What is a Keto Diet? Benefits and nutrients of Keto diet | Step by step Beginner's Guide to Ketogenic Diet - best Healthline care and tips

What is a Keto Diet? Benefits and nutrients  of Keto diet |  Step by step Beginner's Guide to Ketogenic Diet - best Healthline care and tips

The Keto diet is good or bad

Lately, many people are getting interested in keto-diet. Although this diet is effective in losing weight, it is better not to be attracted to it without knowing it. Keto comes from the Greek word ‘kitol’. Keto acetosis is the formation of acidosis as a result of the accumulation of ketone substances in the body.

The ketogenic diet is used to treat epilepsy. It is low in sugar and high in protein, high in fat. Epilepsy causes ketogenesis in the body, which interferes with the absorption of fatty acids. Epilepsy patients are also seen to lose weight as a result of ketogenic diet. Surprisingly, some people think that this diet is the right way to lose weight.

Again, since there is talk of low sugar intake, many are also using it to reduce diabetes, which is not a long-term scientific approach at all. Diabetes is caused by an increase in the amount of glucose in the blood due to the disruption of sugar metabolism. However, the body can not be completely glucose-free or less than a certain amount of glucose in the body. This is because it causes acidity in the body called ketone body. In addition, hypoglycemia increases the risk of death. When there is a deficiency of sugar, fat comes from the liver and acts as a fuel, which damages the liver.

There are many types of diets for weight loss. Such as Atkin Diet, Zone Diet, Liquid Protein Diet, South Beach Diet, Cookie Diet, Vegetable and Fruits Diet etc. No diet is healthy. Because these do not follow the food side pyramid.

What's in a kito?

The Keto diet contains 85 percent fat, which should normally be 20-25 percent. Sugars are 5-10 percent. However, the amount of sugar in the world is determined to be 55-60 percent of the total calories. Like fat, protein is also high here.

It is difficult, it is expensive

As can be seen, following the Quito diet is quite difficult and expensive. This diet consists mainly of seaweed and fish, cheese, avocado, meat, poultry, eggs, coconut oil, butter, olive oil and mustard oil, beef that eats only grass, beef that is high in fat. Soybean oil is strictly prohibited.

In addition, there will be different types of nuts and seeds. Such as sunflower seeds, sesame, linseed, pumpkin seeds, sia seeds etc. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides. It is good for the brain. However, although coconut is easily available for hair in our country, it goes without saying that this oil is not used and sold for food. In addition, we do not use butter in every daily cooking. It turns out that the Keto diet applies to the upper class. Because the price of each meal is high, which will increase the cost of the family and which is really unnecessary.

Difficulty in keto diet

Some of the downsides of the Keto diet are the high fat and protein intake leading to diarrhea on the one hand and constipation on the other. In addition to kidney stones and other kidney problems, heart disease, gallbladder stones (gallbladder stones), pancreas disease, thyroid problems, decreased digestive power, hair loss, etc. can occur. In addition, due to high protein and fat, rashes on the skin, loss of skin radiance, etc. are also significant. For diarrhea, the body becomes weak and performance decreases.

A few examples can be given about its disadvantages. A 22-year-old model in Australia died at one point after following a Quito diet in the hope of becoming a star. The unfortunate parents make a request to everyone, and no one's child should be figure-conscious like their daughter.

My parents came to my own chamber with a ninth grader. The girl lost her sight just hoping for a 'zero figure'. The girl's eyes could not be saved even after being taken out of the country. More nutrition also gives rise to malnutrition. The girl is his example. He has gone blind just because of malnutrition.

Recently, an Indian actress died following the Quito Diet, which has caused many to wonder. Some people had an opinion, he had some other illness. Then we see that the Quito diet did not cure the disease but quickly pushed him to the brink of death.

May last for a few days

Excluding sugars from food i.e. rice, bread, chira, muri, khai etc. causes adverse reactions in the body. Sugar is one of the sources of energy. As a result, a harmful substance called ketone body is created in the body. Inflammation becomes acidity. However, its side effects cannot be denied. The Quito Diet can be run for 8-10 days and even up to 15 days. But not for life.

Excess protein in the ketogenic diet is just as expensive as it is, on the one hand, it puts pressure on the kidneys and increases the amount of fat in the blood. So it is better not to fall prey to long term illness while trying to lose weight.

Eat moderately balanced meals. Lose weight at low cost, not by spending money.

