Gym and Bodybuilding FAQ part 2

One thing is that many people do not know what is the most difficult in bodybuilding?

Work out or diet?

Diet is the key to body building and it is the hardest to maintain. You don't realize how hard it is to eat the same foods regularly as you time. You ask every professional bodybuilder and they will say the same thing, they don't like to eat, they feel nauseous or too much. it hurts You have to eat so much that you will become mentally sick. Therefore, you will see this diet as a reason that their mood is irritable during competition time.

Your gym takes maximum two hours but food takes whole day. Among them food is the most expensive. Now maybe you understand which is the most difficult to maintain in body building.

Most Bengalis consider eating rice to be a crime on a gym diet. Is it really true?

This is not entirely correct. Rice is complex carbs. Carbs are body fuel. Just like a car can't run without fuel, our body can't run without carbs. If you cut carbs completely, you will be at risk of death. Not only rice contains carbs, there are many other foods that contain carbs such as:- bananas, nuts, corn and potatoes etc.

Now you can say where is the problem of eating rice?

It is very easy. We eat a little more rice. You need 2 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight. If you weigh 180 pounds, you should have about 360 grams of carbs in your daily diet. This is good for building muscle. You'll lose 30% here when it comes to weight loss.

Now you can tell when it is better to eat rice?

You can have lunch at noon. At night you can complete your dinner with salat fish and meat etc.

Why is a gym partner important?

We get demotivated after a few days at the gym. There are many reasons for this. One of the important reasons is that we need good gym partners.

Having a gym partner doesn't make you feel alone. Having workout support and people to talk to can keep you motivated to hit the gym.

But getting such a partner is a matter of luck. Because not everyone can come to the gym on time. Due to which his partner becomes demotivated and does not come to the gym.

Now you can say what can be done?

Now you need to choose a partner who has a good sense of gym, comes timely in the busy gym and the person should be friendly.

If you have these few qualities, go for it.

Now you can say why it is necessary to be friendly?

Yes, there are many people in the gym who have a good figure and these public people have a bit of an attitude. They don't want to talk to anyone. In other words, they are a type of narcissist. So if you don't partner with such people, you will ruin your mood.

All these are taken from real experience.

I will say one thing at the end

"Choose your partner wisely"

Those who want to lose or gain weight will definitely knock.
Many people don't seek out clients with diets, so my clients get time and extra benefits from me. Suitable for those who are serious about keeping their body fit.

Macronutrients (Macro nutrition) and micronutrients (Micro nutrition)?

Macro means big. Macronutrients are all the nutrients your body needs from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. They provide your body with energy, or calories.

Nutritionally speaking, macros are usually measured in grams, such as grams of fat or protein.

Macronutrients are classified into three categories:

Carbohydrates: found in foods such as bread, pasta and fruit, which provide 4 calories per gram
Fats: Found in foods like oils, nuts and meats that provide 9 calories per gram
Protein: found in foods like eggs, fish and tofu, which provide 4 calories per gram.

What are micronutrients?

Micronutrients are nutrients your body needs in small amounts, commonly referred to as vitamins and minerals

Micro means small. We measure most micronutrients in milligrams or micrograms.

Foods that contain micronutrients, especially fruits and vegetables, are rich in vitamins and minerals. Examples of micronutrients include, but are not limited to:
  • calcium
  • folate
  • iron
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc etc.
Now you can say what is the use of knowing these? If you don't know the nutritional value you can never be a good fitness instructor or coach. It is so important that you cannot build your body without it.
Those who want to lose or gain weight will definitely knock.

Many do not seek out clients with diets. But we do. Suitable for those who are serious about keeping their body fit.

Why are vitamins needed for bodybuilding?

Vitamins are micronutrients. Vitamins help the body repair and grow muscles that are needed for bodybuilding.

Now the question may come which vitamins are needed for body building?

Vitamin D, C, E, B vitamins (B6, Folate & B12), vitamin A

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is most important for muscle growth. Vitamin D is an amazing vitamin that we get from 7am to 10am sunlight. Vitamin D helps build our bones, repair muscles and increase testosterone.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects muscle cells from free radical damage. Also, it helps in the formation of testosterone and other anabolic hormones. Vitamin C also helps in the formation of collagen. Since collagen is the primary component of connective tissue, vitamin C becomes an essential ingredient in keeping bones and muscles free from injury. By strengthening collagen, joints are able to handle heavy weight resistance with less chance of injury. Moreover, vitamin C helps reduce muscle pain.

Vitamin E – We all know that vitamin E is responsible for keeping the skin healthy. Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant that works to protect the integrity of body cells. Exercise and high intensity produce free radicals in the body, which are toxic byproducts of cellular respiration.
As these free radicals accumulate, the body becomes more toxic, leading to poor performance, muscle gain, recovery and immunity. Vitamin E works to attack these free radicals and remove them from the body. The end result is less oxidative stress and reduced muscle damage.

Vitamin B Vitamins (B6,Folate & B12) – Vitamin B6, folate and B12 are arguably the most important B vitamins when it comes to muscle gain and recovery! Vitamins B6 and B12 both have a direct role in protein metabolism. In fact, studies have shown that the higher the protein consumption, the more vitamin B6 is needed to support the increased metabolism of protein intake.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A is useful because it supports protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle growth. Vitamin A levels decrease as protein synthesis increases. Vitamin A is needed for protein breakdown during the muscle repair process. If its role in muscle growth and recovery isn't enough, vitamin A has a direct effect on the body's most powerful muscle-building hormone, testosterone. In a study of 102 adolescent boys with delayed puberty, vitamin A and iron supplementation produced maturation similar to the group receiving exogenous testosterone. This suggests that vitamin A deficiency can have a significant impact on healthy testosterone production in men of all ages.

