How to weight loss with Abs Workout six pack abs at the same time with YouTube Videos

Top 10 Abs workout in gym and weight loss or fat loss at the same time

You have to warm up first with some stretching like hand movement, leg movements. lunges, head movements etc. Stretching is very important before starting any workout. Kickboxing with punching bag is a nice workout and most effective workout for weight loss and abs development workout.  So, after warmup and stretching you should start kick boxing. And try to gradually increase your power but remember, you need gloves and wrist support to protect injuries. You have to wear perfect gym shoes.

You see that you are doing everyday this workout, but your abs muscles are not developing because you are not maintaining your food habit for example you are overeating in the evening and suddenly go to gym within 5 minutes which because you suffer some problems. You have to intake your food before 2 hours of going gym. Your food is not digesting man. 

Now we will see the six pack abs workout video. Don't take overweight during abs workout. You have to do all abs workout with light weight but more repetitions which was missing for gym goers. 
Select a day for weight loss, cardio and abs workout. 

Six pack success story:

  • Mainly diet and control your food habits.
  • Running is the key to success; morning walk is best with empty stomach but if it is not possible then you just do it in the evening. Run like an athlete.
  • But during gym workout, you may run or simple walk after heavy gym workout and this is another key to success to weight loss and six pack or nice shape of your abs muscles.
  • Always avoid junk food like puri, burger etc. and eat more fruits and vegetables. 

Most of the time people think that six pack or abs workout is the key to success but actually not. You have to maintain diet plan. Link here

You may ask what I should eat:

  1. I start from nighttime; many people are taking their dinner too lately which is absolutely wrong; you have to intake your dinner from 7 to 8 pm which is perfect time. 
  2. You will be happy to know that I am giving you now important tips which is during lunch and dinner you should not drink water, so you should drink after 40 minutes, and this is the rule of digesting food policies which is unknown to everyone even expert bodybuilders.
  3. You eat less rice but more vegetables. 
  4. Take much water but not workout time on different times.
  5. You must need sufficient sleep.
  6. You may eat different types of nuts.
  7. Eat eggs and bananas and honey (honey should avoid in case of diabetics) before 2 hours of going gym which cover the low-pressure problem.
  8. After gym workout you need food like cucumbers, carrot, sour milk, chicken or any meat and vegetables. Some people are like ginger tea with lemon no sugar also best for your body.

Compound Movement:

Compound Movements are also good for overall abs and body fat reduction. You have to do some compound movements like Lat pull down (during Lat pull down, it main muscle target is back but also works for your bicep), bench press, shoulder press, squat and deadlift. When you do compound movement, your abs also being engaged. So, these are not abs workout but these are all full body workout means it hits all muscles like bicep, triceps, chest, back, shoulder etc.

In the lunch time, you should eat rice but not too much or you may eat bread and chicken and different types of vegetables.

In ramadan, you may eat dates but avoid sugar and sugar made food for weight loss, drink much water after iftar to morning. Calculate you daily weight to weight machine. 

You alto avoid sweet to avoid overweight and you have to remember that your weight is very important. 
Burpee workout is one of the best weight loss and fat loss workout

Without any machine you can do abs workout like stand like your legs wide from each other. then close your two hands like clap position and try to touch your both wide spreader legs.  You have to wide your leg like jumping jack style.  One time down and try to touch left legs and vice-versa.  However, before starting any abs workout my suggestion is you have to do jumping jack and skipping workout for best results and don't skip hanging leg raises in various positions. 

So, how to plan your fat loss and six pack journey. Change your food habit and concentrate on more fruits and vegetables instead of rice. Avoid puri, biscut. Eat lemon with daily food like during lunch time mix lemon with just 2 cup rice. If you eat daily one lemon then your fat will be decreased slowly. No salt and sugar will help in fat loss journey. 

In conclusion, you have to go to gym every day not like that. Sometimes you can take rest for one or two days. For example, on Saturday you target to do all these workouts in gym. and next day you can rest. When you age is more like 50 or 60 then you need to work out more. You are not retired, you just started. I think my post is very valuable. So, please comments below and subscribe my channel and visit my all-other related post and share with your friends.

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