and shoulder.
  • I am eating multiple food items in the evening like biscuits, and oil-mixed food just before going to the gym which is actually my mistake and I should not eat in this way.
  • I am using the same t-shirts after a long time gym workout causes a cold, fever.

How to correct ways to do workout and solve my gym mistakes

  • Complete the reps and sets with lower weights;
  • Rest is very important during gym workouts at least 1 minute to recover;
  • Do slow movement;
  • Use headphones and listen to the best suitable gym workout songs as per my interest but not others' selection;


Actually gym lovers should split their days for specific muscle group training for most effective results.  For example select a day for leg called Leg day, similarly select another day for back and bicep day. But I personally recommend not to do legs and back workout at the same day because of over training. Select lower weight to heavy weights and vice versa as per your capacity. You can select a day for specific abs muscle called abs workout day program. Do cardio at the last stage of your workout if you have energy.

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