Eye Care is For Life Top 10 Tips for Eye Health and Maintaining Good Eyesight and Protection of Eye and Cleaning and Disinfection of Reusable Eye Protection

Eye Care is For Life Top 10 Tips for Eye Health and Maintaining Good Eyesight and Protection of Eye and Cleaning and Disinfection of Reusable Eye Protection

Why do you feel dry eyes when you use computer continuously?

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If your eye is going to red then you can use dexamox eye drop and cloram 0.5%  cream for a better results. Cloram 0.5%  cream can be put directly in your eyes at night before sleeping.

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On average, a person blinks 15 to 20 times a minute. As such, 900 to 1,200 times an hour, and 52 million to 61 million times a year on vacation. However, data from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics show that when we use a computer, we lose up to 6 percent less blink of an eye.

It is important to blink. Because it keeps the eyes moist and clean. He continues to supply oxygen. The biggest thing is that even for a moment, our brain gets a break along with the eyes. When using a computer, we usually stare at the monitor, blinking less. It often makes the eyes tingle and feel dry.

Apart from that, very bright monitors also cause eye damage. Problems caused by staring at a computer or any other display for a long time are called 'Computer Vision Syndrome'.

What you can do to get rid of:

Take frequent breaks from work. You can follow the rules of 20-20-20. Every 10-20 minutes, look for 10-20 seconds at least 10-20 feet away from the display.

Keep in mind to blink regularly while working on the computer. If you want, you can write it somewhere around the monitor.

You can use iDrop for dry eyes following the doctor's advice.

Try to reduce the reflection of light on the monitor instead of lighting the room or the location of the computer. Change the brightness and contrast of the monitor by focusing on eye comfort to see which one is right for you. Decide when and how much time to spend in front of the computer. Especially try not to use it before going to bed. Because, at the end of the day, your body may be exhausted.

Known-unknown of eyelash extensions

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo loved eyes very much. He said, ‘I know, the most important organ of the body is the brain. Yet I like the eyes and eyebrows inside my face the most. I don't like anything but eyes and eyebrows. I think my head is too small. 'If you are an eye-lover like Frieder, then this article is for you. If you love eyes, then of course one of your favorite things to do is to observe the eyes of others. I am one of them. I was looking at the petals of the giraffe's eyes that day, I thought if I had such beautiful petals would not be bad!

A large part of the eye makeup depends on the eyelashes. There are many types of loose lashes or extensions available in the market. However, due to the fear of planting and durability, many people do not feel comfortable using them. For those who are not accustomed to wearing eyelashes, they can do lash extensions to avoid the hassle. The main ingredients of eyelash extensions are synthetic petals made of synthetic, fox mink or silk fiber. It is applied on the eyelids with a kind of semi-permanent glue. False eyelashes are applied to the skin of the eyelid with glue. However, the eyelash extension is placed on your lash. So it gives a natural look. Eyelash extensions make the petals look longer, thicker and thicker.
Extensions are usually of three types: mink, silk and synthetic. The original mink lash is made of animal fur so it is discarded everywhere. But Fox Mink Lash is man-made. Other than that it gives a more natural look than the other two types. These lashes are light in weight and do not cause eye discomfort.
Silk lash is lighter than synthetic. Gives a natural look even though it has a light glossy feel and makes the lash look longer. This is a perfect extension for bridal outfits. So these are more glossy, thick and dramatic than the other two types. For those who like a little bold look, this lash is perfect.

Eyelash extensions are also not difficult to do. First, the eye area is thoroughly cleaned and gel patches are applied on the upper and lower eyelids. These are like white stickers. It is convenient to put petals in the eyes. The lashes are then trimmed with a brush. Then the artificial lash of choice is applied on the natural lash with lash glue.

A gap of 1 mm is kept between each lash for a natural look. This time again the lashes are scraped with a spool and conditioner is applied. Finally the gel patch is removed and finished with a relaxation massage in the eye area. Eyelash extensions usually last for six to seven weeks. Sometimes it is better to refill it after two or three weeks. In our country, to make a lash extension, you have to pay six to seven thousand rupees according to the type. So it is better to do it before any festival or wedding ceremony without doing it regularly.


1. It is not advisable to apply tears for at least 6 hours after eyelash extension.

 2. Eyelash extensions must keep your lashes away from any type of oil. Such as makeup remover, any oil based product.

 3. There is no need to use mascara when applying artificial lashes. So the more minimal the eye makeup, the better.

 4. Before waking up and going to sleep, you must brush the lash with a spool.

 5. Avoid rubbing eyes unnecessarily.

 6. If you have allergies, it can cause irritation. It is better not to do so.

 7. This method is a bit expensive and time consuming.

 8. Since it is glued on the natural lash, it can damage your natural lash.

Some easy ways to take care of eyes

Looking at mobile or computer was already a normal part of our daily life. Almost everyone warned each other about its harmful effects on the eyes. Among them is L. coronavirus. The start is lockdown.

And now as long as a person is awake, almost all the time he has his eyes on the screen of one or another 'device'.

Playing games, watching videos, office work, online meetings, talking with relatives are all now on mobile or computer. All in all, there is a lot of stress going on over the eyes every day. Excluding them again, it seems difficult to spend time.

Eye care for children should begin between the ages of three and five. If there are no problems at that time, their next eye test should be done before school starts. This is the beginning of good eye care for children. If their eyesight is good, routine care can begin.

