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GYM FAQ TOP Questions and Answers

If girls exercise with machines in the gym or do weight lifting, will the features of the boys come out, will the beard grow ❓
👉No, there is no 0% chance of developing beard sprains if girls exercise. This is completely genetic and gender dependent.

Will you gain muscle by eating only protein?

👉No, just eating protein will not lead to muscle gain, along with protein, you have to follow a balance diet with carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, only then will the muscles recover well, resulting in muscle size gain.

What will happen if you lose weight without eating all day?

You will get sick very soon. Why is this not a good way to lose weight?

✅At the beginning of exercise, many people run and jog for 2/3 minutes, take a little rest and run and jog again for 20/25 minutes. After cardio, you start weight lifting, is this correct?

No, this is not correct. Because if you run and jog like this in the first place, the amount of glycogen accumulated in your body will decrease, so you will not get full energy for weight lifting. So you can do cardio at the end of weight lifting without doing cardio for a long time at the beginning of the exercise.

✅A gentleman messaged the question👉Brother I want to lose weight! What kind of diet chart should I follow to lose weight?

👉To lose fat, follow a diet with low carbohydrates and high protein.

👉means eat a little less of those foods that have more carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta, noodles etc.).
And eat a little more of those foods that have more protein (fish, meat, eggs, pulses, etc.).
Hope that answered your question, thanks.

✅👉A Gentleman's Question 👉 I started doing 20 exercises before it was very difficult to do 1 push up now I can do 7/8. I can do weight lifts and squats. Now the problem is that the weight gain is correct but the belly fat is increasing, what can I do now ❓

It is normal that belly fat is increasing because your body weight is gaining rapidly. If you want to gain weight fast, belly fat will also increase, there is nothing to worry about. Still, you can keep carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, bananas, pasta, noodles, etc.) in the food a little less, then the belly fat will increase less. But remember that protein intake cannot be reduced.

✅👉Vitamin B12 helps to supply more oxygen to our body by making red blood cells in our body. As a result, we become energetic for physical activities throughout the day including exercise.

👉 Some sources of vitamin B12 are highlighted in the following picture, thank you.

✅A gentleman asked 👉 I exercise regularly but my bad habit is smoking, can it cause me serious harm ❓
👉Smoking damages our respiratory system gradually. Due to damage to the respiratory system, the supply of oxygen to our body is very low, so during exercise we face the problem of getting tired and having less energy.
Not only that, smoking can also cause us cancer, heart attack, stroke. So it is better not to smoke.

A gentleman has messaged 👉How many days will body transformation start if I do regular gym workout and if I take necessary protein from daily food, will there be any problem?

From the day you start following the right exercise and diet chart, your body will begin to transform.
And if your goal is muscle gain, then if you continue for 5/6 months, you can see a very good change. However, how fast and slow your muscle gain will be depends on your hormones, exercise and diet.

👉 There will be no problem if you eat your daily required protein from daily food.

✅👉How many times a week should chest exercises be done? What are the exercises to make the chest muscles wider and stronger, which will work faster than other exercises?

👉 Chest exercise can be done maximum 2 days a week, but 1 day is better.

The best and most effective exercises to widen the chest muscles are the bench press and isolation exercises to bring them to the bench.

✅👉Those who do regular weight training or intense workout, what should they eat as a pre-workout?

👉If you are doing an intense workout, have peanut butter with banana or white rice as a pre-workout before going to the gym. Then you will get good energy during the workout.

👉This is only recommended for those who are doing intense workouts.
👉Brother I exercise four days a week if you please tell me what part to exercise with.
👉Since you are exercising 4 days a week then follow the instructions below.
Day 1 (Back + Bicep).
Day 2 (Chest + Triceps)
Day 3 (Leg).
Day 4 (Shoulder).

You may change it like,

Day 1 (Chest + Triceps)
Day 2 (Back + Bicep)
Day 3 ((Shoulder + forearm)
Day 4 (legs + abs)
Day 5 (cardio cycling, running, treadmill fast walking, jumping jack, skipping etc.)
Day 6 (complete rest, yoga, stretching only)
Day 7 (repeat workout like Day 1) 

We all know from childhood that the other name of water is life. We can live long without food but we cannot live long without water. So in one sentence it can be said that water is a very important nutrition for us. Among the many functions of water in our body, two of the most important functions are (1) water converts our food into energy, (2) water removes waste from our body.

So drink enough water after meals and throughout the day

✅A gentleman asked 👉Does cardio boost stamina-strength energy?

If they are underweight and want to boost them, can they all be set together? Or do it later?
👉Cardio exercise increases stamina, but weight training is best for increasing strength.
  You can set all the goals at once if you want.

✅A gentleman asked the question 👉Which is more important to gain weight? Calories or protein or fat?

Are Creatine, Whey Protein Harmful?

