The baby's bone disease Rickets

The baby's bone disease Rickets

Pregnant mothers and babies need to eat adequate calcium-rich foods to prevent rickets. In addition, the supply of vitamin D must be ensured.

Many times it becomes difficult to understand why a child is suffering unnecessarily. Crying unnecessarily, not running like before. If you are a little child then sometimes you talk about leg pain. This can lead to rickets in children, which in most cases is caused by a lack of calcium or vitamin D.

For whatever reason, differences in the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the baby's body cause the bones to soften at first, causing the legs to bend. Symptom is the bones is growing wider and wider but the muscles becoming weaker. 

Pregnant mothers and babies should be given adequate calcium-rich foods (such as milk and dairy foods, green vegetables, peas, small fish) to prevent rickets. In addition, the supply of vitamin D must be ensured. 

To provide adequate vitamin D to the body, regular exposure to sunlight on the exposed skin, outdoor sports. Because without egg yolks, mushrooms and some oily fish, our daily diet does not have the necessary vitamin D.

If any symptoms of rickets appear in the body of the child even after taking precautionary measures, it is necessary to consult a specialist without delay. In most cases, rickets can be completely cured with medication if proper treatment is taken at an early stage.

This disease occurs in children due to lack of vitamin-D. In this disease the muscles become weak. Bones do not get strong due to lack of proper nutrition. In children with rickets, the legs bend like bows and the skull becomes enlarged. There is difficulty in movement. Suffering from this disease for a long time disrupts the normal growth of the body and reduces the immune system. Lack of vitamin-D in the body leads to tooth decay, premature loss of teeth, and poor jaw structure. Even babies are not normal tall.

Signs and symptoms

Early clinical signs and symptoms include bone pain, skeletal deformities, dental problems, from the elbows to the wrists of the hands and the rapid growth of bones in the knee, at the junction of the costochondral junctions (where the ribs are attached to the chest). As a result, the bones become brittle. It takes time for the soft part of the head to close in infants, and in newborns a round swollen forehead is seen. Slightly older children may have kyphosis or scoliosis (the spine is curved forward or sideways). In addition to pain, body irritation and inability to move limbs quickly.


Below are a few more reasons

  • Inability to absorb vitamin-D.
  • Not letting sunlight enter the body properly.
  • Being born before the specified time of birth.
  • Obesity.
  • Kidney and liver disease.

In addition, due to lack of vitamin-D in children, adults also get a type of disease called osteomalacia. In this disease, calcium and phosphorus are lost from the bones of the elderly. This disease is also called 'adult rickets'. Difficulty walking is the initial symptom of this disease. Gradually the legs become weak. Sometimes the pain is felt like arthritis pain in the waist and spine. In many cases the spine is bent. The disease is more common in pregnant and lactating mothers.


Pregnant women need to have plenty of vitamin-D, calcium and phosphorus in their diet during pregnancy. Oily fish such as shark liver oil, and the livers of other animals or cod  are also rich in vitamin-D. Breast milk contains less vitamin D than her. In addition to food sources, sunlight helps the body make vitamin-D. Therefore, if children are exposed to the sun for a while every day, vitamin-D is produced in the body. Bangladesh has 12 months of sunshine and most people spend most of the day outside. That is why vitamin D deficiency should not be a problem. But lately, many people spend time in air-conditioned rooms. So vitamin-D deficiency is seen in their body. As a rule, it is possible to meet the demand for vitamin-D by walking in the sun for a while every day.

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