Best Food Chart or Food Habits for diabetic patients

Best Food Chart or Food Habits for diabetic patients

In the case of diabetic patients, following a proper diet or adhering to the diet list is an essential part of its treatment. Before we go into the discussion, we need to know what food is, if we can eat it every day, if it can be divided into several portions, a portion of it is carbohydrates.

Eating carbohydrates generates energy in our body i.e. calories are generated. When the doctor gives you a diet chart, it is tied at 16800 so you understand how much carbohydrates you are doing.

 Your calories depend a lot on that and another question is your protein which basically works on muscle nutrition and thirdly on fruits and vegetables and vegetables in the fiber category.

One thing that happens very slowly after you take it as food, is that the tendency to increase sugar is very low and it absorbs water in the stomach, which means that your hunger is satisfied very quickly, that is, the benefits from both sides, your hunger also dies quickly. And sugar leads to less.

 Fiber is usually found in vegetables. Speaking of carbohydrates, it is basically of two types. One is simple carbohydrates and all types of ice products break down very quickly.

 As a result, there is a sugar peak after the meal, there is a tendency to recur and another is a complex carbohydrate, we break down slowly after the meal, which makes the tendency to grow a little less.

One of the most important things in diabetes is hidden calories which means we eat a lot of things in our daily life like cakes, biscuits, chanachur have hidden calories.

These are foods that we don't usually consider as food but if you look at them, they contain a lot of calories.

The implication is that if you follow a very good diet plan then the sugar control balance for yourself is lost so it is very important to have an idea.

In diabetic patients, eating and drinking are divided into three to four hours, then glycemic variability in medical terms is much lower, improves, and various studies have shown that glycemic variability is the main cause of diabetes. How do you start eating.

First of all we have a habit of drinking tea or coffee in the morning, we say do not eat biscuits with tea and coffee ideally, because after the details and there are more calories in it, if this happens then talk about what to eat for the best breakfast if you can't make more than one leaf. We overlook but breakfast is usually not more important than what you are eating.

 At breakfast you talked about bread, curry, bread-vegetable complex carbide. You can eat dahlia as an alternative. Some vegetables with it. For example, if you have dahlia, less dahlia, more vegetables, we have vegetable curry and you add something to the product, then you will have an overall very balanced diet that you can consider as breakfast.

We say you can eat fruit at half-past eleven, most of the fruit contains fiber. For him, glycemic which is very low in calories means your stomach will be full but calorie consumption will not be high.

We have lunch at one-and-a-half. Here we will say something important to mention about diabetes, that is, if you divide your dish into four parts, it should be half of fruits and vegetables, one-fourth of carbohydrate-protein, that is, the way we eat normally. There is no difference between carbohydrate rice and bread.

If we eat in moderation, many of us have the idea that diabetic time eating and drinking will be correct only if we avoid eating rice and potatoes. That's not true at all. We've seen a lot of people who have sugar control after eating rice three times.

You have to limit your rice intake as it is directly related to your lunch. If I say so, you can eat more vegetables, pulses, curry with fish, meat, eggs to fill your stomach.

Even if there are 2-3 potatoes, there is no problem, but yes, of course, in the case of Bengalis, try to avoid them. Whether or not you eat murdi that falls into your so-called grill, such as chanachur, bhujia, biscuits, maggi noodles, pasta, your calorie consumption will be lower.

We say having a little early dinner is good for diabetics. Eating-Drinking Pattern to Get Rid of Dinner at Maximum or Half a Night As we have said, Carbohydrates Ltd. There is no problem if you eat rice twice a day for lunch and dinner, but if one eats a moderate amount of vegetables at the right time, it is a very healthy habit to go to bed. If you have a short bedtime, such as a cup of milk or something like this, then all the diabetics who take insulin at night are less prone to early morning night hypoglycemia. Must be done on time.

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