Mafia Bangla GANGSTER (গ্যাংস্টার) BANGLA WEB SERIES

"Mafia Bangla Gangster" (গ্যাংস্টার) is a Bangladeshi web series that explores the gritty world of crime and gangster life. This series is part of the rising trend in Bangladesh of producing digital content, appealing to audiences who prefer streaming services over traditional TV. 

People engage in resistance training for various reasons. Some aim to maximize their strength or prevent injuries, others seek to enhance their physique with larger muscles, and some want to improve their performance in specific sports.

Regardless of your objectives, determining the best way to increase strength can be challenging. It’s crucial to understand that achieving results requires long-term consistency and the manipulation of specific variables to push your body to lift heavier weights.

This can involve: 
  • Increasing the weight
  • Varying the number of repetitions per set
  • Adjusting the number of days you lift
  • Changing how long you rest between sets
  • Modifying the number of sets you perform

For strength training I usually follow the following split workout 

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  1. Music and song during gym workout great motivation and energy boosting

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    In addition, you may watch the video below for great workout motivation which is very important during gym workout but just remember don't ego lifting means taking heavy weights without preparation like warmup.

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