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You have to do some variation during workout for fun. The video attached here showing how to do you gym exercise with new variations.   You have to remember split with super set are the best ways to do gym exercise with high repetitions. During workout use headphone for music. Music is the great motivationMusic is the great motivation.
For your assistance, I made some playlist click here playlist click here and watch if you like or not. I always use headphone before workout. I got huge entertainment and real energy boosting. Alternatively, use sound system for your performance and increase gym entertainment and real fun. I have a YouTube channel, fungymbodyYouTube channel, fungymbody visit like share and subscribe please.

You should not do all the workouts targeting all body parts in a single day. You should split your workouts like chest and triceps in a single days and then you may do some abs workout which is depends your body structure. If your fat is huge in abs then you may do some cardio at the end of exercise.

How I target my specific muscle in a single day 

If your target is chest and triceps then you should only target these two muscle. You should start with pushup, warmup and stretching your chest and arms.

Complete your workout routine

You should start with pushup and then you may do some machine chest press, bench press. After that you must do some incline and decline bench press by using dumbbells' and barbell. After that you may do some cable fly which is best stretching for your chest muscles. And also increase weights slowly and do some pull over, I prefer dumbbells' pull over.

However, after that you may start triceps workout. Drink some water during workout and use towel and body spray. Finally if you have energy then do some plank with plank variations and cable crunch and other abs workout  like cable wood choppers, hanging leg raise, normal leg raise at the end of workouts.

If you want a nice body shape and more effective muscle building then you must follow diet plan because without diet plan, only gym workout is not the key to success. Key to success is change your food habit and diet plan.  Some people are thinking why my belly is not reducing, I am working hard everyday in the gym because you are consuming more food and sugar and fat like rice, fast food avoiding vegetables, water and you are not following the diet plan.


Many people message me at different times and want to know that; Can't go to gym for time to exercise. What can I do to stay fit now?

Even if you can't go to the gym and exercise, here are some simple tips to stay fit. By following them, you can keep yourself fit.

(1) Avoid eating fried foods.
(2) Avoid snacks ie cakes, biscuits, chanachoo.
(3) Avoid pizza, pasta, noodles, burgers, nachos etc.
(4) Avoid any soft drinks.
(5) Reduce the amount of cooking oil.
(5) Keep less amount of rice on the plate.
(6) Keep vegetables, fish, meat, fruits more.
(7) If possible, finish dinner by 8 o'clock.
(7) Walk as much as possible.

By following the above tips properly, anyone can stay fit.

Health is not good after the age of 30!

First we should be clear what we mean by good health.

Good health basically means disease-free well-being. But the sad thing is, there are many of us who understand good health only as a big body.

But yes, if we exercise regularly, age doesn't matter, we can achieve both a big body and good health.

There was a time, when people used to speak in many words; There was no special means to check the authenticity of the instant. But now we are very much upgraded in terms of technology, so just hearing something about these things, there is nothing to believe, just do a little google, we can get the right information very easily within a moment.

Is it possible to gain 5/7 kg of muscle in 1 month with proper diet and exercise?

No matter how much we follow a perfect diet plan and hard work, it is not possible to gain 5/7 kg of muscle in 1 month, in a healthy way.

But it is possible to gain 5/7 kg including fat, in 1 month.

Supplement's Warning on Overheating

There are many of us who take pre-workout supplements before a workout.

If you are also taking pre-workout supplements, take a few days off to warm up.

Because almost all pre-workout supplements contain "caffeine" or "thermogenic" compounds. And as a result of what we eat, the temperature of our body increases a lot from the normal temperature. Since now in our country for some time; Temperature is very high, so taking pre-workout supplements now will increase the chances of heat stroke.

So until the temperature is somewhat normal, all types; Avoid consuming pre-workout supplements.
Good wishes for your good health.

Some people are missing some workout like cattle bell swing, wood chopper cable workouts, face pull, dumbbells' pull over which are now new but they forgot to do that. Some people are no doing calf workout which is legs workout and some are not doing forearms workout which are also most important body parts.

You have to do warm up first and then stretching and then you should start strength training like pushup, bench press, bicep and triceps etc.

For strength training I usually follow the following split workout 

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  1. Music and song during gym workout great motivation and energy boosting

    Use your headphone and cell phone to get maximum motivation visit music page 

    In addition, you may watch the video below for great workout motivation which is very important during gym workout but just remember don't ego lifting means taking heavy weights without preparation like warmup.

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