Case study of Kito Diet:

The way Hasin lost 28 kg weight

After becoming pregnant in 2016, Hasin started gaining weight. ‘Unusually’ in his language. Because, at that time he weighed more than 25 kg. He accepted various suggestions to reduce it, but it did not work. After three years, a special mission of six months means that model and actress Hasin Raushan Jahan lost 28 kg weight by dieting. He tells the story of how he made the impossible possible.

Hasin started working in 2011 after winning the title of 'Vit-Channel i Top Model' competition. Began to gain popularity as a drama, advertising and fashion model. After marriage (2016) suddenly left the world of entertainment. The next year, after the birth of her son Ujay's mother, she realizes that her weight gain is not normal. Hasin said, ‘During pregnancy, the doctor never said whether it was right for me to gain weight in this way. Everyone gains weight after becoming a mother, but I understand that this amount of weight gain is not normal after having a child. '

Failed mission of lakhs of rupees

Many become fit within a few months of becoming a mother, especially celebrities. Nutritionist Nahida Akhter said, ‘All pregnant mothers gain weight. If one's weight is right according to one's height, then one should not gain more than 10-12 kg. That's the weight set by the World Health Organization. "

However, as Hasin's weight doubled, he became worried. Hasin said, "Since 2016, I have been making various efforts to reduce my excess weight. I tried for a few months following the advice of a nutritionist, but I gave up because it was too slow. '

Hasin occasionally travels abroad. At that time, he visited his sister in London and ate a special meal every day from an institution for two months. They have a reputation throughout England for providing food according to the diet chart. The company used to charge Rs 50,000 per month from the customer for that keto diet. Hasin could not reduce the weight of the service even after spending lakhs of rupees. He also did various exercises. After that he took the advice of a few more nutritionists but could never be patient. There are reasons for this. Hasin Raushan said, ‘I am a madman. I don't like not eating rice every day. On my honeymoon I went to Langkawi (Malaysia) and came back to Kuala Lumpur two days later without getting rice or fried rice. I gave up rice to lose weight. '

Mission Lockdown

After trying for two years, when the weight did not come down, Hasin's enthusiasm came to a standstill. When the corona infection started in 2020, everyone went home. At that time, watching a video on YouTube, Hasin got inspiration again. The once popular television actress said, ‘I’m basically Dr. After watching some videos of Jahangir Kabir, I was encouraged to lose weight again. He made things very easy for me. Following his advice, I went back to my new eating habits. '

There was no special work at home in the lockdown. So at the end of March, he focused on exercise with diet. A mad mother went on a 'no carb' diet. However, Hasin did not give up rice from the first day, he has practiced slowly.

What was in that diet

Hasin Raushan said, "I have not followed the doctor's advice on YouTube. I also gave some tricks. First I reduced the habit of eating rice to two meals a day. I ate rice at noon and a loaf of bread at night. I skipped eating sweets. After 8-9 days, I also skipped one meal of rice. Because, then I thought I could live without rice. Strength is the most important thing to lose weight. '

Here is a list of Hasin's three meals:

Morning: 2 eggs fried in butter, one mug of black coffee with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil and enough water.

Noon: 1 hour coconut water, 1 bowl of soup, 1 boiled egg and 1 cucumber. Sometimes tomato sauce, sometimes chicken, and sometimes mushroom or koli (a type of vegetable) were used to vary the taste of the soup.

Afternoon: A mug of black coffee with butter-fried nuts (china or cashew) and MCT oil.

Night: mixed vegetables, fish or meat, vegetables and occasionally sour yogurt.

Apart from these, Hasin has drunk at least three liters of water every day. He walked for 20 minutes twice a day in the house, on the roof and under the house.

After 15 days in this routine, there is another change in the diet. Exclude breakfast from the list. Some days I just ate an egg in the morning. Then he ate at three or four in the afternoon. Thus came the holy month of Ramadan. Hasin changed his eating habits again. He used to eat lunch at Iftar and eggs and cucumber salad at Sahri.

In six months to the desired destination

Hasin has been in this new lifestyle for six months, starting in March. He reduced his weight from 60 kg to 53 kg in those days. Then add a little carb to the food list again. Began to return to normal habits. However, due to not eating rice and sugar for six months, the tension towards rice has decreased.

He also gave up diet after gaining weight control before October last year. He also shared the news on Facebook recently. Hasin said, ‘I was really thinking about keeping the weight right. At the same time, since I lost weight by watching YouTube videos, I checked to see if I had any problems. After eight months, when I felt I was not having any particular problem, I brought the matter to thefore. '

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