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8 Exercises That Target Your Core

According to Brown, you can practice some exercises anywhere, whether you're at your desk or standing in line. She recommends the following exercises to effectively target various parts of your core:

  • Bird-dogs
  • Planks and modified planks
  • Side planks and modified side planks

  • Trunk rotations with weights
  • Russian twists
  • Glute bridges
  • Hip thrusts
  • Back extensions
“Most clients focus too much on their anterior rectus abdominis for the six-pack look,” Brown says, “when they should be engaging the deep muscles and posterior chain by doing planks, back extensions, and glute bridges. When in doubt, plank it out.”

How Do You Know If You’re Actually Engaging Your Core?

Alignment is key. Your pelvis should remain in a neutral position, not tilted. “Imagine your pelvis as a bowl that holds your spine and organs,” Brown says. “In an anterior pelvic tilt, the bowl tips downward, causing your back to arch. Contracting your glutes and scooping your bowl up and forward will engage your core.” This concept may be easier to grasp during standing activities.

For floor exercises on your back, Brown suggests this trick: Imagine blowing out a candle forcefully. As you exhale, your core will contract and pull your spine down to the floor, eliminating any space between your lower back and the ground. Maintain that engagement throughout all floor exercises. If your lower back begins to arch, blow out that candle again.

When lifting weights, it's crucial to engage your core before each lift to avoid injury. “As you become fatigued, your core is the first to go,” Brown explains. “Focus on a gentle contraction of your anterior and posterior core, breathe deeply, align your spine, and only when you are fully stable and engaged should you begin your lift or exercise.”

Everyone Needs to Focus on Their Core

Ideally, you should engage your core during your regular workouts and in targeted core-strengthening exercises. Brown acknowledges that focused core work might not always be the most exciting, but the benefits are worth it. As Collins reminds us: “A little bit of focused training can go a long way toward keeping us able to do all the things we like to do.”

Engage Your Core While Lifting Weights

Engaging your core is essential during weightlifting, especially when bending at major joints such as your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. These movements can cause spinal shifts, such as arching your back during an overhead press. Activating your core helps maintain proper alignment and prevents excessive spinal arching.

A prime example is the deadlift. Failing to brace your core before lifting can lead to a rounded back and slumped shoulders. By taking a deep breath and tightening your abdominal muscles, you can maintain a straight back and retracted shoulder blades, ensuring a safer and more effective lift.

Engage Your Core During Cardio

While cardio exercises pose a lower risk for spine injuries compared to weightlifting, engaging your core during these activities can significantly enhance your posture and reduce any discomfort during or after your workout.

For instance, when running, engaging your core helps keep your chest high and shoulders back, preventing the over-extension of your neck—a common issue that can cause neck pain and headaches. Additionally, bracing your core while running can relieve pressure on your lumbar spine, helping to reduce or eliminate lower back pain.

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