Nice Triceps Workouts Pictures and Videos

Top 10 Triceps Workouts Pictures and Videos

Picture: Triceps Push down cable

The Importance of Strong Triceps

Strong arms are crucial for nearly every upper body movement you perform daily, with your triceps often being the primary muscles at work. Whenever you push something—whether it’s a door, a stroller, a lawnmower, or a barbell—you’re engaging your triceps. Additionally, robust triceps are vital for training other muscle groups . For instance, strong triceps are essential for executing push-ups and chest presses.

Understanding the Triceps

The triceps is a single muscle composed of three different heads: the long head, lateral head, and medial head. While all these heads contract during triceps exercises, specific movements can target particular muscle fibers more than others. To build strong, firm triceps, it's best to incorporate a variety of exercises that engage all the muscle fibers from different angles.

How to Structure Your Triceps Workouts

Creating an effective triceps workout can enhance your functional movement. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Start with a Warm-Up:

Begin with activities like brisk walking, jogging, jumping jacks, or calisthenics. Warming up increases blood flow and raises muscle temperature, which helps prevent injury .

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Gradually Add Weight and Intensity:

If you're a beginner, aim for three sets of 10-12 reps per exercise using about 70% of the maximum weight you can lift. As your fitness level improves, increase the weight and number of reps .

Target All Three Tricep Heads:

Incorporate a variety of exercises into your routine to ensure balanced strength development across all tricep heads. Choose exercises that engage different angles and muscle fibers.

Train Multiple Muscle Groups:

While tricep workouts isolate the triceps, consider training shoulders and chest simultaneously since they participate in many of the same functional movements.

Best Triceps Workouts

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), some triceps exercises are more effective than others. In an ACE-commissioned study, researchers used EMG electrodes to measure muscle activity in subjects performing eight common triceps exercises. Based on this data, they ranked the exercises by effectiveness. Here are the top triceps exercises in order of effectiveness:

  1. Diamond Push-Ups: Also known as triangle push-ups, this exercise targets all three heads of the triceps muscle and is the most effective triceps exercise.
  2. Kickbacks: This exercise also targets all three triceps heads, but not as intensely as diamond push-ups. It's easier to perform, making it more accessible for beginners.
  3. Dips: This exercise works all three triceps heads and also engages core muscles.
  4. Overhead Triceps Extensions: This move primarily emphasizes the long head of the triceps, complementing other exercises.
  5. Triceps Rope Pushdown
  6. This exercise also targets the long head of the triceps, offering a balanced workout.
  7. Triceps Bar Pushdowns: Similar to rope pushdowns, but slightly less effective.
  8. Lying Triceps Extensions: Another exercise that primarily targets the long head of the triceps.
  9. Close Grip Bench Press: This move primarily targets the lateral head and is a good starting point for beginners.

Rather than performing all these exercises in one workout, choose a combination that targets different areas of the triceps for a balanced routine.

How to Do a Diamond Push-Up

The diamond push-up is the most challenging triceps exercise on this list. It requires significant upper body strength, so you may need to start on your knees and progress to the toes over time.

  1. Start Position: Place your hands on the mat directly under your chest, with fingers spread and thumbs and forefingers touching to form a diamond shape.
  2. Leg Position: Straighten your legs into a plank position, or keep your knees on the floor for a modified version.
  3. Body Alignment: Keep your back flat and engage your abs as you bend your elbows, lowering until your chin or chest touches the mat. If you can't go that low, go as low as you can and gradually build strength to lower all the way down.
  4. Elbow Position: Ensure your elbows stay close to your sides throughout the movement.
  5. Return to Start: Press back to the starting position, maintaining a rigid torso. Repeat for 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 16 reps.
Incorporate Rest Days:

Allow at least two days of rest for the muscle groups you train before working them again. This rest period is crucial for muscle recovery and injury prevention.

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