Exercise is a disease killer or natural medicine, by doing which you can stay healthy Top Health and Fitness FAQ

Exercise is a Natural Medicine

Exercise is a disease killer or natural medicine, by which you can stay healthy. Watching flashy ads for nutrient-dense noodles on TV; We are eating noodles as quick snacks, or feeding them to kids.

 Are noodles really packed with nutrients?

Ingredients for making noodles are flour, salt, water, and chemicals.

Flour is mainly a carbohydrate source, which contains a lot of carbohydrates, and salt contains sodium.

We Bangladeshis eat the right amount of rice throughout the day; It fills our need for carbohydrates and becomes even more. So there is no need for extra carbohydrates from noodles. Eating excess carbohydrates increases the risk of diabetes and abnormal weight gain. And abnormal weight means fat, And fat is the cause of many diseases.

Sodium, the amount of salt we use in curries; fulfills our sodium requirement. Noodles are high in sodium, And excess sodium can accumulate water in our body, it can be the cause of high blood pressure, it can be the cause of kidney damage.

And the amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals is very little. Because noodles are mainly carbohydrate and sodium sources.

After all the decision is yours, whether you eat or not.

Top Health and Fitness FAQ 

Are you missing this essential vitamin?

Thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1), is an essential vitamin. "Thiamine Hydrochloride", the "Carbohydrates" we get from our food; Helps to convert into energy. As a result, during exercise, our muscles, brain, and central nervous system, get the fuel they need, easily and quickly. "Thiamine Hydrochloride", also helps in our muscle contraction during exercise. By helping us get a good night's sleep, this concession also gives us many health benefits.

Thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1), is a water-soluble vitamin. This vitamin stays in our body for a very short time; And then comes out with our urine. That's why it should always be on our list of dishes.

Foods that provide "thiamine hydrochloride" such as Banana, Liver, Flax seeds, Green peas, Brown rice, Asparagus, Fish, and Orange.

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