There are some disorders like autism, ADD or ADHD that can probably be misdiagnosed. Although this is not always the case, the lack of conversion can show some symptoms like ADD. It is possible that your child may have perfect vision, show signs of ADD and may not actually have the disorder.

What could it be? The second opinion that should be obtained is probably one from your eye doctor. There are excellent ophthalmologists who can determine if it is a poor vision or conversion disorder.

Transformation disorder is a condition where the child sees twice and cannot focus in close range. This should be part of your every eye test during your child’s formative years. As your kids progress in school and in life, often adequate eye care can help prevent further complications.

Eye care is a lifelong process. It starts as a child and continues throughout life. Prescriptions should be up to date and annual checkups should be for everyone. Keeping electronic records ensures that we always have accurate and secure medical information.

It is also possible that those who spend more than two hours a day on the computer can create a condition known as CVS. This is computer vision syndrome. Symptoms may include tired eyes, eye strain, headache, blurred vision, eye pain, mild sensitivity and shoulder and neck pain. Specific glasses are made for CVS and proper eye care can guide you in the right direction. With more desk jobs in our economy, proper care and regular eye examinations will become even more important in the years to come.

Other conditions such as myopia, myopia, presbyopia and vision can be helped by regular eye examinations and proper prescription for your glasses.

Your annual eye examination can also detect early signs of macular degeneration and glaucoma. Proper and adequate eye care includes a wide range of preventive measures. At the first sign of any discomfort in your eyes, a complete eye examination is recommended.

This type of eye condition gradually reduces your vision. Often there has been a change that you are not even aware of; This is why regular eye examinations are so important but unfortunately, vision care is often not given due priority. Diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and even retinal detachment can be detected through initial and routine examination.

Vision is one of life's most precious gifts that should be treated with respect. To do this, proper eye care is essential. You need to go to the eye doctor regularly. Eye care begins at an early age and continues throughout life. 

In such a situation, how to reduce the pressure on the eyes, a little care can be taken?

Ramesh Pillai, head of optometry and training at Titan Eye Care in India, said in a report published on a health website: There may be pain in the neck, back and shoulders. This problem is also called 'Computer Vision Syndrome' or 'Digital Eye Strain'. Which later brings various big problems. ”

Break emergency:

Prolonged staring at the electric screen puts pressure on the eyes and dries them out. So every twenty minutes you have to practice looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This rule is also known as 20-20-20. This will relax the eyes, reduce stress.


The level of blinking decreases when you look at the electric screen. And this is why the eyes become dry. Blinking moisturizes the eyes and reduces dryness and inflammation. So increase the amount of blinking on your own.

Increase the font: 

When reading something on mobile or computer, you have to increase the text by increasing the 'font'. The device does not have to be brought close to the eyes or the eyes do not have to look wrinkles to see better. This will reduce the strain on the eyes as well as the level of damage due to being away from the device.

Eye-catching screen: 

You need to know how to change the level of ‘brightness’, ‘resolution’, ‘contrast’ of the electric screen to make it helpful for the eyes. Try to refrain from using electric screens in the hot sun. The screen of the device should be cleaned at least once a day, so that it is easy to see.

Device test: 

Pay attention to how to reduce the brightness by changing the 'settings' of the monitor. The height of the monitor should be parallel to the eye. This also reduces the pressure on the eyes.

Keeping distance from the screen:

It is very close to the eyes when using the mobile. It causes more damage to the eyes as well as neck pain due to leaning towards the mobile. So you have to make a habit of watching the mobile screen from a distance. You have to make a habit of holding the mobile parallel to the eyes without bending the neck. And you have to take care that the 'brightness' of the mobile is tolerable for the eyes.

Reduce reflection:

The monitor should be away from the window. You should also refrain from operating the computer while sitting facing the window. Whether you have eye problems or not, you have to use glasses with ‘anti-reflection’ or ‘blue coating’ while running the computer. All ‘LED devices’ emit blue light harmful to the eyes which can cause great damage if the level of contact is excessive.

Foods that are good for the eyes: To reduce 'digital eye strain', you need to have foods rich in vitamins and minerals in your diet. Get enough sleep at night and ensure eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Leafy vegetables, carrots, papaya, dates, etc. are excellent sources of vitamin A which are essential for good eye health.

Moisture in the eyes: 

‘Omega Three Oil’ keeps the eyes slippery and adds moisture. Flaxseed oil, salmon and sardines are ideal sources of omega-3 oils. ‘Supplement’ can also be taken as per the advice of the doctor. You can also use eye lubricating drops, especially for those who use contact lenses. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor here.

The reason for getting ink in the eyes from home

Due to the effect of house arrest, most of the people are spending their days looking at mobile, computer and television. There are many chaos in normal life. Numerous habits of healthy living have been lost due to negligence. As well as the rules of sleep have changed.

Many stay up all night, sleeping all day. Eating habits have also gone into the oven. Not eating anything at any time. While watching the movie again, he is eating the opposite food without restraint.

It is not only the health that is being harmed by so many irregularities, the skin is also being harmed a lot. One of which is ‘dark circles’ or ink falling under the eyes.

This 'dark circle' is one of the various skin problems caused by a chaotic lifestyle.

According to WebMD, "The main stress hormone in the body is cortisol, which controls mood, work motivation, fear, etc. by working on certain parts of the brain."

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