Apart from this, there are some other vitamins which are not mentioned. 

For example:-
  • zinc
  • magnesium
  • Omega-3 and
  • iron
You can get these things from nutritious food.

And those who want to take multi vitamin supplements that have all kinds of vitamins for the benefit of the body will definitely comment.

What are the benefits of eating fish oil?

Benefits of consuming fish oil:

1. Reduces blood pressure
2. Keeps the heart good
3. Increases eyesight
4. Brain function works well
5. Helps reduce asthma
6. Increases bone density
7. Strengthens the immune system
8. Keeps mental health good
9. Skin condition is very good
10. Helps to lose weight
11. Sleep is better
12. Increases natural hormones
13. Keep your youth etc.

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are a major macronutrient and one of your body's primary sources of energy. Some weight loss programs discourage eating them, but the key is to find the right carbs — not avoid them entirely.
You may have heard that eating complex carbohydrates is better than simple carbohydrates. But nutrition labels don't always tell you whether the carbohydrate content is simple or complex.
Carbohydrates are made up of three components: fiber, starch, and sugar.

Today we will discuss two carbohydrates. 
For example:-
1. Simple carbs and
2. Complex carbs.

1. What and where to find simple carbs?

Carbs that easily provide quick energy to the body are called simple carbs.
Simple carbohydrates are sugars. Although some of these are naturally found in milk.
Most water-based foods today contain simple carbs.
Below are some simple carbs:
  • raw sugar
  • brown sugar
  • Corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup
  • Glucose, fructose and sucrose
  • Concentrated fruit juice etc.

What are complex carbohydrates?

Complex carbohydrates are more nutrient dense than simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are high in fiber and are digested slowly. Being high in fiber is very effective for weight control. Fiber improves bowel regularity and helps control cholesterol.

Complex carbohydrates are also ideal for type 2 diabetics as they help manage post-meal blood sugar spikes.

Foods that are major sources of fiber include:
  • fruit
  • vegetable
  • nuts
  • beans
  • Whole grains etc.
Those who especially do gym should take complex carbs 1 hour before starting exercise. Because it provides the necessary energy to the body. Don't take more than what is needed, otherwise weight will increase. Especially those who want to lose weight should definitely take moderate amount of carbs. .

Why is a good trainer more important than a good gym?

A: There is no problem if a gym doesn't have good machines or there are few machines, because even if a good trainer has a dumbbell, he can make you do three different exercises with it. So you understand how important a good trainer is than a gym.

Over Training

Due to over training in the gym, you suffer from:-

1. Muscle loss
A lot of exercise can help you build a heavy and muscular body. But, if you're overtraining, you're more prone to muscle loss than muscle gain.

2. Pain in the joints
The wrong workout can lead to joint pain. This includes both the wrong way to over exercise. To combat this, take the help of a trainer or workout instructor.

3. difficulty sleeping
Excessive exercise can disrupt your normal sleep patterns. You are more likely to have trouble falling asleep.

4. Frequent illness
Exercise is necessary to stay fit. So, when you start spending too much time in the gym and doing too much exercise, it can weaken your immune system. Therefore, your risk of getting sick more often will be much higher. It is caused by muscle loss, fatigue and lack of sleep.

5. Sore muscles
When you start exercising, your muscles are bound to be sore for a few days. But after some time it becomes normal. If your muscles start to ache and are still sore after a few weeks, this could be a sign of overtraining.

6. tiredness
We workout to build muscle. Initially, you may feel tired after your workout, but in the end, it increases your energy. But, if you continue to feel sluggish and tired after a workout, it could be a sign of overtraining.

7. Decreased grip strength
One of the negative effects of overtraining is decreased grip strength. If you find it difficult to close the gripper, which was once an easy task for you, take a break from training. It may be a symptom of overtraining. One of the most reliable ways to check for overtraining is to measure grip strength.

8. Negative psychological effects
If you don't feel the same excitement and motivation as before you hit the gym, it could be a sign of overtraining. Anger, depression, apathy, irritability and lack of sleep are some of the negative psychological effects of overtraining.

9. Decreased testosterone levels

Over training is responsible for lowering your testosterone levels.

There are three phases to a gym workout.
For example:-
1. Beginner
2. Mid level
3. Expert level

1. Beginners: By beginners we mean those who have just joined the gym. Totally clueless about basic workouts.
2. Mid level: Mid level means those who understand a little about workout science.

3. Expert level: These are the ones who have experience in everything in the gym.

Now let's get to the point. Newbies in the gym, especially beginners, do one thing wrong. They want to work out according to what the experts see. They don't know that the work out protocol is different for the experts. The type of exercise they do, if done by a beginner, will not be done properly and the chances of injury will be high.
Many people like to run. Run a lot. But it can pose some health risks if some precautions are not taken. Running for 15-20 minutes and running for one and a half to two hours are not the same thing.

1) Overweight No one should run a lot. This can cause pain in his ankles, knees and back.

2) People who want to build muscle should also not run a lot. Because the body goes into the catabolic stage and loses a lot of muscle.

3) Bone density decreases in the body of 40+ people. Especially girls. Excessive running can wear down the bone cartilage and lead to permanent injury.

While running, you must use a very good brand of running shoes.

Try running on grass instead of running on pavement.

The Chinese treadmills that are commonly used in our country are not of very good quality. If the treadmill shakes while running, the shock is not absorbed. Technogym treadmill prices start from around twelve lakhs. Very few gyms have treadmills of that quality.


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