Calorie intake is more important to gain weight. And the source of these calories should be from proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Must follow balance diet chart.

Creatine, Whey protein is not harmful. However, creatine should be consumed in a certain amount according to your body weight.

✅ Does following high protein diet damage the kidney?

No, our kidneys are not so weak, so if we follow a high protein diet, the kidneys will not get damaged.
I have received quite a few messages about wet leg exercises. ” one of the gentlemen commented

👉If you have been exercising in the gym then do weight training with the help of your gym instructor.
And if you have already done weight training, then try the compounder exercises with a little more weight. But keep in mind that taking the right amount of weight will not injure you. And do 20/25/30 minutes of cycling or walking on the treadmill after weight training every day.

👉And if you have not exercised in the gym, then try to run in the park or on the side of the small road. Don't start running first, do some stretching first, walk, jog and run.

  A list of some compound exercises is given (Squat, Deadlift, Barbell row, Bench press).

Finally, the important thing I want to say is that along with exercise, a perfect diet chart should be followed. Because you can never lose fat by just exercising and eating random food.

👉Hope I have been able to give you a correct instruction for fat loss exercises.

✅👉Butter is a favorite food of many of us. From breakfast in the morning to light meals, bread is served with butter. But have you ever wondered whether butter is a nutritious food?

👉Saturated fat 51g, Trans fat regulation 3.3g and Cholesterol 215g per 100g of butter. The thing to note here is that these 3 types of fats (Saturated, Trans fat, Cholesterol) are bad fats. And butter contains many times more fat than other foods. So by eating butter every day you are moving towards coronary artery disease. That means you and your family members are unknowingly increasing your risk of heart attack at an early age, by eating butter every day.
So we all should avoid butter from our food list.

✅👉 If I want to reduce body fat and lean muscle figure, what type of exercise/diet routine should I follow?

Basic instructions. 👉 Weight training 5/6 days a week and do 25/30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day after weight training.

For example: cycling, slow walking.

Follow the high protein low carbohydrate diet chart.

✅ I want to know what is the cutting mood. If you do cardio, does it reduce fat and reduce muscle?

👉To gain muscle mass you have to gain weight, that process is called bulking mood. While gaining weight, more and less fat is gained along with muscle, then the process that starts to lose this fat is cutting mode.

Basically the main purpose of cardio exercise is to improve overall health including improving heart health. And bodybuilders do what they call cardio exercise to lose fat and in the off season/bulking mood to reduce fat gain.

Cardio exercise burns fat, muscle, and glycogen. However, depending on the intensity, which one will be more effective.

✅👉There are 3 types of major fish in our body. eg Cardiac, Smooth and Skeletal muscles.

👉 We go to the gym and usually do skeletal muscle exercises. When we do intense training for a particular fish, micro trauma occurs in our fish, as a result, the soft tissues of our fish are damaged and after consuming proper nutrition, the damaged tissues are recovered and the fish size gains.

✅My weight is 49 I lift heavy weights, will there be a problem with muscle gain if I lift heavy weights ❓

👉No, lifting heavy weights for muscle gain will not cause any problem. Lifting is better for muscle gain. But you must pay attention to the diet.

✅A gentleman asked me 👉can we do cardio every day after workout or not. ❓ and can we do cardio on rest day too or should we take full rest on rest day ❓

Although I don't know anything about your exercise, diet and your goals. If your body is in bulking mood then 20/30 minutes of light cardio after workout 3 days a week is enough for you. And if your body is in cutting mood then you can do cardio after daily workout. Doing light cardio on the rest day will help the body recover faster. No problem if you don't.

✅Special tips for those who can't go to the gym to stay fit.

👉Many people are not able to go to the gym to exercise due to busy work and various complications. That is why we are becoming unfit day by day without our knowledge. And due to being unfit, we are suffering from various physical and mental problems including depression, high pressure, diabetes, cognitive function decline. Below are some tips for them.

👉(1) Practice walking.

👉(2) Avoid the elevator and climb the stairs even if it is difficult, if it is difficult to climb the stairs, take a rest if necessary.

👉(3) Avoid consuming excess oil.

👉(4) keep the amount of rice less on the plate and keep vegetables, fish and meat more. But refrain from eating pangas and shrimps, even if not regularly.

👉(5) Try to eat dinner 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

👉Remember that if you take the above instructions into your regular lifestyle, you will be able to stay fit very easily.

A gentleman asked me many questions, although I am not giving answers to all of them in this post. One of the questions was how many times a week should one exercise?

Whatever your goal is, you need to rest at least 1 day a week. But it is better to take 2 days rest after heavy intense workout. Our body will recover well.

✅Why do stretch marks happen, how can you protect yourself from getting stretch marks?

This is more common in people who lose weight rapidly and gain weight.

