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Top 10 back workout pictures and Videos

After warmup and stretching you should start back workout with basic lat pull down and then rowing in the same machine. This two workouts are the very good machine back exercise. After that you should start pullup if it is difficult for you then alternatively you may start supported pull up machine to do this workout at the same time you may do some dip exercise with the same machine.

We found some machine for back workout and we have to use it like for rear delts is like the reverse fly workout which target your upper back exercise.

Step -1 (Lat pull down)

Why it’s on the list: The lat pulldown is a fundamental exercise for building a strong back. It can be performed using a machine at the gym or with a resistance band.

Muscles worked: As the name suggests, lat pulldowns primarily target the latissimus dorsi, a large muscle in the middle and lower back. This exercise also engages the trapezius, rotator cuff, posterior deltoids, rhomboids, biceps, and forearms. 

You can strengthen your back through various exercises, such as bent-over rows, pull-ups, and back extensions. Each exercise targets and strengthens different muscles in the back.

The Warmup

Start with 5–10 minutes of moderate cardio to get your blood pumping and awaken your muscles.

Next, do a 5-minute dynamic stretching sequence to prepare your back for targeted exercises. These exercises are a great starting point.

Resistance Band Pull-Apart

Why it’s on the list: A great exercise to kick off your back workout, the resistance band pull-apart is simple but effective. Choose a resistance band that allows you to complete 1–2 sets of 15–20 reps with good form.

Muscles worked: The main movement of this exercise is scapular retraction, which involves pulling your shoulder blades together. This targets upper back muscles such as the rhomboids, rear deltoids, and trapezius.

Retraction exercises also help improve shoulder health by strengthening stabilizer muscles around your shoulders, including those that make up your rotator cuff.

Step -2 (Cable Rowing in the same machine)

Step -3 (Bench support Dumbell Row)

Quadruped Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Why it’s on the list: This exercise simplifies the row, addressing common form issues such as over-rowing at the top, overstretching at the bottom, and compensating with the lower back. It’s recommended to perform this exercise before any other rowing movements.

Muscles worked: This move targets the upper back muscles, including the latissimus dorsi, teres minor, teres major, posterior deltoids, rhomboids, and trapezius. It also builds strength in your arms and helps correct muscular imbalances by targeting each side individually.

Step -4 (Deadlift)

Why it’s on the list: The barbell deadlift is an outstanding compound movement that engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. It targets the entire posterior chain, from the upper back down to the calves, making it an excellent full-body exercise.

Muscles worked: The barbell deadlift primarily works the erector spinae muscles, hamstrings, glutes, and shoulder stabilizers, requiring significant back strength for effective execution.

Step -5 (Bent over row)

Why it’s on the list: The wide dumbbell row, similar to a barbell row, offers an increased range of motion and helps address muscular imbalances between sides. Start with light to moderate weights, such as 10-pound dumbbells, and gradually increase as you build strength. If you have lower back issues, approach this exercise with caution.

Muscles worked: This exercise targets most of the muscles in your back, including the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, and erector spinae.

Step -6 (T-bar Row)

Step -7 (Close Grip Lat pull down)

Finally, you have to do some hyper Extension exercise by machine which is available in gym for flexibilities in you back muscles.

Hyper Extension:

Why it’s on the list: Back extensions are excellent for targeting your entire posterior chain, or the backside of your body. They’re an ideal exercise for beginners.

Muscles worked: Back extensions primarily focus on the back extensor muscles, or erector spinae. Depending on the variation, they can also engage your hamstrings and glutes to some extent.

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