Advice for those who haven't yet Don't rapidly gain and lose weight, slow down. Begin the exercise by warming up and stretching the body before the exercise, then do a good stretch again at the end of the exercise.

👉And those who already have stretch marks on their body should be treated according to the skin doctor's advice. Because applying any home remedy on stretch marks does not give any special results.
Laser treatment is best for this. But there are some creams one of them is Cosmotrin (Generic Tretinoin) this cream works well.

👉I am not promoting or recommending anyone to use this cream. If anyone uses it, it is their personal decision.

Why animal protein is given more priority among proteins, or why animal protein is consumed more?
Because animal proteins contain all types of essential amino acids.

✅ Do you get the same level of energy every day while exercising or is it a little more or less?

You may not get the same level of energy every day while exercising. Because you may have sleep problems, food problems, hormonal problems, stress, sickness, in a word, daily energy may be low.

✅👉Protein is a very important macronutrient for our body. Especially to ensure the growth of children. Because if you can't provide your baby with enough quality protein, your baby's overall growth will slow down. So to ensure the overall growth of your child, provide them with the right amount of quality protein rich food.

✅After exercising for some time, if I start exercising again with a long gap, will I get the same strength as before?

👉Definitely you will get the same strength as before, but after a few days of continuous practice. You won't get it on the first day.

✅ Will muscle size gain if you do high reps exercise with light weight ❓

👉No, light weight high reps exercise does not cause skeletal muscle protein synthesis. As a result, muscle size will not gain.

✅ My body weight is very less, can I do gym❓ will it increase weight if I do gym❓

👉 Whether your body weight is less or more you can exercise. But if you exercise as per the instructions of a skilled gym instructor according to your goals, you will get your desired results very fast.

👉To increase your body weight, you should pay more attention to calorie intake than exercise. Because exercise cannot increase our body weight.

What kind of food boosts testosterone naturally?

👉Ginger, eggs, seafood, pomegranate, green leafy vegetables, tuna fish, bananas, zinc rich foods, etc.
Carbohydrates give us energy only for physical work?

Yes, carbohydrates are the fuel of our central nervous system. Carbohydrates are our brain fuel, in short, every cell in our body needs carbohydrates for energy.

👉So don't give up eating carbohydrates completely according to anyone's words or advice.

Many people have asked me many questions about gynecomastia. Do I have gynecomastia for daily push ups? Will push ups cure gynecomastia?

👉Gynecomastia is a condition where the penis becomes enlarged or droopy in boys called gynecomastia. Now it is being said that sometimes male breasts can hang because of excess fat, then it cannot be called gynecomastia. Which one you have must be confirmed by consulting a specialist doctor.

Gynecomastia is mainly due to hormonal imbalance, one of which is Estrogen.

👉 2 hormones one is Testosterone, another is Estrogen.
👉 (1) Testosterone hormone male sex hormone.

(2) Estrogen Female sex hormone, although estrogen is also present in the body of males but it is very opl.

👉Gynecomastia occurs when the Estrogen hormone increases a lot in the body of boys.

Many people do a lot of push ups when they have gynecomastia, thinking that push ups will fix it. This is a wrong information, doing push ups will make your chest muscles strong. But the chances of gynecomastia getting better with push ups are very low. Gynecomastia should cure you with medical treatment.

Can push ups and pull ups be given daily in gym?

Yes, you can do these exercises every day, but you will not get any results. Because if you damage the same muscles every day, the damaged muscles do not get time to recover. So it is better not to do push up, pull up, chin up everyday.

Will weight increase only if you exercise?

No, you will not gain weight by exercising. You must eat more food to gain weight. You need to eat more calories than your maintenance calories. Eating less than maintenance calories will put the body into catabolic mode, resulting in no weight gain.

I have started exercising for a few days now, can I eat protein powder?

👉If your budget is not a problem, you can eat protein even if you don't exercise, but try to eat protein. Because whey protein has no side effects.

What to do if you suddenly need energy while exercising at home or in the gym?
  Eat a banana?

Do not eat bananas even though bananas are the currency of energy but after eating bananas it will take a long time to convert into energy. So you can eat glucose to get instant energy.

Gym Tips:

If the boy or girl who has never exercised before starts weight training as you say i.e. bench press, barbell squat, military press, deadlift etc. from the very first day of joining the gym then he/she will -
  • There is a chance of injury.
  • He has chances of joint pain,
  • There is a high chance of muscle spasm or tear
  • He can suffer from many types of problems including dizziness, low blood pressure, vomiting etc.
Since the joints and muscle tissue of his body are relatively weak, then in order to avoid the above problems and start exercising in a healthy way, he must be given the opportunity to adapt himself to the exercise by doing free hand exercises and stretching exercises for 7-15 days.

By doing this, his pain will be reduced and the body will develop beautifully.


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